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The 7 Most Comprehensive Thai Translation Companies

Posted by Chloe G. on December 27, 2023.

Among the multitude of languages spoken worldwide, Thai holds a significant place, and finding a reliable Thai translation company is crucial for businesses.

In this post, we will introduce the top 7 outstanding Thai translation companies for brands, as determined by reputable platforms such as G2,, and common client review websites. 

Top 7 Outstanding Thai Translation Companies

Sawadee Translations

Sawadee Translation stands as a distinguished translation service based in Bangkok, Thailand. Specializing in Thai to English, English to Thai, and various other language pair translations, they offer their expertise across diverse industries.

The team at Sawadee Translation comprises language specialists proficient in numerous popular dialects globally. Their services extend to over 25 languages, featuring native-speaking, seasoned translators with expertise in handling a broad spectrum of documents. The core values of the service center around prioritizing quality, reliability, and excellence in the translation of your documents.

GTE Localize

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GTE Localize, among the best Thai translation companies with ISO 17100:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 certifications, offers comprehensive business translation services for major languages worldwide. The company offers a wide range of solutions encompasses translation, localization, interpretation, subtitling, and transcription services. Presently, GTE Localize operates from three strategically located offices in the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam, boasting a network of over 1800 native linguists spanning the globe.

You can share your project details, and get a free quote from the GTE Localize team here

Thailand Translation

Thai Translation is dedicated to assisting Asian corporations and organizations in expanding their market reach and fostering global business relationships. The agency provides high-quality translation and interpretation services, with a focus on supporting multinational enterprises investing in Asia. Its team comprises seasoned experts and business professionals specializing in language translation, interpretation, localization, recruitment, security, intelligence, business processes and systems, information management technology, and outreach to diverse ethnic communities. With profound expertise in interpretation and translation services, Thai Translation recognizes the pivotal role played by highly qualified linguists in supporting clients worldwide.

Bangkok Translation

Its team of translators is proficient in handling a wide array of translation tasks. Whether you need official documents, contracts, legal agreements, university transcripts, or translations for advertising, marketing, or personal documents, you can rely on Bangkok Translation to deliver accurate and effective results.

International Translations

International Translations, as a trailblazer, successfully established crucial connections within both local and foreign business and diplomatic circles. Many of these enduring contacts were forged during the 1940s when Thailand was known as Siam, marking an era when an initial influx of foreign investors recognized the immense potential of the Kingdom. These foundational relationships persist to this day.

First-Choice Translation

First Choice Translation Co., Ltd. is one of the best Thai translation companies that delivers top-notch language translation services, ensuring both standard and guaranteed accuracy. Their comprehensive offerings encompass translation and legalization services in more than 30 languages, catering to various consuls and embassies in Thailand.

Siam Attorney

Among the top Thai translation companies, Siam Attorney facilitates seamless and effective communication in any language. Whether you require translation services in Bangkok or Phuket for legal or other documents, its team of professional and reliable linguists and translators is ready to assist you.


Ways to Choose Good Thai Translation Companies

Let’s turn our attention to the key factors you should consider when selecting the right Thai translation companies for your Thai translation needs.

Native Translators & Experts

When choosing a Thai translation company, prioritize those that employ native Thai speakers with expertise in your industry. This ensures a nuanced understanding of both the language and the specific terminology relevant to your field. Let’s look for companies that also collaborate with subject matter experts to guarantee accurate and contextually appropriate translations.


It is needed to utilize review platforms such as GoodFirms,, and other client testimonials to gauge the reputation and reliability of a translation company. Positive reviews from previous clients can provide valuable insights into the company’s strengths, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

Beyond specialized platforms, exploring client testimonials on the translation company’s official website can provide additional perspectives. Authentic testimonials offer a glimpse into the diverse industries and contexts in which the company has excelled.

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A client review of GTE Localize on

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Confidentiality is paramount when dealing with sensitive information, especially in industries such as legal, medical, or corporate. You need to choose a translation company that is committed to protecting your data through the implementation of Non-Disclosure Agreements. This ensures that your information remains secure and confidential throughout the translation process.

ISO-Certified Company

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ISO certification is a mark of quality and adherence to international standards. A translation company with ISO certification is more likely to provide accurate, reliable, and consistent services. You should look for companies that have achieved ISO 17100:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems.

Translation Technology

Stay ahead of the curve by choosing a translation company that leverages the latest translation technologies. Automated translation tools such as CAT Tools can enhance efficiency and accuracy. Companies that invest in technology demonstrate a commitment to staying competitive in the rapidly evolving field of translation services.


You need to consider the company’s involvement in professional associations or memberships within the translation industry. Affiliation with reputable organizations signifies a commitment to best practices, ethical standards, and ongoing professional development. Let’s look for memberships in associations such as the American Translators Association (ATA) or similar regional and international bodies.

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GTE Localize is an  ISO 17100:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 certified translation agency that offers professional Thai translation services for businesses from/to 100+ languages in the world. With a skilled translator team, we commit to bringing you accurate and fast Thai translation services.

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