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5 Tips of Chinese E-commerce Translation Services That Help Your Business Grow

Posted by Ariel D. on December 18, 2022.

China is one of the most profitable nations for international firms to start selling online due to the scale of the possibility. So if you want to get success in this leading market, having specific strategies for Chinese e-commerce translation services for your business is a must.

In this blog post, GTE Localize will provide you with 5 Chinese localization tips to target the right customers, grow your brand and achieve favorable outcomes in the long run.  

1. Chinese E-commerce Market

The Chinese consumer market is expanding quickly with digital technologies advance. Here are some notable statistics about the development of China market that you should consider when applying Chinese e-commerce translation services: 

  • In 2021, the Chinese e-commerce market expanded by 15%, significantly contributing to the 29% global growth rate.
  • The COVID-19 epidemic pushed e-commerce in China. Worried customers started making purchases more frequently online to avoid being exposed to the virus. Even after the epidemic is over, the pattern persists.
  • Growth was also fueled by the availability of several alternative payment options like Alipay and WeChat Pay. In 2021, the combined value of WeChat Pay, Alipay, and TenPay accounted for 57.6% of all Chinese e-commerce.
  • The fast rise of the Chinese e-commerce business over the past five years has been attributed to the advent of new e-commerce platforms, rising consumer trust in online buying, and expanding Internet and smartphone penetration.
  • Millions of migrant workers in China have made it possible for businesses like Alibaba and to offer same-day delivery everywhere in the nation, providing an almost infinite variety of inexpensive delivery options. The first-time buyer market found this product to be quite alluring. This characteristic aided in early acceptance despite rising labor expenses.
  • M-Commerce is quite popular in China, and by 2022, it is predicted that 83.1% of all e-commerce in China would be m-commerce. The majority of Chinese consumers bypassed the desktop period and entered the internet era straight through mobile devices.


2. 5 Tips to Apply the Best Chinese E-commerce Translation Services

Successful Chinese e-commerce translation services will provide access to potentially profitable income. Here are the top pieces of advice for successfully translating your content into Chinese.

2.1. Intellectual Property Registration

01_Chinese e-commerce translation services

The first thing you must consider is making sure your trademarks and names are registered in China before handling any Chinese e-commerce translation services for your platform. Because to sell the items on the channels, Chinese e-commerce platforms must have a merchant’s trademark registration certificate and a letter of authorization.

The fact that breaking of intellectual property rights on e-commerce platforms is widespread in China. So it’s crucial to register your intellectual property to protect your effort in a proper way.

2.2. Improve Chinese E-commerce Translation Services for Baidu

Maintaining a presence in China’s vast and cutthroat digital marketplace is essential for a firm. However, just adopting Western SEO for the Chinese internet market would not be successful. It is because Baidu, which exclusively takes into account content in Chinese, is the search engine of choice for internet users in China instead of Google.

A website has to be optimized for Baidu’s algorithms in order to draw high-quality online traffic in China. It is necessary to provide your Chinese translation partner with a detailed style guide, which mentions the SEO system of Baidu that will greatly affect your e-commerce website. Also, the language, culture, and online behaviors of the Chinese customer must all be understood and carried by local linguists. 

2.3. Adapt to Mobile Devices

The largest smartphone market in the world is in China, and the nation’s extremely active app users accounted for roughly half of all smartphone expenditure worldwide in 2019. Popular e-commerce sites like Alibaba, Taobao, T-Mall, Kaola,, and Xiaohongshu are an essential part of daily life for many Chinese people.

02_Chinese e-commerce translation services

In China, where over one billion people had the Internet connections as of June 2022, the market for mobile apps is expanding quickly. This implies that the majority of customer evaluations and product descriptions on e-commerce websites are written for and viewed on mobile devices. 

The world’s largest online shopping day, Singles’ Day, which produces more money than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined in the United States, serves as an example of the immense scope of China’s dedication to e-commerce. So to be able to keep up with this trend, you need to optimize Chinese e-commerce translation services for mobile devices, providing the best experience for customers.

2.4. Localize The Font

Chinese has a large number of characters, so a font file would be much bigger than a Latin font file, which makes Chinese e-commerce translation services much more complex. Instead of merely talking about kilobytes (KB), we’re talking about gigabytes (MB).

One of the most essential technical specifications for an e-commerce website in today’s environment is the loading speed. We can’t afford to make visitors to our website wait more than ten seconds to view the text. The likelihood is that they will assume something is wrong and simply switch to the website of the rival.

The solution is to make a font file with only the characters your website uses. This first step can reduce the loading time for Chinese websites (instead of the whole lot of them). There are several tools available that can perform the task for you. The simplest option is to visit Adobe Typekit if you’re trying to reach Chinese speakers outside of China, such as the sizable Mandarin and Cantonese communities in the US (each having more than 400,000 speakers as of 2010). 

It’s advantageous for business owners and Chinese translation company as you can receive a piece of code to insert on your website. And the target customers will have no trouble downloading Chinese fonts from Adobe when they access it.

2.5. Integrate Customer Service Online

Another important point while looking for Chinese e-commerce translation services is customer service. 

03_Chinese e-commerce translation services

Online customer assistance is constantly available and interventionists might support Chinese consumers’ enthusiasm for product research and a customized buying experience. Customers anticipate to barter online since they are accustomed to doing so in physical marketplaces. 

Therefore, your customer service team has to get proper training in both regional specifics and regional cultures and ways of life. Your team should also have an understanding of the goods you’re offering, including their prices, colors, quantities, materials, textiles, etc.

Customers ask for reductions, and the customer care agent will haggle while also recommending additional bargains, like multi-buy discounts. Customer service is available to vendors as well, doing everything they can to improve interactions between Chinese merchants and customers.

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3. Partner with GTE Localize to Have the Top-rated Chinese E-commerce Translation Services

Being a new international company trying to break into the Chinese market is difficult since your efforts must go beyond just building a website in Chinese and getting a local domain. Then, you ought to collaborate with a reliable translation company that will passionately offer top-notch Chinese e-commerce translation services.

You may get the best Chinese localized website from GTE Localize since we have a thorough grasp of the Chinese language, culture, and market. Our team of native Chinese speakers that localize websites are aware of the challenges that Chinese website localization projects face and how to successfully navigate them.

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