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Boost Your Business Fast With Chinese Website Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on February 17, 2022.

Chinese website translation services are no doubt one of the most effective ways to use if you want to do your global business in China.

With many active internet users in China, it is essential to boost your traffic by translating your website into Chinese. You can approach numerous potential Chinese customers when translating your website content to Chinese.

This post will point out some of the most important reasons for taking the step to translate your website using Chinese translation services.

Grow Your Global Business

Chinese Website translation services

It is never too late to target a new market to boost your business to the next level when it comes to business growth. You can translate your content for clients who may not be interested in your products or services.

Plus, you may consider markets where e-commerce is developing fast, such as China, which generates approximately $672 billion in online sales annually, followed by the U.S, the U.K, Japan, and Germany.

Paying attention to the world’s most spoken languages is another factor to consider when picking which language to use for translation. Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Arabic are the top five most spoken languages in the world after English. Therefore, China is a promised land for any worldwide business to grow fast using Chinese website translation services.

Because over 75% of Chinese customers purchase online at least once a month, translating your website into Chinese is an essential step toward expanding your business and increasing conversion rates and income.


Make an Outstanding First Impression on Chinese customers

Chinese Website translation services 2

Once you’ve decided to expand into the Chinese market, keep in mind that your company’s first impression is crucial. Customers will naturally judge your company and product based on what they see on your website.

People determine whether or not to stay on your website in 50 milliseconds. As a result, ensuring that your Chinese website’s translation design and content resonate with the Chinese people is essential in generating a great first impression on potential Chinese clients.


Increase Chinese Customer Retention 

Your goal is to entice Chinese customers to return to the website once you’ve established a great first impression. With 72 percent of clients preferring websites in their local language, translating your site into their languages establishes trust and authenticity, encouraging them to return.

This is especially significant because most Chinese internet users are not native English speakers. The English proficiency of Chinese people is classified as low.


Enhance Your Brand

You’re probably concentrating on your company’s general branding efforts as part of your marketing plan. Adapting your website to suit the interests and demands of your Chinese clients, which includes translating your website, is a guaranteed method to strengthen your brand in the Chinese market.

You are building relationships with existing and future Chinese customers by investing time and money in Chinese website translation services, thereby creating a strong brand perception. Remember that your company’s website can be accessed from anywhere in China, so why not show the world that you’re interested in the Chinese and their culture?


Improve Your SEO Strategy

You can boost your search engine optimization (SEO), which drives Chinese users to your website, by translating it. Because search engines rank websites in search results based on metadata and keywords, translating your website, along with meta information and keywords, can help it rank higher.

Furthermore, SEO considers how much time Chinese people spend on your website; consequently, having it available in the Chinese language means that consumers will spend more time on it, boosting your site’s SEO.


Surpass Your Competitors

Chinese Website translation services 3

Another important reason to translate your website into the Chinese language is to keep up with, if not outperform, your competitors. If your competitors don’t have a bilingual website, translating yours with Chinese website translation services will help you stand out. Customers associate multilingual websites with a worldwide organization; this perception may provide you an advantage over your competitors. You can ensure that you have the best translated Chinese website possible by partnering with a professional Chinese website translation services provider.

According to GlobalData’s E-Commerce Analytics, e-commerce sales in China reached the value of US$2.1 trillion in 2021. Translating your website with Chinese website translation services can help your global business expand dramatically. GTE Localize can allow you to acquire the best possible translation for your website at the most affordable rates with accuracy and a fast turnaround time.


Pick Professional Chinese Website Translation Services

With over 1 billion Internet users in China, translating your website is the most effective approach to reach the Chinese market. You can potentially reach millions of new Chinese clients by translating your website content with affordable Chinese website translation services.

GTE Localize is a high-quality translation company that specializes in Chinese translation. To provide you with accurate and culturally sensitive Chinese website translation services, we have a staff of experienced and native Chinese translators with a thorough grasp of Chinese culture and customs.

Chinese Website Translation Services

We provide comprehensive Chinese website translation services for your open or closed source websites at cost-saving prices and high accuracy. We also support Java, Ruby, PHP, Solidity, SharePoint, HTML, C/C++, CSS, XML, etc.

If you need help with your Chinese website translation services, get in touch with GTE Localize today to get a free quote and a free 300-word test.