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Best Review Sites for Translation Companies

Posted by Anne Q. on September 20, 2021.

A survey shows that more than 93% of consumers take online reviews into account before making a purchase. It is only natural for a person to visit review sites to see the satisfaction of previous consumers with the products or services of a company before making any purchasing decisions.

In translation and localization, reading reviews from online sites is the very first and crucial step on the journey to find the right translation partner to work with. Thus, extra attention and effort should be put into this step.

In today’s article, we suggest three reliable review sites for translation companies that you should at least check out once.

Clutch is a well-known unbiased review site that clients come to visit when looking for a reliable translation agency to work with. You can find the name of almost all language providers on this platform, together with their profiles and honest feedback from their clients.

Many people do not put their trust in reviews online because, on most review sites, all it takes to leave feedback on a product or service is to create an account with just a click of the mouse. That means everyone can leave a review, whether it is an employee of the company or its competitor, which make the reviews untrustworthy.

However, it is not the case with Clutch. Only real customers are allowed to submit a review. The review can only be conducted in two ways – via phone call by the Clutch’s team or online if you have a verified LinkedIn account.

Review sites - Clutch

What’s more, one review on Clutch includes detailed information on the service user (their company industry and job title), the project background (opportunities and challenges), the service provider’s solutions, and recommendations for the service provider.

Reviews on Clutch

Such review methods applied by Clutch seem to bring feedback that is the most reliable and closest to the services’ quality in real life. GTE Localize is proud to be rated 5 stars for our excellent translation services and be of the top best translation companies on this platform. You can read the full reviews about GTE Localize on Clutch here.



GoodFirms is a full-fledged research and review platform that focuses on the globe’s most well-performing companies and software solutions. Creating a verified account is needed if you want to review a company on this platform.

To avoid spammers and make sure the reviews are truthful and valuable, GoodFirms requires reviewers to make the feedback as detailed as possible. Must-have information on a review is the reviewer’s job title, company, project budget, duration, and feedback on the services’ quality.


Goodfirm reviews

See how clients talk about GTE Localize on GoodFirms.


Singapore’s Finest

Are you looking for a translation agency that you can trust? Even more, it has to be one that is based in Singapore? Then Singapore’s Finest is the review site you are looking for. The platform commits to properly identify and choose the most trustworthy to be included in the finest list. So here you can find a reliable list of the finest translation companies that are currently operating in the Singapore market.

You can find an overview review of a translation agency – what services do they provide, how much do they charge, and many more on the list…

Singapore's finest - Review Sites

But that’s not everything. What makes Singapore’s Finest a great review site is that they give you the stories of how a company was established, their journey to success, as well as their values and visions for future development. Such details help potential clients see the company from a different perspective and have more inputs to make the decision later on.

GTE Localize's Journey

You can read the company story of GTE Localize on Singapore’s Finest here.


What is the best review site for translation companies?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the ‘right’ answer to this question. The answer is subjective and depends on your specific needs and the criteria you have set to evaluate a potential translation partner.

Our suggestion is to visit all three recommended review sites above and read as many reviews (both good and bad) as possible to understand the strength and weaknesses of each candidate.

When you have the shortlisted candidates, follow our instructions to test your translation candidates further.