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    Authors benefit greatly from book localization services, as it allows them to reach audiences worldwide. It’s a challenging task, but our experienced linguists with over 5 years of translation expertise will go above and beyond to meet your book localization needs. We don’t simply translate word for word; we also adapt words, pictures, and illustrations to suit different cultures and social norms.

    Types of Book Translation Services

    We offer various types of book localization services

    Choose Your Book Translation Services

    As a professional book translation company, GTE Localize provides three translation plans, allowing you to always meet your cost targets or demands.

    Standard Plan

    Translation Only

    (2-eye principle)

    One native translator is assigned to translate and self-review your book content.




    • This approach generally produces a readable translation.
    • There may be some minor errors.
    • It is the most cost-effective option and is recommended for internal materials or one-time-use content.

    Pro Plan

    Translation + Editing

    (4-eye principle)

    The book is translated by one native translator before being revised by another editor.




    • Involving two native linguists ensures a polished and error-free translated book.
    • This option balances quality, cost, and turnaround time effectively.
    • It should be used for book localization.

    Premium Plan

    Translation + Editing + Proofreading

    (6-eye principle)

    Your book is carried out by three native linguists, who will perform the three steps: translating, editing, and proofreading.



    • Three native linguists ensure a perfect and publish-ready book.
    • This option is the most expensive but offers the highest quality.
    • It is recommended for critical marketing materials and highly visible book content.

    Our Book Translation Process

    Follow these steps to get cost-saving book localization services from GTE Localize

    11:1 Consultation
    11:1 Consultation
    • Share your original book and specific requirements with GTE Localize.
    • Our consultant team will analyze and provide a customized book translation solution based on your desired language pairs, content, and budget.
    1:1 Consultation
    2Project Confirmation
    2Project Confirmation
    • Once you approve our book translation package, both parties confirm and complete administrative steps such as NDA, contract, and deposit.
    Project Confirmation
    3Project Kick-off
    3Project Kick-off

    Our Project Managers will:

    • Thoroughly read the book to understand the plot, characters, writing tone, and style.
    • Prepare linguistic materials like Glossary, Style guide, Termbase, etc.
    • Select the most suitable CAT or localization platform.
    • Assign native translators for the project.
    • Create a timeline for the project.
    Project Kick-off
    • Your book will be translated by a native translator, and the translated content will be edited and proofread by other native linguists.
    5Quality Assurance
    5Quality Assurance
    • QA tools such as X-bench will be used to identify potential errors.
    • Our linguists will review the QA report and fix true positive errors. This process repeats until the QA report only contains false-positive errors.
    Quality Assurance
    • Our localization engineers use photo-imaging software to correctly place text and graphics together.
    7In-context Testing
    7In-context Testing
    • Our testers will act as the actual audience and review the laid-out files to ensure any possible errors are eliminated.
    In-context Testing
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    8Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    • We deliver the translated content and make suitable changes based on your feedback.
    • Finally, we submit the final version to you.
    Feedback implementation & Final delivery

    GTE Localize - Professional Book Translation Partner

    GTE Localize offers qualified book translation solutions with a team of talented native translators and subject-matter experts.

    Top 3 Translation Agency on Top 3 Translation Agency on

    Our commitment lies in delivering quality work and ensuring customer satisfaction. As a recommended translation agency on the Goodfirms platform, we provide customized, cost-saving, and innovative book localization services for global businesses.

    Affordable Book Translation Cost Affordable Book Translation Cost

    We strive to provide affordable book translation costs without compromising on quality. With GTE Localize, you can receive high-quality book translation services at a special price.

    Strict Quality Assurance Process Strict Quality Assurance Process

    Our strict quality assurance measures include performing the QA round by XBench for 100% of our projects or conducting internal LQA rounds for large-volume projects, all covered by GTE Localize.

    Technology Applied Translation Process Technology Applied Translation Process

    Technology is an integral part of our book translation and localization services. We utilize Translation and Localization Management Platforms, CAT Tools, and Quality Control Tools to deliver accurate and efficient translations at a low cost.

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    See how we have supported our clients in successfully localizing their books into the target languages.

    Languages We Translate

    As a trustworthy translation agency, GTE Localize provides book translation and localization services in various languages to give your business budget-saving solutions. Contact our team for other languages.

    Reasons to Have Professional Book Translation Services

    Using professional book translation services is highly recommended because:
    Widen Audience Reach
    Widen Audience Reach
    Translating books into multiple languages allows authors to reach a wider audience and increase revenue. Best-selling books should be available in various languages to enhance their popularity and appeal to a broader audience.
    Increase Sales and Rankings
    Increase Sales and Rankings
    An increased audience leads to higher revenue and garners praise for the author's valuable book. It is essential for highly-rated books and best-sellers to be accessible in multiple languages to enhance their popularity and cultivate the audience's affection for the work.
    Enjoy Reduced Competition
    Enjoy Reduced Competition
    Authors equipped with translation services can effortlessly introduce their books to a global audience, gaining a competitive advantage and connecting with potential readers who might not have access to translated editions.

    Book Translation Services Q&A

    To determine the cost of a book translation project, we consider several factors:

    • Project size: We typically provide pricing based on the word count or character count.
    • Services required: The translation option you choose (Translation Only, Translation and Editing, or Translation + Editing + Proofreading) will affect the price.
    • Industry expertise: Specialized knowledge required for certain subjects may impact the cost.

    Feel free to contact our experts for a free quote and more information.

    Turnaround times for book translation projects depend on factors like complexity, content types, document format, and word/character count.

    In most cases, our translators can accurately translate 8,000 – 10,000 words/characters per business day for book projects. For example, a 10,000-word English-to-Korean book translation may take 1 to 1.5 working days.

    For detailed turnaround times tailored to your specific project, please contact our localization experts.

    To assess the quality of our book translation services and our industry experience, consider the following:

    • We offer a free 300-word test to showcase our error-free translations.
    • You can review our previous book translation projects and use filters to find similar projects.
    • Check our list of clients and filter by business specialty.
    • Learn about our QA and QC processes for translation and localization projects.
    • We can provide CVs of linguists with relevant experience in your field.

    If you have complex requirements and prefer a personal discussion, please reach out to us for tailored solutions.

    Yes, as a professional book translation company, we prioritize the confidentiality of your materials throughout and after the translation process. We provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality of your content.

    Our staff and translators involved in the project are required to sign the NDA before commencing any translation services.

    We accept the following payment methods: bank transfers, cash, Paypal, and Payoneer. Supported currencies include the US Dollar, Euro, and Singapore Dollar. If you prefer to make payments in a different currency, please contact our team for assistance.


    GTE Localize has extensive experience and a team of certified linguists capable of delivering high-quality translations in various book genres, including technical books, travel books, literature and cultural books, course books, wine & spirit books, coffee table books, cooking books, fiction books, magazines, newspapers, self-help books, children’s books, art books, biography books, and more.

    GTE Localize ensures the utmost quality in our book translation services. This commitment extends to all content translated by us, regardless of the service, deadline, or price. We back our book translation services with a lifetime warranty, assuring you of our dedication to excellence. Should you encounter any issues with your book translation and localization, simply reach out to our team via email, and we will provide complimentary re-editing to address the concerns.

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