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Best Translation Agency For Every Company

Posted by Chloe G. on September 06, 2023.

If you’re in search of the best translation agency to bolster your global expansion endeavors, explore our compilation of the ten premier translation agencies for business in 2023. Additionally, you’ll discover valuable tips in today’s blog post to assist you in selecting the most suitable and top-performing translation agency for your company.

9 best translation agencies in 2023  

Our team has curated a selection of leading translation agencies for businesses in 2023, drawing from client reviews across reputable platforms such as G2, Clutch, and GoodFirms. The agencies featured on this list consistently garner favorable feedback from their clients, underscoring their unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier translation services and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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  • GTE Localize: GTE Localize is a renowned provider of translation and localization services tailored for businesses seeking global expansion. They have earned a strong reputation for their commitment to quality and precision across various industries and language pairs, supporting over 100 languages, including all major ones. Their core services encompass translation, localization, interpretation, and comprehensive multilingual content solutions. For personalized consultation, you can reach out to their team.
  • Day Translations: Day Translations is recognized for its dependable translation services, serving a diverse clientele spanning legal, medical, and technical sectors. They excel in delivering accurate translations at competitive rates.
  • Tomedes: Tomedes specializes in delivering top-notch translation services while upholding a standard of excellence. They cater to businesses of all sizes and offer competitive pricing models.
  • Moravia: Moravia stands out for its expertise in software and website localization, serving technology companies with aspirations for international expansion.
  • Straker Translations: This company excels in providing translation services with a swift turnaround time, making it an ideal choice for businesses facing tight deadlines. They offer competitive pricing to meet the localization needs of companies.
  • Marsolutions: Marsolutions is a global leader in the realm of translation and localization services, catering to a diverse range of industries such as legal, healthcare, and technology.
  • Pangeanic: Pangeanic specializes in the life sciences, healthcare, and technical translation sectors, gaining recognition for delivering high-quality work in these specialized fields.
  • LanguageLine Solutions: LanguageLine Solutions offers interpretation and translation services, with a strong focus on the healthcare and legal sectors. They prioritize accuracy and cost-effectiveness in their offerings.


Tips to Get the right translation company

Translator team

To maintain translation quality, it is essential for the translation company to collaborate exclusively with individuals who are either native speakers of the target language or possess fluency in it. For instance, when translating into German, it is vital to entrust the task to a native German speaker who has a profound understanding of the local culture. Achieving a translation that adeptly captures regional nuances requires the expertise of a native speaker with a minimum of five years of experience. To verify their native-speaking proficiency and suitability for your project, it is advisable to request the translator’s resume.

Industry experience

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Let’s seek out a translation partner who has a well-established history of success in your particular industry. Regardless of whether your business operates in healthcare, technology, finance, or any other sector, having industry-specific expertise is crucial. Experienced translators who have worked within your field will have a deep understanding of industry-specific terminology and intricacies, guaranteeing the accuracy and effectiveness of your content.


Certifications play a crucial role in assessing both individual translators and translation agencies. In the case of translators, it is wise to select those who have undergone formal language and translation education and training, such as holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation or possessing ATA Certification.

When it comes to translation agencies, it is highly recommended to collaborate with one that has obtained ISO certifications. These certifications serve as tangible proof of an agency’s dedication to upholding internationally recognized standards. It is advantageous to consider agencies with ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems and/or ISO 17100:2015 certification for Requirements for Translation Services. These certifications provide assurance of the agency’s steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier translation services while adhering to consistent standards.


Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in evaluating the service quality and reputation of an agency. The insights gleaned from reviews by past clients provide valuable assessments of their competence and overall satisfaction, offering valuable perspectives into their operational methods and procedures.

Trustworthy platforms like and serve as reliable repositories of customer testimonials. For instance, you can explore the profiles of GTE Localize on GoodFirms and Clutch as prime examples of agencies with positive feedback.

In addition to customer reviews, it is advantageous to consider input from translators, particularly when dealing with translation agencies. A reputable translation agency places equal importance on its clients and the translators who contribute to its success. The caliber of translators directly impacts the quality of the translations delivered to you as a client.

Platforms like ProZ, specifically designed for translators, provide a platform for finding translator reviews. It is generally expected that any professional translation company should maintain a presence on ProZ. The absence of a ProZ profile may raise concerns about potential issues or questionable practices. For further reference, you can review GTE Localize’s ProZ profile.


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It’s important to take into account whether the translation company is affiliated with respected translation and localization associations, such as the American Translators Association (ATA) or the European Language Industry Association (ELIA). Being a member of such organizations frequently signifies a dedication to upholding industry standards and best practices.


Get in touch with the best translation agency

Effective translation can unlock opportunities in new markets, enhance brand credibility, and drive revenue growth. If you review these recommendations and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of potential partners, you will be well-prepared to choose a translation company that aligns with your marketing goals and facilitates engagement with a global audience.

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GTE Localize is the premier choice for top-tier translation services. Our extensive network comprises over 1,200 skilled translators, enabling us to provide swift and accurate translations for all your materials. We understand the importance of your content, and we want to emphasize that your needs and your business are our utmost priority.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of GTE Localize’s expertise in professional translation services and our strategy for partnering with brands to achieve success in new markets, you can reach out to our team.