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Consider Air Quality When Planning Your Summer Vacation

Posted by Ethan N. on September 06, 2023.

Summer calls for a break from daily work and a search for mental and physical solace. If you live in a city with high air pollution levels, it is another reason to take a brief hiatus. Since schools also remain closed, you can plan for a quick breather with family and friends in sunny and sandy spots. But how do you determine if it’s a healthy destination for everyone? Check the air quality. Some believe that a clear blue sky with bright sun is perfect. Unfortunately, you can be mistaken. While looking at an orange haze in the sky and predicting bad air is simple, the other can be just an illusion.

So, what’s the solution? Experts inform that air cleanliness quickly varies from bad to good and vice versa based on multiple variants. If you breathe bad-quality air, toxic materials penetrate your systems and affect your well-being. You can avoid this risk by following the Air Quality Index (AQI). Check  to know which summer hotspots are safer. 

The purpose of the Air Quality Index

Authorities rate a place between safe and hazardous based on particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc. When they peak, the air becomes polluted. To demonstrate this, AQI determines air quality in a range of 0-500. Any location with a low AQI is safer, while higher levels suggest avoiding the place will be better. Hapuna Beach and Poipu Beach in Hawaii have an AQI of 10. When you scroll through your holiday options, follow the AQI score to decide. Any place with 0-50 AQI is in a green zone, meaning safe to travel to. You can even pick a destination with 51-100 AQI, as some pollutants can only cause moderate health challenges to sensitive groups. Likewise, it’s better to eliminate any place that falls in the 151-200 and higher range. Do you worry it will reduce your options of places?

The U.S. is a treasure trove of beaches, where as many as 120 destinations are safe due to fresh air. 

Summer holiday destinations based on AQI

You already know two locations in Hawaii. These top vacation spots offer thrilling experiences. If you go to Alaska, you can select between Homer Spit Beach and Kenai Beach. Homer Spit Beach’s AQI is 11, and Kenai Beach’s is 14. People visit Homer for its natural charm, culture, and inviting atmosphere. The seaside town has the best mix of ocean and wilderness experiences. After spending your day on the beach, you can check out museums, art galleries, etc. On the other hand, Kenai will treat you to a fascinating dip netting experience. Surrounding views are already a charmer.

As such, you can make your summer holiday more enjoyable and soul-satisfying by carefully deciding on a specific place. Learning about its air quality is vital if you have kids or older adults in a group. These people can be most vulnerable to toxic air. And it doesn’t make sense to visit a beach and stay indoors. So, study all the places with their AQI levels. Carry all the essentials as you travel with your loved ones to ensure they remain healthy throughout the tour.