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    • This is the estimated price for our Pro (Translation + Editing) services.
    • Two skilled translators will work on your documents.
    • A translator will translate your documents, and an editor will edit the translated documents.
    • Desktop Publishing (DTP) services cost extra $3/page, Our Min Fee/Hourly Rate is $30
    • We will help you get a quote for complex documents, PDFs, websites, apps, software and more.
    • This is a list of estimated rates for some of our popular languages. If you need a quote for any other languages, please contact our team.

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    GTE Localize provides professional translation and localization services for 100+ languages in the world and various industries. Our premium translation and localization solutions help you attract the right customers, convert leads, and grow your business to global markets.

    5-star customer reviews

    5-Star Customer Reviews

    We place clients at the center of our solutions, so we have a high percent client satisfaction rate. The 5-star reviews from our customers speak them all.
    lifetime warranty

    Life-time Warranty

    GTE Localize support free-of-charge editing and corrections if errors are found by our clients after the translation is delivered. The warranty period lasts a lifetime.
    value for money

    Value for Money

    Every dollar you spend with us is put to good use. Every step promises quality.

    Professional Translation Services for Every Business

    GTE Localize has subject-matter linguists with at least 5 years of experience and resources to complete all types of translation project. We match you with the right translation expertise, every time, whether you’re in the United States or abroad.

    • Business & Legal

      Our business & legal translations combine linguistic accuracy and attention to detail. We support marketing plans, multimedia marketing content, contract documents, product specifications, website, legal documents, confidentiality agreement, purchase order, invoice, etc.

    • IT & Software

      If you require IT & Software translation services, our subject-matter experts are up for the task. We support IT & Software documents, app, mobile device documents, customer support papers, user guides, E-learning materials, etc.

    • Medical & Healthcare

      Our translators are HIPPA-compliant and subject-matter experts in medical and healthcare communication. We support medical documents, operative report, patient rights & responsibilities, patient instructions, progress notes, etc.

    • Manufacturing & Engineering

      Our manufacturing & engineering translators have the knowledge and experience to provide quality translations for all forms of content. We support technical documents and drawings, user manuals, product catalogues, operation and maintenance manuals, etc.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. How do you calculate translation costs for a translation project?

      When determining the cost of a translation project, we take a number of criteria into account. The following are some of the most important deciding factors:

        • The Project’s Volume: We usually calculate a quotation for your translation project depending on the number of words or characters in the source documents.
        • Service Type: The cost varies according to the services you choose. For example, the cost of translation + Editing + Proofreading services is higher than that of Translation Only or Translation + Editing services. You will have to pay more if you want to use other services such as DTP, LSO, etc.
        • The Complexity of Your Materials: The more complicated your content, the higher the rate. Highly technical material, for example, is charged at a higher cost than general content.


      Get a quotation for your translation projects from our professionals.

    • 2. How long does it take to complete a translation project?

      Factors such as project volume, content complexity, types of services, and other special requirements affect the turnaround time of a translation service.

        • In general, one translator at GTE Localize can handle 2,500 words per business day.
        • In case of urgent projects, we can assign the project to more translators, making our daily capacity up to 10,000 words.

      To get the exact turnaround time, please contact our support team.

    • 3. How can I evaluate your service quality?

      You can use the following resources to evaluate the quality of our translation services and industry experience:

      • Lists of clients with whom we have collaborated. You can use the filter to find people who work in your industry.
      • In the process above, you can see the QA and QC processes we use for all translation projects to ensure the highest quality.
      • Request to see the CVs of our professional translators. We are happy to send you the CVs of our translators with relevant experience.
      • Request a free translation services quote. GTE Localize provides a free (300-word) test with our translators so you can assess their ability to handle your project.
    • 4. What languages do you translate?

      We translate and localize over 100 languages globally such as Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. at a budget-saving rate and fast turnaround time.


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