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3 Essential Things about Chinese Software Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on March 06, 2022.

For companies in the software business, Chinese software translation services have become an essential part of reaching Chinese customers, thereby increasing market share and revenue.

In particular, China is one of the top target markets when software companies conduct localization. It can be seen that China is a large country with the largest population in the world, and in fact, the Chinese language is also becoming more and more popular. This article will help you look at the benefits of Chinese software translation services and the steps to get it done.

How Do Chinese Software Translation Services Impact Businesses?

Chinese software translation services

Chinese software localization is the process of translating software content into Chinese and adjusting it to suit the Chinese style, culture, and tastes. That way, Chinese software translation services help businesses grow by:

#1. Expanding customer base

As more and more companies bring their software applications to the Chinese market, your company needs to localize products to attract more customers and surpass competitors. Professional Chinese software translation services will naturally help your products reach Chinese customers, breaking all language and cultural barriers.

#2. Improve customer satisfaction

Companies can reach customers more deeply than just language translation when using professional Chinese software translation services. The customers will be more satisfied with their experience with the software. Through the Chinese localization process, experts have put a lot of effort into cultural awareness and sensitivity, especially since China is one of the most diverse cultures in the world. Satisfaction keeps customers engaged longer with your product, and they’ll buy updates, add-ons, and new products.

#3. Quickly capture market share in China

When successfully localized software resonates with customers, they are more inclined to share information about their experiences with others in the region. Through that, your software product will become more popular, and more people will buy the product, allowing you to establish a foothold in the Chinese market quickly.


The Chinese Software Translation Process

Chinese software translation services

If you want to do Chinese software localization, choosing a Chinese software translation services provider is first. This will play an integral role in the project, so it is recommended that you work with a service provider who has extensive experience in software localization and has native Chinese speakers to perform. The process of localizing Chinese software will include several necessary steps as follows:

#1. Research the Chinese market

China is a country with many different cultural characteristics, and Chinese people are also very strict in this aspect. So, if you make a mistake because of ignorance, chances are your software will be boycotted. In addition to culture, customer tastes can also change over time, and you need to understand market trends to localize successfully.

#2. Ensure that the best tools are used for the project

Software translation service companies will have professional translation tools to help manage the work and ensure the project’s elements. The project and team members are well-integrated.

#3. Analyzing space requirements when translating software into Chinese

This is an aspect that needs to be addressed ahead of time because different languages require different amounts of space and unique layouts.

#3. Require native translators

Chinese software translation services

Translate the content into Chinese, then import the translated files into the software code structure. The translation will go smoothly if the translator is a native speaker of both the source and target languages.

#4. Mind cultural aspects

Ensure that all graphics, writing, symbols, symbols, and text are localized and meet the cultural needs of the area.

#5. Test software content after it has been localized and follows strict quality assurance

Since Chinese software localization requires careful attention to detail, consistent testing will ensure that the software is successfully launched. The surest way to know if the software has been properly localized is if the final product looks and feels comparable to the original app. Overall, if the localization is successful, the new region’s user experience should be smooth.

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Choose the right Chinese software translation services

With the global software industry growing to generate more revenue and increase international market share, companies should make software localization an essential part of their business strategy. Software localization is not an easy task because technical issues are also very complex and particular, such as language and culture issues.

If this process is too complicated for you to handle, consider partnering with a Chinese software translation services provider to attract loads of new customers, increase revenue, and gain a competitive edge in the Chinese market.

Working with GTE Localize, you will be served by a team of experts and experienced linguists who have worked in the software industry for many years.


Chinese software translation services at GTE Localize include software translation and localization, software description, user review translation, marketing materials translation, etc. Experts will know how to effectively localize your software and help create goodwill with users, thereby quickly gaining China’s market share.

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