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4 Common Challenges Of Indonesian Agriculture Translation

Posted by Anne Q. on May 24, 2022.

As agriculture is one of the most important core aspects of today’s global economy, efficient communication is key for bridging any language barrier. Agriculture translation consequently becomes a large subject including a multitude of sub-topics, and it can be challenging to cope with various expert terminologies and technical language.

In today’s post, we will discuss 4 common challenges of Indonesian agriculture translation and find out some practical solutions for you to overcome them.

But before we start, let’s check out the list of some agriculture content that should be translated:

  • Animal Nutrition
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Chemical or Biological Crop Protection
  • Plant Breeding
  • Field Crops
  • Horticulture
  • Fertilizers
  • Insecticides Production
  • Pest Management
  • Rural Development
  • Grain and Meat Processing
  • Crop Science


#1. Legal Issues of Indonesian Agriculture Translation

Translation of agricultural documents to the Indonesian language requires not only the excellent language abilities of your translators but also your thorough comprehension of other related issues. One of them is the legal and registration requirements of the Indonesian government for agriculture materials.

Indonesian agriculture translation requires your understanding of registration information needed for trading in Indonesia and other countries and the knowledge of necessary legislation for contracts, statements, and permits to get your products to market.

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Failing to adhere to all legal and registration requirements when handling your Indonesian agriculture translation project poses a great threat to your business operation in the Indonesian market. Thus, we suggest you consult a professional Indonesian agriculture translation expert to avoid breaking any laws or making terrible legal mistakes.


#2. Agriculture Terminology

Using incorrect Indonesian agriculture terminology may alter the original meaning of your documents, resulting in low and inconsistent translation quality.

Many agricultural terms may be unfamiliar to people who have never worked in the field or have just had little farming experience. Therefore, it is ideal that you prepare a list of common terms used in your documents, along with their meanings and their translations in Indonesian for your translators. Even if your list is not exhaustive, those important terms can provide a foundation for improving your Indonesian agricultural translation.

This list is usually called a translation glossary by language providers. Once your agricultural glossary has been created, you should let your translators review it. Your translators may give you some suggestions for a better translation of a term or ask for clarification. This step will contribute to the smoothness of your translation process.

The most challenging aspect of agricultural translation terminology is that vocabulary choices vary. It requires translators to make adaptations instead of strictly applying the glossary regardless of the context. Otherwise, the goal of creating an accurate yet smooth translation cannot be reached.


#3. Adaptation Mistakes

Translation only may not be the best solution for agriculture marketing materials. Messages must be customized to fit the target audiences instead of just conveying the right meaning of the original content. Local agro-traditions, customs, and connections, as well as the cultural milieu, may all contribute to the success of your Indonesian agriculture translation project.


#4. Find the Right Indonesian Agriculture Translation Experts

It is vital to engage skilled translators when you prepare for an international conference or multilingual field events in the agriculture industry in Indonesia. Many Indonesian investors or clients are likely to take interest in your products if they can fully understand the products and your company information.

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Because there is no room for error in translation, the Indonesian translators and interpreters you work with should be experts in each area and experts in the industry’s terminology. Having a long-term collaboration with a reliable translation partner helps you to build terminology that will help you communicate more consistently, whether you’re translating documents or interpreting online events.

Finding a skilled and professional Indonesian agriculture translation partner is far from an easy task. But don’t worry. We have some great tips for you to find the most suitable translation partner.


To Summarize

GTE Localize brings great solutions for Indonesian agriculture translation services. GTE Localize, with a network of skilled linguists and a solid agricultural base, can provide services for a wide range of agricultural documents or materials in commonly used languages. Contact our team to obtain best-in-class translations on topics such as biodiversity, animal nutrition, rural development, and many more.

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