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8 Best Translation Apps For Tourism

Posted by Chloe G. on January 27, 2024.

The language barrier can be one of the most intimidating aspects of international travel. The fear of not being able to understand the local language or communicate effectively can discourage many potential travelers from venturing beyond their home country. Fortunately, with the emergence of translation apps, you can rely on the advanced technology embedded in your smartphone to facilitate communication throughout your international journey.

We’ve extensively tested various translation apps to identify the top choices for international travel. Google Translate, Apple Translate, and iTranslate stand out as excellent options for any trip. These apps offer features such as live speech translation, the ability to input phrases in your native language, and the use of artificial intelligence to translate written text, including signs and menus.

Continue reading to discover our recommended translation apps for tourism, ensuring you are well-prepared for your upcoming adventures.

Benefits of Translation Apps

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The increasing popularity of translation applications stems from their ability to overcome language barriers, benefiting learners in various ways. Here are some advantages of using translation apps:

Multilingual Communication: Translation apps enable seamless communication with individuals who speak different languages, proving especially valuable during international travel or interactions with people from diverse cultures.

Convenience: Highly convenient, translation apps provide instant translation of text or speech. This makes them ideal for situations where professional translators may not be available, or when on the move.

Cost-Effective: Translation apps offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring professional translators or interpreters, as many are either free or available at a low cost.

Time-Saving: Designed to save time and energy, translation apps eliminate the need for dictionaries or struggling to understand foreign languages. The app takes care of the translation process, ensuring efficiency.

Improved Learning: Translation apps provide instant feedback on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, making them valuable tools for language learning. Users can learn new words, phrases, and enhance pronunciation skills.

Better Understanding: By aiding in the comprehension of foreign languages and cultures, translation apps improve communication effectiveness. This, in turn, facilitates the development of relationships with individuals from various backgrounds.

Now, let’s explore some of the top translation apps to consider using while traveling.


Google Translate

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Take advantage of free online translation with Google Translate. This versatile tool supports translation for over 100 languages, encompassing text, speech, and images. Users can input text or speech in one language and receive an immediate translation in their preferred language. Google Translate goes beyond individual phrases, offering the ability to translate entire web pages and providing voice translation for specific languages.

Over time, Google Translate has witnessed substantial improvements in translation accuracy. It comes equipped with additional features, such as language downloads for offline use and camera translation. This innovative feature enables real-time text translation using the camera of your mobile device.

Google Translate is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring convenience for a wide range of users.


Apple Translate

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Our top pick for the premier translation app on iPhones is Apple Translate, and it comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. Currently, the app supports translations in 11 languages, with certain languages like English, Chinese, and Spanish offering multiple dialects.

Apple Translate provides three distinct methods for translation. Users can input text directly into the app, engage in conversations with people through its conversation feature, and utilize an image feature for translating written text.

As a standard feature for iOS devices, Apple Translate is both free and readily accessible. While it may not boast the extensive language selection found in some other translation apps, it does cover some of the most widely spoken languages globally. This makes it a reliable choice for communication in many popular vacation destinations.


Translation Apps For Tourism: iTranslate

iTranslate stands out as one of the most widely used language translation apps globally, garnering high ratings and amassing nearly 500,000 reviews on the Apple App Store alone. With translation options available for over 100 languages, the app is free to download.

Recognized as our top choice for a paid translation app, iTranslate offers an array of premium features. While text-based translation is complimentary, voice translation and camera translation functionalities are exclusive to premium account holders. Subscribers to the premium service also benefit from an offline mode, allowing them to conserve international data, and gain access to a phrasebook containing numerous expressions tailored for specific locations such as airports, hotels, and hospitals.

Complete access to iTranslate and its premium features is priced at $5.99 per month, or users can opt for an annual subscription at $69.99, offering a cost-effective alternative. For vacation purposes, a monthly subscription is recommended. However, for more extended commitments such as studying abroad or language learning endeavors, the annual subscription proves to be a more economical choice.


Translation Apps For Tourism: SayHi

SayHi Translate is a language translation application that enables real-time communication across multiple languages. With support for over 100 languages, the app can translate both written and spoken texts. Users have the flexibility to input text, speak into the app, or even draw characters for translation.

The Auto Mode is a standout feature, automatically detecting and translating speech without the need to press a button. This functionality enhances the app’s utility for natural conversations, allowing users to speak without interruptions. Additionally, SayHi Translate incorporates a voice recognition feature that identifies and translates the user’s voice into the desired language. The history feature enables quick retrieval of previous translations, adding to the app’s overall convenience.


Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a favored choice among business professionals, providing a free platform with translation capabilities for 129 different languages.

Similar to other apps in this category, Microsoft Translator supports translation through text, speech, and images. Its distinctive feature lies in catering to larger groups, setting it apart from many other translation apps. The Converse feature allows users to create and join groups using multiple devices and languages, facilitating cross-functional communication. Unlike some apps that rely on a single device, Microsoft Translator enables each individual in a group to utilize their device for speaking and reading the conversation. This attribute proves particularly valuable in settings such as business meetings.

In addition to its practical group features, the app offers entertaining elements like a phrase book and a profanity filter, catering to various communication needs in professional environments.


Translation Apps For Tourism: Naver Papago

Certainly, certain languages pose more challenges than others, with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean often considered among the most intricate to learn. Naver Papago has solidified its reputation as a top app for mastering these languages, gaining even more popularity than Google Translate in South Korea.

This free application supports translation for 13 languages, with a primary focus on Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese, given the Naver company’s South Korean roots. Additionally, it accommodates English, French, Spanish, and other languages. Naver Papago offers versatile translation options, including text, voice, and image translation. Moreover, it features a convenient handwriting translation function, provided the writing is clear enough for the app to interpret accurately.


Choose Professional Translation Services For Tourism

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