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How to Boost Your Website Ranking? [2024 Version]

Posted by Anne Q. on January 15, 2023.

Now that you’ve got your website up and running, the next question on your mind is undoubtedly how to promote your website to as many audiences as possible. The good news is by searching Google, you can find dozens of tips to boost your website from different sources. The bad news is there are just too many approaches that you don’t know where to start.

So in this post, let’s start with the 6 most basic yet effective ways you can apply immediately to promote your website ranking.

1. Harness the Power of SEO

Search engine optimization – SEO is one of the most effective ways to promote your website. Unlike paid search ads where you have to pay for more traffic to your website, SEO helps improve your site’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, etc. free of charge.


Simply put, you can achieve strong SEO by incorporating specific keywords and phrases throughout your website, adding alt text to images, and optimizing your headings so that your website can be found on search engines.

Navigating the complexities of SEO can be challenging, especially for beginners. To ensure that your website is fully optimized and consistently ranks high, consider enlisting the assistance of an online marketing company with expertise in SEO. They can implement effective optimization techniques to help your website rise above the competition.

Or you can follow some good SEO practices here:

    • Include keywords with high search demand on your content
    • Use long-tail keywords
    • Optimize your content for local SEO searches


2. Make the Most of Email Marketing

Besides being the Holy Grail of marketing communication when it comes to customer interaction, email marketing is a great method to boost your website. When done correctly, it generates spectacular results. The ROI for email marketing can reach 4200%, meaning it brings $42 for every dollar you spent on an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Newsletters are a particularly effective form of email marketing. Besides allowing you to communicate directly with your potential customers, newsletters can also help you get subscribers and drive website traffic.


3. Create Shareable Blog Content

A good practice to promote your website is to create a blog. Blogging makes it easier for people to find your website as it boosts your SEO, website traffic, and increases your site’s rank on search engines. What’s more, blogs are an excellent platform  to promote your company’s services as well as sharing your extensive industry knowledge and market to gain more trust from potential customers.

Create a blog - website translation

But remember, your blog can only drive traffic for your website when the content itself is insightful, interesting, entertaining, or worth sharing. And remember, it has to be original. By “original”, we do not just mean “not plagiarize” others’ content. Your writing styles, tones, and conclusions should be unique that readers cannot find on any other blogs.

When it comes to website translation, many companies solely focus on translating their landing pages and completely ignore the blog section. According to research, approximately 72.1% of internet users prefer to browse websites that have been translated into their native language. Undoubtedly, translating your blog content is key to making the most out of blogging, so do not overlook this important step. You can check out our post for some helpful tips for blog translation.


4. Don’t Overlook Guest Blogging

If you have a team with a good understanding of the industry and excellent writing ability, why don’t you try promoting your content on other websites? Guest blogging helps you reach a wider range of audiences, generate more traffic to your own website, and even expand your connection to other writers in your own field.

Guest Blogging

There are numerous websites out there that accept guest blogging for free. However, don’t just randomly send your content to any website. In terms of the technical aspect, don’t forget to check the website’s important indicators such as Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), Website Traffic, etc. When it comes to content, you should do guest blogs on websites that are relatable to your own industry and services.

Make sure the blogs you submit are well-written and informative rather than spammy and self-promotional, i.e. posts that provide valuable information to readers, not just advertise how great your services and products are. Your guest blog content should include a link to your website in the author’s bio or somewhere in the content (and make it sound natural).


5. Engage in Forum Discussions

You should consider using forums to promote your website to new audiences. One approach is to start a thread on a well-known forum, such as Quora and Reddit or to join an existing conversation thread and mention your website when appropriate. Besides the general popular forums we mentioned above, you should also engage in niche forums that relate to your industry.

Forum Website

Please keep in mind that you should include your website in forum discussions only if it is a genuinely useful resource to supplement your response. Don’t spam your website on any threads and risk damaging your brand’s reputation.


6. Build a Multilingual Website

No matter how exceptional your website is in your language, if global customers cannot understand the language, it will all go to waste. That is why when promoting your website to international customers, don’t forget the important step – website translation and localization.

To have a successful website translation project, you should conduct the following key steps:

Do Thorough Market Research

Understanding your target audience’s behaviour and preference is the determining factor of a great multilingual website. Find out the way they search for products and services, how they consume information on websites, their preferred website layout and language, and many more. The more information you get from this step, the better it is to improve your website and bring your audience exactly what they are looking for.

Plan for website translation

Tailor Your Website’s Content

Remember that only accurately translating your text from the source language to the target language(s) is not merely enough. For your website translation project to work effectively, you need to localize your website’s layout, graphics, buttons, currencies, measurements formats, and many more.

Read more: 5 best practices for website translation

Work with a professional website translation company

You should never think about using machine translation when it comes to website translation. Why? The reason is simple. Although automatic translation tools give you quick translations at no costs (or at very low costs even when you use a premium tool package), the translation quality cannot be guaranteed, especially for website content.

Websites contain a lot of texts and images that need to be adapted to suit the target country’s culture. And that is something machine translation tools cannot understand. Thus, professional human translators must be involved.

You can work with freelance translators or professional website translation agencies to turn your website multilingual. However, we recommend the latter because each freelance translator can only handle one or two steps of the website translation process while website translation agencies are able to perform the whole process, from website internationalization, globalization to translation, localization and testing.

If you are looking for a capable partner to assist your website translation efforts, GTE Localize is here to help. As a professional website translation agency, we have experts located all over the world who can assist you in ensuring that your website fits into each target country.

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