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The 7 Most Comprehensive Press Release Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on October 26, 2023.

Effective promotion and press release strategies are essential for all businesses. When your target audience speaks a different language, the importance of translating your press release cannot be overstated.

This article will explore the top 7 outstanding press release translation services based on some common client review platforms such as G2 and GoodFirms. Moreover, we will discuss the key factors to consider when choosing the right press release translation provider for business.

Top 7 Outstanding Press Release Translation Services

Make sure the agency you use for press release translation is not only dependable but also qualified to produce translations of the highest caliber. We’ve put up a list of the top 7 press release translation services based on feedback from G2, GoodFirms, and other customer review sites to assist you in making an informed choice.

1. TranslationExperts

Leading press release translation provider TranslationExperts Inc. is renowned for its dedication to accuracy and quality. They guarantee that your press releases are not only precisely translated but also culturally appropriate to connect with the intended audience, thanks to their team of local translators and industry specialists. Their exceptional feedback and customer satisfaction scores across several channels position them as a leading option for companies seeking to broaden their worldwide reach.


2. GTE Localize

GTE Localize offers a comprehensive range of press release translation solutions, catering to a diverse clientele encompassing global companies and marketing agencies. The company offers translation services for 100+ languages globally such as Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, and many more at a fast delivery and high-quality outcome. Contact the GTE Localize team here for a free quote.


3. GlobalLingo

For many years, GlobalLingo has been a reputable brand in the translation sector. With an emphasis on native speakers who are authorities in the subject, they provide thorough press release translation services. GlobalLingo is a dependable partner for companies of all sizes because of its history of meeting deadlines and protecting customer confidentiality.


4. LanguageWire

LanguageWire is an ISO-certified translation agency that focuses on translating press releases. Their meticulous quality control procedure guarantees that your press releases are translated correctly and adhere to global norms. They have the top position in the market thanks to their dedication to accuracy and client pleasure.


5. Tomedes

Tomedes is a well-known translation agency that has a significant presence in translating press releases. They can serve a wide range of sectors and languages because of their diverse team of native translators and experts. They stand out from the competition because of their great emphasis on customer feedback and happiness.


6. Translated

Translation technology from Translated is state-of-the-art. They provide accurate and timely press release translations by combining artificial intelligence with human knowledge. They are the company that companies turn to when they need efficient translation services because of their creative thinking and dedication to excellence.


7. One Planet

One Planet is a top translation company that excels at using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect client privacy. You may be sure that your press releases are in good hands because of their skilled translators and strict NDA regulations. They have long-lasting client connections and outstanding ratings thanks to their client-centric strategy.


Ways to Choose Good Press Release Translation Providers

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Selecting the best press release translation service provider is crucial to the accomplishment of your international marketing plan. Take into account the following crucial elements to assist you in making an informed choice:

Native Translators & Experts

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Press releases are repositories of industry-specific knowledge. When you engage a translator who specializes in a particular field, such as technology, life sciences, or tourism, you establish a deeper connection with your target audience. While some companies utilize in-house translators,  GTE Localize is dedicated to collaborating with expert translators for your translation needs. Our network of affiliates boasts diverse technical translation backgrounds, guaranteeing top-notch translation services that align with your localization requirements.  

Should translators encounter any uncertainties during the translation process, they often seek clarification. While frequent communication may seem cumbersome, it signifies the translator’s commitment to delivering the most precise and high-quality translation possible.

Localization ability

Translation and localization are distinct processes: translation converts text from one language (A) to another (B), while localization encompasses linguistic and cultural adjustments. When aiming for international publications, the localization process is crucial. Collaborate with your translation team to ensure compliance with local regulations and standards for maximum impact.

When translating and localizing your news, especially for global press releases, make sure your translator:

  • Infuses the press release with a culturally relevant perspective, such as local holidays or customs.
  • Adheres to local regulations and legal prerequisites.
  • Utilizes local units of measurement, including currency.
  • Tailor graphics to suit the local market.
  • Translates photo captions for clarity.


Examine customer endorsements and reviews to determine the standing and performance history of the service. Long-term client connections and positive feedback are important markers of a reliable supplier.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

If maintaining a press release confidentially is important to you, use a service that protects your private data with strong NDA agreements.

ISO-Certified Company

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Seek out ISO-certified translation services. Their adherence to international standards and dedication to quality are demonstrated by this certification.

Translation Technology

Take into account services that use machine translation or other translation technologies to expedite the process. Although human knowledge is essential, technology can improve productivity.


Consider services that speed up the process by utilizing machine translation or other translation technology. Technology can increase production even though human understanding is still vital.


Get a Free Instant Quote

Before you make your final decision whether it’s in Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, or any other language, it’s important to request quotes from your shortlisted press release translation services. 

Investing the time and effort to present your news in local markets using their preferred languages underscores your commitment to engaging with your audience and ensuring that your message is clearly understood. At GTE Localize, a comprehensive translation agency, our commitment is to assist you in forging these essential connections.

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