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5 Ways CAT Tools Add Value To Your Thai Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on November 19, 2021.

For Thai translation services, linguists can work better, faster, and more economically by using computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.  

CAT tools are programs mainly built for document translation by linguists. CAT tools are designed to assist linguists in increasing their productivity and improving the quality of their translations. Besides, CAT Tools also enable translators to update, organize, and store earlier translations. Some popular CAT tools include MemoQ, MemoQ, SDL Trados Studio, Smartcat, etc.

Although CAT tools recommend words or phrases for you, you must still read over and combine words and phrases to make meaningful sentences and paragraphs. The program contains helpful features that make translation easier, with many advantages for translators and their customers. 

CAT tools are critical in a translation project because they allow you to create the procedures you need to deliver on time while also making it easy for you to track and review processes. They boost productivity and allow translation teams to collaborate for better results, among other advantages. 

Here are 5 ways that computer-assisted translation can benefit any translation service, including Thai translation services

Translators May Work In A Variety Of Formats

Because most clients want to translate complex types of files, it is vital for translators to prepare files to meet all clients’ demands. Preparing files for Thai translation might be a time-consuming process that adds costs to your Thai translation services. You won’t need to convert everything into Microsoft Word or Excel sheets when everyone on the team uses CAT tools.

One of the advantages of using software is that it supports a variety of file types, from HTML and InDesign to XML. You may also automate file transfers with the proper connectors so that linguists get files automatically.

When a workflow is set, everyone has immediate access to documents and could view any changes in real-time online. For your Thai translation services, you can forget about spreadsheets, missing files, and missed updates because you no longer need to submit data via email or third-party file transfer services.


CAT Tools Can Improve Translation Consistency

Thai Translation Services

Thai translation efforts frequently bring together linguists from multiple time zones and geographic locations. Communication is slower and misunderstandings are common when everyone works separately. Even if your instructions are clear, it might be difficult to ensure that all Thai linguists use the same terminology to convey a similar concept.

Linguists work with high volumes of content and are not always familiar with all the industry-specific terms in their niche. What may seem like obvious differences between two similar words may easily confuse people who don’t work with these terms every day. And even if they have experience in the industry, it is still easy to get lost when you translate multiple types of texts in a short period. 

When it comes to terminology usage, CAT tools include important tools that keep all linguists on the same page. The Translation Memory (TM) is the most well-known, as it allows you to save all previous Thai translations. Terminology databases could be used to create digital glossaries of terms and phrases that make it simple for any translator to utilize industry-specific terms in the right context.

Because everything is digital, you may quickly add or remove items from this list to keep your Thai translations updated. Translators will use the same Thai translation every time a given word appears in the text, which will improve clarity and comprehension.

It is easier to ensure consistency across dozens or hundreds of pages of a contract, web material, or technical document when all translators on your translation team use the same TM.


You Cut Down On Turnaround Times For Thai Translation Services

Thai Translation Services

Working with CAT tools has several advantages, one of which is the ability to speed up the procedure for your Thai translation services. Translators have more time to focus on keeping the exact meaning in translations and bringing value to your Thai translation project since software eliminates the need for manual file transfers and rewrites much of the material using prior translations.

For most of the content that must be translated, CAT programs offer important suggestions. Some of these suggestions are spot on (precise matches), while others are viable translations (fuzzy match). Bilinguals will also deal with new words that don’t have a match in the database, contextually.

A TM provides suggestions for most of the words in the original document, so linguists do not have to make new ones. The fewer times translators need to accomplish the Thai translations, the more valuable recommendations they receive from the CAT tools.  

Yes, you should regularly verify that all records in your translation memory are accurate and complete. This is known as TM maintenance, and it takes time, but it allows you to quicken the whole Thai translation project.


Software Reduces the Risk of Errors For Thai Translation Services

CAT tools are not perfect because they only scan short chunks of text at a time and don’t take into account the overall context. As a result, you can’t rely on them just for Thai translation services. They are tools that provide useful information to linguists, but they can not provide error-free translations on their own.

When utilized effectively, CAT tools, on the other hand, greatly reduce the number of translation errors and inconsistencies. When translators have access to a Thai translation memory, they are less likely to interchange terminology or use words improperly in a given context. At the same time, the software is quite accurate in terms of the content listing, ensuring that linguists do not miss any paragraphs or sentences along the process.

Yes, if there are problems in the translation memory, they will almost certainly appear in the final edition of the translations. To ensure that they offer the best work, linguists could always double-check with their project managers or in-house professionals.


Save Money On Your Thai Translation Services

Thai Translation Services

All of the advantages of CAT tools will affect your overall Thai translation costs. You save money and time on administrative procedures when you use automatic file transmission. Additionally, you will pay for fewer working hours because linguists work faster and have fewer mistakes to fix.

If your content contains a high number of repeats and duplicate content, you may be eligible for discounts from your language service provider. This is because computer-assisted translations will consider them precise matches.

Certainly, some translations will demand more resources than others, depending on the context and intricacy of your material. And besides, it’s still human translation, which necessitates creativity, linguistic proficiency, and cultural awareness.


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