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Chinese translation services-2

Why Translate and Localize Your Content Into Chinese?

By Anne Quach
China is no doubt one of the world’s most attractive markets. Entering this market is one of the indispensable steps...
Untranslatable idioms

How Do You Translate These Idioms into Your Mother Tongue?

By Anne Quach
Idioms are phrases whose meaning can’t be understood from the original meanings of words in it. Understanding an idiom is...
Why Localize your content into Vietnamese

Why should you localize content into Vietnamese?

By Anne Quach
Being among the fastest Asian economic growth countries combined with a large population of 97 million people – over half...
Mobile Game Market In Asia

Hurry up! It’s time to localize your mobile games into Southeast Asian languages

By Anne Quach
1. Southeast Asia’s mobile games market – a promising one Southeast Asia, which is an area of approximately 4.5 million...
In-house vs Freelancers

Should you hire in-house or freelance translators?

By Anne Quach
With the proliferation of the Internet and digital devices, more and more translators work as freelancers, making the freelance marketplaces...
Translation vs. Localization

Translation vs. Localization – What’s the difference?

By Tony Pham
The world of language services might be very confusing when it comes to language terminology. We all know what translation...

CAT Tools: Overview and Benefits

By Anne Quach
Many people tend to relate translation to a “human-only” industry without using any cutting-edge technologies. What they don’t know is,...

Machine Translation vs. Computer-Assisted Translation

By Anne Quach
For many people, the terms “Machine Translation” and “Computer-Assisted Translation” sound the same. And they have the words “machine” and...
Website translation

Website Translation: 3 big challenges

By Anne Quach
Website translation plays a crucial role in global marketing campaigns of any international brand. However, translating a website is not...
What is Transcreation

What are the differences between Translation and Transcreation?

By Anne Quach
Can you tell the difference between Translation and Transcreation? To most people, Translation and Transcreation are quite similar. Some think Transcreation is...
What value does LSP bring you?

What added values do LSPs bring you?

By Anne Quach
If you ask what is the most common myths people say about Language Services Provider (LSP) (or Translation Agencies as...
How to say Father in Asian languages

How to Say “Father” in Different Asian Languages – Father’s Day

By Anne Quach
June 19, 1910, marked the first Father’s Day celebration in the U.S with the purpose of honouring fathers living throughout...
Why should you translate and localize your content into Hindi?

Why should you translate and localize content in the Indian market?

By Anne Quach
As the second-most populous country in the world, the Indian market provides a large pool of young and dynamic workforce....
Translation Agencies vs Freelance Translators

Professional Translation Agencies or Freelance Translators – Which one is your match?

By Anne Quach
Translation and localization are no doubt a vital cornerstone for every company seeking global success. In the absence of translated...
What are TO, TE, and TEP?

What are TO, TE, and TEP in Translation?

By Anne Quach
Although clients are unfamiliar with these three acronyms, TO, TE, and TEP play a vital role in the outcome of...
Translation Company

How to select an ideal translation company for your Vietnamese translation projects?

By Anne Quach
For many companies and organizations, utilizing translation and localization is the very first step in increasing global market share and...
What factors affect translation costs-Banner

What factors affect the translation costs?

By Anne Quach
Besides the quality of translations, the translation costs are the factor that all customers take into consideration. How to get...
Basic linguist terms

Basic Linguistic Terms: Translation, Localization, Transcreation, and More

By Anne Quach
The complicated world of language services terminologies can be a real headache for many clients. What are the differences between...