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How To Build A Multilingual Social Media Presence That Actually Works?

Posted by Anne Q. on March 04, 2022.

In this age of digital networks, technological devices such as mobile phones, the internet, social media, etc enable companies to have access to reach a great deal of not only domestic but also international audiences. This is the reason why it is necessary to build up a multilingual social media page as a way to make your company’s visibility become more obvious.

In consideration of the fact that launching such a page can be of great attention to so many people, GTE Localize would like to provide this article with the aim of recommending to you some factors to set up a multilingual page for your company on social sites.

#1. Have a Vision and Set Goals For Your Social Media Pages

The first step in gaining insight into a target market is to have the correct perception and then decide on a measurable objective within your ability. Due to barriers in distance or financial or time limit, it can be impossible, to begin with, a large and face-to-face research campaign into the market. In this situation, social pages written in several languages are the optimal solution to cut down on expenses for case studies of the target market. With the capacity to choose your own content, there is no further clarification process because you can do it from the beginning of your posts. Remember that the more types of content and languages you use for social pages, the more exact and various results you get.

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#2. Know Your Audience Demographics

Demographics is a factor of great importance in identifying the target audience. Not only knowing their age, gender, lifestyle, hobbies, etc. but you also need to have information about the language they would like to use. Once understand these elements, your company has no difficulty in approaching the audience in the right way with the precise content, which contributes to an effective marketing strategy benefiting your company’s presence.


#3. Prioritize Visual Content

Scientists pointed out that the human brain can respond and acquire visual data better than any other type. Therefore, the use of this kind of content clearly has a significant effect on your page traffic and can help to boost your brand awareness.

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This is also the reason why social media allows users to communicate in visual language through a wide range of contents in different forms including video, image, infographic, emoji, etc – because producers understand that these contents can enhance the time people use social media. As a matter of course, visual content in social networks is an advantage that we should take up.


#4. Decide How You Want To Post

As being the owner of multilingual pages, you have the right to manage the content of your posts and choose the appropriate social media for your orientation.

For example, if a company penetrates into the United States, it’s advisable to register a LinkedIn page to increase its visibility in this country because there are about 170 millions of Americans using this site. However, when changing to Latin America where the majority of the population prefer Facebook to LinkedIn, it comes as no surprise that the company adapts itself to circumstance by creating a Facebook page written in Spanish. The same situation happens in China and this time they use Sina Weibo – the biggest Chinese social platform.

All of these cases show that multilingual social pages can help the company to adapt better to the local community and gradually raise good brand recognition.


#5. Use Available Social Tools

Every social network is equipped with useful tools that can give you assistance to optimize the activity of your page. In addition to linguistic tools that help to make auto-translation in several languages, media platforms can perform basic functions such as analytics, research, measurement and evaluation. These tools are especially helpful when being used to analyze the demographics of the target audience. It is amazing that most of the social tools are available and free-of-charge although some further premium tools may cost an amount of money to use.

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#6. Localize Your Content And Time

The need for localization will be on the rise as the company expands internationally. Localizing does not merely mean translating as normal because of the process of integrating demands a lot of cultural understanding and practical linguistic experience. That is to say, auto-translations made by social tools usually are complained of as being “literal” or “obscure”. Since the translators are insentient machines, there is no localization. As a result, this leads to avoidable misunderstanding and even enormous mistakes in business.

These mentioned problems can be prevented with the performance of a professional localization team. They are experts in the field of localization of content into the local market, therefore there is no need to think about any possibility of confusion.

Besides, time zones are another factor that needs to be applied to localization. Owing to the fact that being in different time zones may limit the traffic from your audience, it is indispensable to localize the time as well.


#7. Invest In Top-Notch Translators

A multilingual page is nothing different from a professional network for your company to connect to potential partners as well as the elite of the field. In other words, the page on social media is the symbol for the first prestige of your company. Thereby, the investment in a good team of translators can maintain and improve the quality of the page along with the position of the company in the view of not only customers but also professionals, including your competitors.



The process of building a multilingual social page does take time and energy, but as you can see via the article, it is worth doing it. The benefits that are brought about by utilizing social pages considerably and directly make a contribution to marketing strategy and boost up the company’s visibility in a natural way. In order to optimize this, it is better to focus on localizing your content. Should you want to get further information about localization services on a multilingual social page, GTE Localize would like to give you useful advice.

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