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6 Best Medical Translation Companies for Business

Posted by Chloe G. on June 09, 2023.

Medical translation companies play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and effective communication in the globalized medical industry.

In the increasingly globalized world of business, it is essential to communicate effectively across language barriers. This is particularly important in the medical industry, where even the smallest error in translation can have serious consequences. Therefore, selecting the right medical translation company is crucial. 

In this article, we will discuss the 6 best medical translation companies of 2023, common medical content types, and ways to choose a good medical translation provider.

6 Best Medical Translation Companies in 2023

Here are the top 6 good medical translation companies that offer high-quality translation services, as rated by GoodFirms – a reputable review platform in the industry. 

#1. GTE Localize


GTE Localize is a leading and fast-growing translation and localization company with a global presence. Since its establishment in 2017, GTE Localize has become a trusted provider by building a network of over 1200 native language experts, ensuring quick turnaround times and competitive rates for their clients.

What makes GTE Localize stand out among medical translation companies is their commitment to using advanced translation technology solutions. By leveraging Vendor Portals and Translation Management Systems, they improve efficiency, maintain quality control, and streamline costs. As active members of the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA), they show their dedication to following industry standards and best practices.

  • Languages supported: 100+ languages, including Asian, European, and American languages
  • Services provided: document translation, website translation, marketing translation, video translation, game translation, software translation, app translation, book translation, technical translation, e-learning translation, etc.
  • Industries supported: medical and healthcare, life sciences, business, legal, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and many others.

Contact the GTE Localize team today for a free consultation and discover how their translation services can be customized to meet your specific needs.

#2. Translation AZ

Established in May 2009 in Florida, United States, Translation AZ has emerged as a rapidly growing translation agency with a strong presence in both the USA and Europe. With their comprehensive knowledge, advanced technology, and abundant resources, they are well-equipped to deliver accurate translations for both business and personal purposes.

Translation AZ places a strong emphasis on the quality of their medical translations. They have curated a team of native-speaking translators who possess specialized expertise in various domains. To further enhance their efficiency, they utilize terminology databases such as Trados, memoQ, XTM, and other tools to streamline their translation processes.

  • Languages supported: 50+ languages
  • Services provided: corporate translation, legal translation, technical translation, website translation, medical translation, etc.
  • Industries supported: medical translation services, legal and corporate legal, financial and banking, industrial and manufacturing, technology and IT, and more.

#3. Sunshine Translation Services

Sunshine Translation Services has gained significant popularity and trust among clients due to their exceptional services. Their team comprises native translators, proofreaders, and editors, accompanied by experienced project managers who possess extensive technical knowledge. 

With comprehensive training and utilization of cutting-edge software and technology, they ensure consistent terminology, formatting, and overall quality, maintaining the integrity of the original document.

  • Languages supported: 150+ languages
  • Services provided: business translation, medical translation,  legal translation, marketing translation, technical manuals translation, website translation, etc.
  • Industries supported: marketing, advertising, technical, legal, financial, medical, travel and tourism, food and beverages, beauty and lifestyle, and others.

#4. Linguidoor Translation Services

Linguidoor is a rapidly growing Language service provider based in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in delivering high-quality translations by utilizing native translators with expertise in specific domains. 

With a presence in 22 countries worldwide, Linguidoor ensures quick response times for communication without compromising on quality or customer service. Despite their expansion, they maintain a flexible approach to handle large and complex translation projects while providing exceptional and dedicated support to each client.

  • Languages supported: 50+ languages
  • Services provided: legal and financial translation, medical and technical translation, business translation, website translation, app and software localization, game translation, and more.
  • Industries supported: e-commerce, legal, medical, technical, marketing, information technology, and more.

#5. Jinyu Translation

Jinyu Translation is a reputable medical service provider based in China, specializing in Chinese translation services. With over 16 years of language experience since 2004, Jinyu Translation has consistently achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction (98.12%) and maintains an impressively low error rate (<0.05%) for translation results. 

One of the key factors contributing to their success is their carefully managed database and translation coordination system, ensuring accurate and precise handling of terms, expressions, and jargon.

  • Languages supported: 50+ languages
  • Services provided: legal translation, medical translation services, technical translation, financial translation, literary translation, marketing translation, advertising translation, certified translation, etc.
  • Industries supported: healthcare, medical, legal, government, engineering, etc.

#6. Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a well-known translation service provider with ISO certification, offering a wide range of language solutions. They have a global network of over 2800 experienced native translators, ensuring high-quality translations for their clients.

One of their key strengths is their robust quality assurance system, which guarantees that only top-rated translators are assigned to client projects. Mars Translation is also known for their fast turnaround time, able to handle up to 2000 words per day, and their translators are committed to meeting deadlines. What is more, they provide competitive prices starting from $0.05 per word, making their services accessible and cost-effective.

  • Languages supported: 230+ languages
  • Services provided: document translation, e-commerce translation, website translation, video translation, app translation, and more.
  • Industries supported: medical and healthcare, technical and engineering, business and marketing, business and finance, software and IT, etc.

Common Medical Content Types


The field of medicine encompasses a wide range of specialized content that requires accurate translation to ensure effective communication. Here are some common types of medical content that medical translation companies often handle:

  • Patient medical records and history: Medical translation companies assist in translating patient medical records, including medical histories, diagnostic reports, discharge summaries, and treatment plans. Accurate translation of these documents is crucial for providing quality healthcare to patients, especially in multicultural and multilingual healthcare settings.
  • Clinical trial documentation: Translation plays a vital role in multinational clinical trials, where protocols, informed consent forms, case report forms, and other trial-related documents need to be translated accurately to ensure consistency across different language groups. Precise translation ensures that all participants have access to the necessary information and can make informed decisions.
  • Pharmaceutical product information and labels: For pharmaceutical companies seeking to expand their reach into international markets, accurate translation of product information and labels is essential. Medical translation companies ensure that dosage instructions, warnings, contraindications, and other critical information are accurately translated to comply with regulatory requirements and enable the safe and effective use of medications.
  • Medical device manuals: Medical devices, such as diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, and monitoring systems, often come with user manuals and operating instructions. Medical translation companies specialize in translating these manuals to ensure that healthcare professionals worldwide can use the devices correctly and safely.
  • Research papers and academic articles: Medical researchers and academic institutions often publish their findings and studies in academic journals. Translating these research papers and academic articles allows for wider dissemination of knowledge and facilitates collaboration among researchers from different language backgrounds.
  • Medical software and applications: In the digital age, medical software, mobile applications, and telemedicine platforms play a significant role in healthcare delivery. Medical translation companies ensure that these software interfaces, user interfaces, and content within the applications are accurately translated, making them accessible to users in their native languages.
  • Regulatory documents and submissions: Companies operating in the medical industry must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines when introducing new products or submitting applications for approval. Medical translation companies assist in translating regulatory documents, including dossiers, submissions, and compliance reports, ensuring compliance with local regulations and facilitating smooth communication with regulatory authorities.
  • Healthcare marketing materials: Effective marketing and promotion of healthcare products and services require translation of brochures, websites, advertisements, and promotional materials. Medical translation companies adapt these materials to the target language and cultural context, enabling healthcare organizations to connect with diverse audiences and expand their reach.

Accurate translation of these common medical content types is essential for global collaboration, ensuring patient safety, complying with regulations and facilitating effective communication within the medical industry.


Ways to Choose Good Medical Translation Companies

When selecting a medical translation provider, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that you receive accurate and reliable translations. Here are some essential aspects to look for:

#1. Native human translators & Medical experts


The utilization of native human translators with expertise in the medical field is crucial for successful medical translations. Native translators bring a deep understanding of the target language, including its cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions. This ensures that translations are not only linguistically accurate but also culturally appropriate, effectively conveying the intended meaning to the target audience. 

Additionally, translators with medical expertise possess specialized knowledge of medical terminology, industry-specific jargon, and technical concepts. Their proficiency in the medical field enables them to accurately translate complex medical content, ensuring precision and clarity in the translated material.

#2. Experience in the medical industry

Experience in the medical industry is a crucial factor when choosing medical translation companies. Providers with extensive experience possess in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, ensuring accurate translations of complex medical content. They are familiar with regulatory requirements, such as clinical trial documentation and pharmaceutical product information, ensuring compliance and precision in translation. 

Additionally, experienced providers understand cultural sensitivities, allowing for culturally appropriate translations that resonate with the target audience. Their efficient project management skills and established quality assurance processes further contribute to the delivery of reliable and accurate translations.

#3. NDA

The inclusion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a critical consideration when selecting a medical translation provider. By signing an NDA, the provider commits to maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive medical data. This legal contract ensures that your patient records, clinical trial information, and proprietary documents remain secure and protected throughout the translation process. The NDA establishes a framework for trust and professionalism, demonstrating the provider’s commitment to safeguarding your confidential information.

In the medical industry, where data privacy and patient confidentiality are of utmost importance, an NDA provides legal protection and peace of mind. It establishes clear guidelines and responsibilities regarding the handling and protection of your medical data. By prioritizing translation providers who are willing to sign an NDA, you can ensure that your sensitive information remains confidential and that your translation project is conducted with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

#4. Certifications

Certifications play a vital role in evaluating the skills and capabilities of medical translation companies or individual translators. When choosing translators, it is recommended to prioritize those who have undergone professional education and training in languages and translation. This can include holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation or obtaining certification from reputable organizations like the American Translators Association (ATA). These certifications validate the translator’s expertise and proficiency in delivering accurate and reliable translations.

When it comes to translation agencies, partnering with ISO-certified agencies is highly advantageous. ISO certifications serve as a testament to the agency’s commitment to adhering to globally recognized standards. It is beneficial to consider translation agencies that hold ISO ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems and/or ISO ISO 17100:2015 certification for Requirements for Translation Services. These certifications ensure that the agency follows robust quality assurance processes and maintains a high level of professionalism in their translation services.


GTE Localize’s certificate and membership

Moreover, industry-specific certifications such as ISO 13485 for medical devices further demonstrate a provider’s dedication to meeting industry-specific standards and regulatory requirements. These certifications offer the reassurance of the provider’s expertise in handling medical translations with accuracy and compliance. By choosing certified medical translation companies or translators, you can have confidence in their capabilities to deliver high-quality translations that cater to the unique demands of the medical field.

#5. Client reviews

Customer reviews are invaluable in assessing the service quality and reputation of a translation agency. By reading feedback from previous customers, you can gain insights into their capabilities and overall experience. This information provides valuable knowledge about their working procedures and processes. 

Platforms such as or serve as reliable sources of customer reviews, allowing you to assess the agency’s performance. As an example, you can refer to GTE Localize’s GoodFirms profile and profile, which showcase positive feedback and demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

In addition to customer reviews, it is essential to consider feedback from translators who have collaborated with the agency, particularly when evaluating translation agencies. A reputable translation agency values both its clients and the translators who contribute to their success. The quality of the translators directly influences the quality of the translations delivered to you as a client. 

Platforms like ProZ, dedicated to translators, offer a platform to find translator reviews. It is generally expected that every professional translation company should have a ProZ profile. The absence of a ProZ profile may raise concerns about potential issues or fraudulent practices. For further reference, you can explore GTE Localize’s ProZ profile.


Reach every local language with us

Embarking on the search for trustworthy medical translation companies may take some time and effort, but the rewards are undoubtedly worthwhile.

If you are seeking an exceptional and cost-effective medical translation and localization company for your upcoming project, look no further than GTE Localize. As an ISO-certified agency, we have an extensive network of native translators who provide high-quality medical translation services at competitive rates within the market.


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