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The Secret To Becoming A Market Leader Using Indonesian Game Translation Services 

Posted by Chloe G. on December 27, 2021.

Indonesian game translation services can bring tons of benefits for your business in Indonesia.

Indonesia, with 3.5 percent of the global population, behind China, India, and the United States, is one of the most promising markets for game creators, 

The Indonesian language is spoken natively by 35 million people and as a second language by another 150 million. The Netherlands, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United States all have Indonesian speakers.

Despite the fact that game players in the major cities are used to playing in English, general English proficiency is low: the EF English Proficiency Index ranks them #74 in the world. As a result, Indonesian is the most widely spoken language.

In this article, we will discuss the secret to becoming a market leader and succeeding in translating your English game for Indonesian audience using Indonesian game translation services. 

The Dos of Indonesian Game Translation Services

1 – Keep an eye on the length of your translations.

Indonesian Game Translation Services

Indonesian game translations are typically 20% longer than their English counterparts. If there is a character limit, skilled translators will usually leave the terminology in English or remove a few words as long as the meaning is preserved.

Because the translated version can’t be longer than the source, character limits are common. This makes it difficult to choose the right terms for translations. As a result, the Indonesian game translation services must frequently be transcreated rather than simply translated.

2 – It is necessary to provide context for your Indonesian game translation services

There are various linguistic markers in Indonesian that are not present in English. Because language divergences are popular, translators must be mindful of the context.

In Indonesian, for example, the word ‘sister’ has numerous forms, which can be misleading. The official phrase is “saudara perempuan,” however it is rarely used due to its length. It’s important for translators to know if it’s a younger or older sibling.

Another example: the term tembus cahaya can be understood as translucent and as transparent; or the word “anak perempuan presiden yang kaya itu” could be translated as the rich daughter of the president or as the daughter of the wealthy president.

3 – Remember to format your numbers properly.

In Indonesia, a comma is used to separate thousands of decimal points and periods. DD-MM-YYYYY is the local date format. The time should be formatted in 24-hour format (HH.MM).

4 – Names and abilities can be left as they are.

Indonesian Game Translation Services

Because they frequently compete with other players around the world, gamers desire unique names for gaming characters and skills. 

5 – Hire linguists who have worked in the gaming industry. 

It is a must to work with professional translators for your Indonesian game translation services. It’s ideal if the translators are also gamers, as this shows that they care about gaming.

With this approach, it will be easier to figure out what term works and what doesn’t. Because Indonesian game translation services are not only “word for word,” a good sense of communication is required.

The Don’ts of Indonesian Game Translation Services

1 – Don’t only think of translation as “translation.”

Indonesian Game Translation Services

One of the most frequent blunders is translating in-game lines out of context without considering who is speaking to whom (which would be deceptive and confusing to gamers if read in-game) or interpreting English idioms too literally.

Knowing when to translate and when not to translate (if the English term is more common to gamers) is key to successful Indonesian game translation services. For example, PUBG Mobile keeps skill names, item names, and common game terms in EN.

2 – Information and timing

When it comes to Indonesian game translation services, you should also notice information and timing. Suboptimal localization can be caused by a lack of information and response from game publishers in the query sheet, as well as an unreasonable deadline.

3 – Sensitive topics 

Indonesian Game Translation Services

Topics like religion and sexual orientation should be avoided for your Indonesian game translation services. The local council in Aceh, Indonesia’s traditional region, has labeled PUBG games as sinful, claiming that they insult their religion and may lead to violent behavior among the youth.

Although there is no formal rule in Indonesia restricting the play of PUBG games, it is important to remember the cultural norms. Sunni Muslims make up the bulk of Indonesia’s population.

Last but not least, Indonesian players appreciate good graphics and lag-free games. They often rely on word-of-mouth recommendations before testing a new game. Localized games with Indonesian game translation services have more chances to be praised.

Work with a Budget-Saving Company for Your Indonesian Game Translation Services

We believe the following suggestions will be valuable for game firms looking to invest in the Indonesian gaming market. 

It can be argued that the country’s rapidly growing game market, both in terms of number and quality, would provide fertile ground for your organization to expand its gaming sector and achieve income and brand credibility, and to become a market leader in the Indonesian game industry.

Language differences are one of the most major cultural hurdles for any company looking to expand into new areas.

As a result, experienced Indonesian game translation services with a thorough understanding of the Indonesian language, culture, and traditions are the key to unlocking the investment door to the Indonesian game market.

GTE Localize, based in Indonesia, is a competent Indonesian game translation service that will assist you in completing effective Indonesian game translation projects at a competitive rate.

Indonesian Game Translation Services

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