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5 Best Facebook Groups for Translators

Posted by Anne Q. on April 15, 2020.

Do you want to connect with other translators via Facebook groups? With the popularity of social media platforms, especially Facebook, many working groups are born to actively connect working people from all over the world. The translation industry is no exception. GTE Localize has asked our experienced VM team and translators to give us the names of some quality Facebook groups for translators. And here is the list of the 5 best Facebook groups we want to recommend to all translators. Some groups focus on work, while others are great places for translators to relax after work.

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1. Translators and Interpreters (

ProZ is no stranger to both translators and translation agencies. Besides the website with millions of visitors a month, ProZ also has a Facebook group with over 45,000 members named Translators and Interpreters ( You can post jobs, find jobs, or share your thoughts and experiences. Also, when you need help, say, a survey about languages, the community here is willing to help.

Translators and Interpreters (ProZ)


2. Translation Tools

If you are not really good at translation technologies and software, the Translation Tools Facebook group is definitely a great place for you. You can ask for support or tips on how to use CAT Tools, DTP software, and many software. Even if you already excel at all translation software, you can still join the group, share your valuable tips, and help newbies in the translation industry.


3. Translation Jobs and Translators

With over 70K members and an averagely of 70 posts a day, you can find numerous job opportunities with many language pairs (even some rare pairs like English to H’mong) in the Translation Jobs and Translators group. However, since the number of posts is pretty high, you have to be more careful while reading and selecting jobs to guarantee reasonable rates and secure payment methods.


4. Things Translators Never Say

Things Translators Never Say is a famous group for translators around the world. Founded in August 2013, TTNS is a place for freelance translators and interpreters to share their work stories. After scrolling down some posts in the group, you will understand the reasons why it is so popular. The ridiculous or annoying things about translation jobs you cannot tell anyone, well, you can say them out loud here. You can share literally anything in the group, from telling your funny stories while doing a translation project and complaining about clients’ ridiculous inquiries to venting about your work or posting funny memes or quotes.



5. Translators with CATs

The name of the group is actually a play on words. The Translators with CATs group isn’t where you find tips or answers for CAT Tools problems. This is the home of translators who are also cat lovers. If you are a translator or interpreter who owns a cat or simply has a huge love for those cuties, this is the kind of group you don’t want to miss.