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5 Steps to Conduct a Thai Website Translation

Posted by Chloe G. on March 09, 2022.

Thai website translation or localization is the process of modifying a website to make it easier for targeted Thai users to access and use. There are more than 2 billion people trading online without using the language of the same country.

According to a study by Forrester, users are more likely to continue using a website that offers their native language. Hence, website localization offers many benefits, especially as companies seek to expand into new markets, reach a global audience, improve search engine optimization and especially increase international sales.

In today’s post, let’s talk about the 5 steps necessary to conduct a Thai Website translation and get some helpful tips.

Establish and Develop a Thai Website Translation Strategy


First and foremost, a strategy must be carefully established focusing on several factors.

Researching the market for your Thai website translation

To come to a decision about regions and languages, the fit between the service or product and the regional culture, and customers’ general purchasing behaviors should be based on key considerations of commercial efficiency in that market.

For example, most Thai people are not very good at English. As a result, if your website is only available in English, you’ll lose a lot of potential Thai customers. Besides, Thai users tend to focus more on their mother tongue and use it over any other language. These are reasons why using Thai website translation services is an absolute necessity to grasp the opportunity for success in this market.

Creating a multilingual SEO tactic

This strategy should include landing pages, hreflang usage, language translation services, and a great keyword approach. And, we will see the benefits of how multilingual SEO or international SEO can generate traffic and help you rank worldwide.

Clearly defining the key role

The responsibility of each individual or group, even the company should be clarified for the website localization. Indispensable elements of a website localization department system include a project manager, translators, designers, developers, and marketing specialists.


Check Multilingual Website Design

In general, multilingual website design is an indispensable demand for any business that wants to build a brand and attract maximum potential customers. Usually, websites will display the default language for any visitor. This default language can be the language of the audience the website is targeting or the language of the country in which the website organization is located.

When designing a multilingual website, users can click to switch from the default language to the appropriate language. It is important to ensure that the website fully meets the requirements for interface, layout, and capacity when switching between languages, and to have a strong development vision of an ideal website translation in the future.


Consider Website Internationalization


Internationalization is the process by which a local business or market produces its products and services in a way that matches the needs and desires of other countries. As a result, these services and products can easily be used and adapted by people in other countries.

This phase of internationalization is crucial to establishing the right foundation for the website localization project. Designing a website with a flexible layout will be key for the next phase, as it will create more space for additional words, allowing for accurate localization into other languages. Also, make sure that all versions of the website are optimized for mobile access, as today’s consumers are more likely to access the website from a mobile device than from a computer.

Website internationalization is also the process of ensuring your website is set up to handle certain elements including time zones, dates, currency, and number format updates.


Mind The Accurate Content of Thai Website Translation

Accurate translations are important and you need to have an excellent team of translators who understand their clients. This often means hiring local translators, with in-depth knowledge of the culture and customs of the target area. The demand for Thai website translation requires avoiding any confusion and misunderstanding about essential Thai cultural and traditional aspects such as norms, beliefs, and history.

Read more localization tips in Thailand or download our White Paper to get the best insightful advice for Thai translation.


Choose Appropriate Illustrations for Thai Website Translation 

Since the text is not the only element that appears in the content of web pages, all illustrative elements must be carefully selected to fit the culture of each targeted region or country. Besides content, images and videos must also be culturally appropriate. A successful Thai Website Translation service must fulfill this requirement completely.



In an age of globalization and global business, the right website localization strategy can be the difference between growth and failure in a market. As more and more consumers use websites to make their “Add to Cart” decisions, their preference is for interactive and informative websites in their mother tongue. Website translation in general and Thai website translation, in particular, is the best way to reach global potential consumers.


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