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CV Tips For Your Vietnamese Translation Services 

Posted by Chloe G. on November 23, 2021.

You can only be ready to take on new tasks and apply to Vietnamese translation companies if you have Vietnamese linguistic experience.

The first step in increasing your chances of having more customers and landing more fascinating assignments is to create a solid, organized, and attractive CV. 

Below are some helpful tips and instructions that you can apply to improve your CV as a Vietnamese translator. With our advice, we hope you will market your Vietnamese translation services more effectively to your global clients.

Choose a CV template for Vietnamese translation services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Choosing an eye-catching resume template is a good start. 

Even if you already have an overall idea of how you want your resume to look, using a pre-made template with the involvement of a professional graphic artist, then editing it to meet your goal leads to better results compared to creating a new template from scratch. 

You can look for nice CV templates for your Vietnamese translation services here:,,, etc.


Mind the flow and readability

People don’t read every word, instead, they skim and scan the page. This is especially true for project and vendor managers, whose job entails sifting through dozens of CVs to identify the greatest fit for a Vietnamese translation task.

Left-to-right Vietnamese language readers usually scan along the left side of the page in an F-shaped layout. When distributing your material on the page, keep this in mind and use strong titles to make it easy for your client to read your translator’s resume. You may use a title regarding Vietnamese translation services. 

If you decide to add a photo to your CV, the image you choose is quite crucial. Any photograph you select should have great lighting and a high resolution.

However, it’s fine if you don’t want to put your photo on your resume. Some believe that photos on resumes should be removed completely. There are a few other things you can do to make your CV stand out. In conclusion, you want it to be remembered. This can be done in numerous ways, including:

  • A nice logo
  • An illustration or avatar to represent yourself
  • A photograph or graphic that is relevant to your field of expertise


Pick a format that fits

Vietnamese Translation Services

When it comes to CV writing for Vietnamese translation services, one of the most frequent pieces of advice you’ll hear is to keep it within one page. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but it’s a great point.

Freelancers at the start of their job can pick a more graphically appealing design that could help to better show their strengths and skills. On the other hand, experts with more experience may be more likely to choose cleaner forms that allow for more info.

If you think that one A4 page isn’t enough to fit all of the details you want in your CV, a two-page CV is acceptable. If your CV is more than three pages, you should reconsider the format and begin cutting the content.

Whatever length you choose, make sure the most critical content is on the first page, where it can be found quickly by a client who is hunting for it.


Curate your resume’s content

It’s helpful to put yourself in the shoes of your target customers when deciding what information to include and what to remove from your CV for Vietnamese translation services.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need just one CV. You could choose to develop many various resumes targeted at different customers for your Vietnamese translation services, just like how a CV for a part-time job at a café isn’t the same as one for a movie subtitling assignment.


Notice the essentials

Vietnamese Translation Services

Your name and contact information should be first on your resume. On their CV, the majority of online freelancers will merely give their email address, while some might feel comfortable including their contact number and LinkedIn ID as well.

If you have a separate profile, portfolio, or website for your freelancing work, provide a link to it so that potential customers may access your most recent information if they are reading an older version of your CV.

You might include the following:

  • Your language skills: the Vietnamese language, the fields in which you specialize, and the services you offer, such as translation, proofreading, interpreting, voiceover, and so on.
  • Your relevant skilled experience: if feasible, share examples of Vietnamese translation projects you’ve worked on and important clients with whom you’ve worked.
  • Your degrees, government accreditations, professional association memberships, and other relevant educational history and accreditations


Optional, but beneficial for your CV

You may choose not to add a personal summary, and this does not necessarily mean your CV will be unsuccessful, but you should do so. This section of your resume can even include some of the essentials stated above (such as your Vietnamese language pairs) and could be the personal touch your resume needs. It’s the section of the CV that your potential customers are most likely to read because it’s at the head. Go for a phrase that is 5 to 10 lines long or around 25% of the page.

Some topics are particularly industry-specific, but if your customers are language service providers, you may want to include them. Some of these include CAT tools and other necessary software that you can use and own, daily output, and availability for on-demand remote translating. Many translators offer information such as regular prices and preferred payment methods, while others do not.

A section on your CV dedicated to successes, such as awards, scholarships, Vietnamese publications, volunteering, and so on, can also be a wonderful addition, and it can be much more flexible than the professional experience and education background sections.

Make sure your public samples of work are well-organized and well-curated. Include samples of your Vietnamese language, services, and fields as a top priority, with a focus on diversity and excellent quality over volume.


Work with GTE Localize for Vietnamese translation services

It’s not easy to find suitable Vietnamese translation services that fit your experience and pay well. However, as you earn more and more experience, it becomes better. We hope you find the advice we’ve provided above to be quite useful.  

Vietnamese Translation Services

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