Are You Looking for Burmese Translators?


Do you need your documents translating into Burmese by native Burmese translators?

Are you looking for a Professional Burmese Translation Agency or Freelance Translators?

Are You Looking for Burmese Translators?

Myanmar is an emerging economy in Southeast Asia with stable GDP growth. As the government is relaxing tourist entry and barriers in business, many foreign companies are taking this opportunity to invest in tourism and business industries in Myanmar. When working and cooperating in this market, it is highly recommended that your company use Burmese to communicate with your audience and partners.  Finding good Burmese translators for your documents will take your business to the next level in this market.


But should you work with a freelance translator or should you cooperate with a translation agency?

When having a translation project, the first solution you are likely to come across is to find a Burmese freelance translator due to their lower costs and direct communication. But then you have to manage the coordination process yourself, especially for Multilanguage projects where you work with many individual Burmese translators since each freelance translator only translates one language pair. It’s no easy task.

That’s when translation agencies come into play. With professional and dedicated teams of Project Managers, Vendors Managers, and experienced Burmese Translators, a translation agency offer you many unmissable values:

      • A wide range of service – Translation agencies try their best to meet all your demands, whether it’s Translation, Editing, Proofreading, or Desktop Publishing.
      • Various language pairs – Translation agencies can find suitable human resources from their deep network to meet hundreds of language requirements.
      • High-Capacity – With a pool of hundreds of native Burmese translators, translation agencies are capable of handling a great number of projects, from small to high volume at the same time.
      • Better Coordinator – Instead of handling each freelancer by yourself, you can count on the PM team of translation agencies.
      • Certificated translators – Burmese translators are tested carefully by experts from translation agencies before starting a project, so you can rest assured that the quality of your translation is excellent.




With years of experience in the translation and localization industry, GTE Localize has won the trust of over 182 business-to-business customers from all over the world with 10 million words translated each year. Having a pool of over 50 highly-qualified Burmese translators together with certificated ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, we understand the sense of accuracy and urgency for delivering the best quality and on-time projects every time. That’s why 80% of our customers return after the 1st order.



As a professional translation agency, we know exactly where to find the best linguists with long experience in translation and subject-matter expertise yet having the most competitive rates for your Burmese translation projects.

      • High qualifications – All of our Burmese translators have a Bachelor’s Degree in translation from leading universities such as Dagon UniversityMandalay UniversityYangon University of Foreign Languages, etc. But that’s not enough to make a great translator. To make sure the accuracy of translation projects, our translators are required to have an additional degree in subject-matter expertise such as Legal, Business, Manufacture, IT – Software, and Life-science.
      • Long experience – Our Burmese translators have at least 5 years of professional translation experience for famous brands or companies in both Malaysia and foreign companies.
      • Culture understanding – Being a native Burmese with an interest in culture, our linguists have deep insights into the Burmese culture and lifestyles as well as the needs and demands of the Burmese audiences.
      • Strict recruit process – Our Burmese translators are chosen carefully by our Vendor Managers before taking the tests and interviews with our experienced reviewers and translation experts. They also get tested on a regular basis to guarantee consistent quality.



We offer a wide range of Burmese translation solutions to meet the diverse demands of our clients:



We have a pool of certificated linguists with real-work experience in various industries, including:



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