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10 Biggest Benefits of Hiring Professional Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on March 10, 2022.

 By choosing to work with a professional translation service instead of hiring individual translators, it can be capable, affordable, and seamless.

Going global to approach new customers and step into international markets is considered one of the best decisions to make to help boost your business. And this process of expanding across borders does not have to be overwhelming as it seems to be.

There are many advantages of partnering with a translation service. The top 10 benefits of hiring a professional translation service when you seek your way to international regions are listed below.

#1. Your Translations Will Be Accurate

Professional Translation Service

Preciseness is the core of your translation, even a small mistake can make the entire meaning of your document become different which can lead to the loss of credibility of your business. Based on the content that is being translated, document translation can be straightforward or complicated. For example, text related to finance, law and medicine can be exceptionally technical and specific, with its own language. You can be sure that the information will be translated properly, no matter how specialized, by working with a translation service.


#2. Go Beyond Translation with Localization

Depending on the disposition of the project, just translating the content is often not enough when you enter a new market. In fact, to become suitable to the local culture, your content needs to be localized. Localization guarantees that all aspects of the project adjust to the predilection of the target market, including images, design, currency, time, date, colors, and many other features. With the advantage of being native speakers of the language, translators from a professional translation company can understand the local culture and predilection of the target customers. Therefore, they will make sure that all content is suitable for the region.


#3. Work With Expert Translators

Professional Translation Service

When you choose to work with a professional translation service, you have access to translators who are carefully screened, have advanced degrees, and are experts in their field. The language services provider will pair you with a native-speaker translator with thorough experience working on similar projects. In addition, you can be sure that the translator the specialized language of your industry as they will be a subject matter expert in your field.


#4. Utilize Translation Company’s Marketing Services

The next step to consider after you have decided to translate and localize your product is marketing. A translation company can help you market your newly localized service to the target market because they have all the tools needed.

Localizing your website to the region should be one of the first steps of marketing. Keep in mind that the first point of contact that a customer has with your business can be your website, so the website should be localized accordingly by considering all the cultural distinctions of the area.


#5. Translation Companies Can Handle Complicated Projects

Professional Translation Service

All kinds of projects, including a basic translation or a multilingual complex localization, can be successfully managed by translation companies. In fact, you will find it uneasy to seek many individual freelance translators who have the qualifications to complete the work that requires translating content into multiple languages. However, a translation service can help you solve this problem easily.


#6. A Project Team Ensures Efficiency

One of the best benefits of working with an LSP is that they have a process to ensure workflow efficiency. A committed team of project managers, proofreaders, translators, and many other members will work on your translation. The project manager will inform you of the progress of the project, and discuss any concerns you have.


#7. The Specifics Of Your Industry Will Be Addressed

An LSP can make sure that the project team working with you has a deep understanding of the unique nuances and terminology of your field. For example, if you plan to localize an e-learning course, a translator who is capable of working within learning management systems and can integrate all parts of the course is needed. A general translator will not be able to fully understand the complexity involved with e-learning.


#8. Translation Quality Is Guaranteed

Professional Translation Service

Quality assurance is the most important part of your translation and localization project. And it is also one of the critical advantages of hiring a translation service. To keep your translation perfect with no mistakes that can affect the entire outcome of the translation, a quality management system should be in demand.

So to ensure the quality of translation, you need to work with a professional translation service company that is certified by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) to meet the robust standards for quality management. As an ISO-Certified company, GTE Localize can bring you the most accurate and professional translation services at a fast delivery time and cost-saving rate.


#9. Translation Companies Use Premier Technology

At GTE Localize, we use various Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools to work on projects. CAT tools are used by translation companies to create standardized terminology databases, complete glossaries for consistency, and separate text into easily translatable units, which will help large projects run smoothly.


#10. Road Map For Continual Expansion

Finishing your translation project with a professional translation service company will open a path forward for ongoing growth and future cooperation. The professional translation service company will have the terminology to easily access for future translations with the help of translation tools. Moreover, with a deep understanding of your business, the professional translation service company can do market research and analyses to help you decide which market you should consider next.

When considering business expansion plans, whether your translation and localization ventures are successful or not depends greatly on the professional translation company you choose to work with.


Pick Your Professional Translation Service Provider

Going global to approach new customers and step into international markets is one of the best decisions to make to help boost your business. By choosing to work with a professional translation service, the process can be capable, affordable, and seamless.

Professional Translation Service

GTE Localize is one of those professional translation service companies that you can rely on. As a trusted translation agency, GTE Localize offers high-quality translation services such as Vietnamese translation services, Spanish translation services, Korean translation services, etc. at the most reasonable price by experienced native translators.

For more details or a free translation test, please contact our translation and localization experts.