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5 Challenges Faced In Chinese Technical Translation Services

Posted by Ethan N. on February 23, 2023.

Chinese technical translation services are one of the hardest requirements in language services worldwide. The demand has been increasing for years due to the rapidly growing technology and manufacturing. Thus, many businesses ask themselves the same question: Should I find a Chinese technical translation agency?

To answer this question, you first need to understand to challenges of Chinese technical translation, and then make your own decision. 

1. The demand for Chinese technical translation services

China is the world’s largest manufacturer sometimes referred to as ‘the world’s factory’. With a total value of almost $4 trillion, China’s manufacturing sector accounted for nearly 30% of global economic output. It makes the country more than 10% points ahead of the U.S.


One of the main reasons for China’s manufacturing rapidly growing is technological investment. In 2015, it outlined the Made in China 2025 strategy, a national 10-year plan to develop Chinese high-tech manufacturing such as IT and robotics. 

The strategy has created huge potential for foreign investors and businesses. For example, the Japanese government stated that MIC 2025 led to growing exports of Japanese high-value goods such as semiconductor equipment and production line robotization equipment. 

Regardless of crafting or producing, technical documents become more important than ever due to the safety of users. Therefore, the Chinese technical translation services must be accurate to avoid causing damage if people follow flawed guidance. 

However, although there is huge potential for Chinese technical translation services, there are also some major challenges and concerns. We will provide more information in the next section.

2. 5 challenges Chinese technical translation services 

Finding the best translators for the job

The Chinese language is considered the hardest language in the world. No matter how simple the phrases are, translation can become complicated so Chinese technical translation services are required more scrutiny. 

Hiring translators with a solid scientific background, as well as fluency in the Chinese language, is critical. Along with a background in computer engineering, a translator might have to research to fully understand the intricacies of the material before a job can be done. Not to mention the professional translator also needs to find out the accurate terminology in Chinese after catching up with the core idea to make translated content comprehensive and smooth.


In this case, a professional Chinese technical translation services agency can steer you in the right direction. With a wide range of qualified translators at their disposal, a language provider helps you save time and mitigate stress for everyone involved once the needs and details of any project are discussed with a project manager.

New technology – new words

With the evolving rapid of technology, new technical terms appear that translation doesn’t exist. However, this scenario doesn’t happen usually for experienced Chinese technical translation services agencies. Typically, when new words are used, there is a process in place for determining whether to leave the word in its original language, translate it as a descriptor, or come up with a new word.

Throughout the translation process, the terminology is discussed between the translator, client, and project manager so that the final outcome can be the highest accuracy. 

Computus, a leading global producer of quality commercial and industrial application wind sensors, stated that it has a unique vocabulary when describing its inventory of products such as “photosynthetically active radiation,” “pyranometer output,” and “integrated silicon absolute pressure sensor”. 

Therefore, when translating to Chinese, these words must be carefully researched to understand the original meaning. In this case, if Computus works with a Chinese technical translation services company, the project manager will have a responsibility to find translators who are fluent in both the technical language and how it was applied to the products as well as the Chinese language.

Text length & formatting

If you translate English to Chinese, the text can be fewer but the process can be more complex due to characters and formatting. In another word, the same text in English requires 15 words, while the Chinese version only requires 8 to 10 words.


Thus, a professional Chinese technical translation services agency will guide you to prepare the room for text, or must everything fit into the current layout. Knowing ahead will help your business save time and resources to translate. Anything that needs to be redone always costs more money. Technical translation services provide clear instructions about preferences and specifics before the start of any project to ensure a smoother process toward completion. 

Localization in the Chinese market

One says, “ A picture is worth a thousand words”. In terms of translation, a picture can also make people impressive. Graphics, screenshots, and photographs always need to be analyzed for appropriateness, considering the culture and customs to which they’ll be exposed.

For example, placing a black border around your pictures in China can make everyone assume the people in your pictures are dead. If you use a lot of yellow in your graphs or diagrams, people in China would avoid looking at them due to yellow signals that can be immensely pornographic. 

Therefore, reliable Chinese technical translation services can guide you through the maze of what’s acceptable and what’s not. From that, you can show your understanding and knowledge of cultural norms and taboos, leading to winning the Chinese’s hearts.

Localization means that every facet of translated material must be presented in an acceptable and understandable format for the target audience.

Adhering to the source text

Typically, when looking at a source text, only 5-10% of the content is terminology, it’s imperative to understand how culture, syntax, and occupational perspectives choose the altered word appropriately. For example in English to Chinese technical translation, the word “leverage” to an engineer means “the action of a lever”, meanwhile, the same term might refer to “gaining more political power” to a politician.  

To clarify how words are used and to ensure the consistency of a project, glossaries are needed. It requires clients’ input, review, and feedback so that the translation can be ensured technically accurate that presents client preferences from word definitions to word choices. Professional Chinese technical translation services will make both participants save time, money, and complications.


Without a glossary, translations often appear inconsistent Furthermore, glossary development facilitates the use of a technique known as “translation memory” (TM), where specific terminology that is used repeatedly in a project, or from one project to the next, can be spotted and translated by computer software, thereby ensuring that everything from guides and manuals to documents like DFUs and IFUs read as clearly and consistently as possible.

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