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How To Find The Most Comprehensive Document Translation Services In Sydney

Posted by Chloe G. on March 26, 2023.

It is hard to find document translation services in Sydney that can meet your expectation on quality, cost, volume, and other aspects. To get perfect document translation services for your business, you need a well-defined plan that guides how to identify qualified translation providers and check out their suitability for your document translation projects.

With our years of experience in the industry, we will show you 5 easy guides for choosing the top document translation services in Sydney in this blog post.  

1. Choose the type of translation resources to work on your document translation projects

the most comprehensive document translation services in Sydney

Your team needs to decide which types of translation resources you want to use before looking for the top document translation companies in Sydney. Here are three choices for translation partners:

In-house Translators 

When you need to handle urgent tasks, having a team of in-house translators can save you a ton of time. It will only take a single time and effort to recruit them. In-house translators are more likely to be familiar with your company’s services and products as well as your brand voices because they typically work with you over time, which helps ensure the consistency and correctness of the translations. However, this method is only economical if your team regularly completes a large volume of document translations.

Freelance Translators

Working with freelance translators appears to be a good option if your document translation needs aren’t complex. As you interact and work directly with your linguists, they charge less than translation companies. One issue is that you and your team are responsible for all coordination. Additionally, there are restrictions on the kinds and quantity of translation tools and localization management platforms that independent contractors can provide.

Professional Translation Agencies

Although using a professional document translation service may cost you more money than dealing with freelance translators, the former has many advantages, including:

  • Offering support for various services, language pairs, content types, and CAT Tools;
  • Having the capacity for urgent or high-volume translation tasks;
  • Assisting you in organizing tasks.

To read more about this topic, you can see this post: Professional Translation Agencies Or Freelance Translators – Which One Is Your Match?


2. Search for potential resources

When you have decided on the kind of translation resources you want to work with, let’s start looking for them and compiling a list of suitable partners. In this step, you can start by using search engines and reading reviews.

Using search engines

You need to avoid using general keywords in these searches, such as “Translation services” or “document translation services,” which will give you the names of businesses worldwide, not only in Sydney. Consider using more specific search terms, such as “document translation services in Sydney” or “document translation company in Sydney.” The language pair and content type can also be added to your search box. ‘English to Vietnamese document translation services in Sydney’ or ‘Legal Chinese to English document translation services in Sydney’ are two examples.

Reading review pages

As many review pages are flooded with bogus ratings from businesses’ owners or rivals, some people don’t bother reading internet reviews because they don’t believe all comments are accurate. We advise you to take a look at the following two high-quality review pages to check out a list of the top document translation services in Sydney:

  • – Only reviews from verified LinkedIn accounts or interviews with Clutch staff members are permitted on this site. Thus, you can be confident that every review is trustworthy.
  • – On GoodFirms, all reviewers also require a Linkedin account to publish a review. They must also supply information about the project, such as the name of the company, the number of words, the budget, and the rating.
the most comprehensive document translation services review

A review GTE Localize received on


3. Create a shortlist of the best document translation services in Sydney

In this step, you should reduce your list of potential prospects from 5 to 7. Here is what you should ask for:

  • The number of language pairs they provide – It is needed to choose a global translation agency if you want to make your content multilingual in various markets. The regional translation agency can only provide some specific language pairs.  
  • Types of services they offer – If you need to translate a complex document, you will need to use translation, editing, and proofreading services to get your document ready for publication accurately and effectively. If your publications/files contain various visuals, you will need to use the Desktop Publishing (DTP) services.
  • Their company’s portfolio – You should work with a translation business that has extensive expertise in document translations or has completed a few similar translation projects.


4. Compare their competences

You should get in touch with your shortlisted translation providers over the phone or via email with a list of questions. The following are some aspects you need to know:

  • Rate – Every business promises to provide you with the greatest document translation services in Sydney for reasonable prices.  The rate should be within your budget and come with high quality.
  • Reviews – You should read reviews from translators who have worked with these companies as good translation partner treats their translators well and may provide excellent customer service. To see reviews of their translators, go to ProZ.
  • Customer services – When it comes to customer services, you need to pay attention to the candidates’ responses while mailing them. Let’s see if they respond fast and provide you with useful information.  
  • Other factors – It is essential to ask for payment terms, translation tools, NDA, etc. 

Your list of prospective candidates should be reduced to only three names after reviewing for all of these considerations.


5. Test their ability for document translation services

the most comprehensive document translation services in Sydney test

Most translation companies and translators are happy to provide a free translation test up to 300 words. The translation agency will perform better while working on actual projects since they will have a better understanding of the content.

We advise you to put together a review test with at least two translation providers to check their translation quality. With a sample test, you can examine the linguistic aspect, your company services, industry, and the specific terms used in the sector. Thus, you can rate your translation firms in order of best to worst performance and pick the top document translation companies in Sydney.

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Wrap Up

We believe that if you use the steps we’ve suggested above, you can choose the top document translation services in Sydney for your business effectively.

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GTE Localize is one of the most reputable translation companies in Sydney that only work with native speakers who have at least 5 years of experience in translation and localization services and provide you with cost-effective translation services at a lifetime warranty policy and a fast turnaround time for any industry.

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