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How to Spot Unprofessional Vietnamese Translation Services in Singapore?

Posted by Anne Q. on October 26, 2021.

Finding high-quality Vietnamese translation services in Singapore is undoubtedly a challenging task for every company since there are dozens of Singapore-based translation agencies out there who all promise to bring you the best-in-class translations to Vietnamese. So how can you tell who is telling the truth? Or in other words, how can you tell a good translation agency from a bad one or a scammer? Finding the answers to this question is the key to saving your business from:

    • Brand damage due to devastating or laughable translations
    • Inadvertent offence to the Vietnamese audiences
    • Additional costs and resources to fix bad translations
    • Missed opportunities

To avoid these consequences, you should not overlook the 5 red flags for bad Vietnamese translation services in Singapore below.

Unclear Company Location

Since you are specifically searching for Vietnamese translation services from a provider based in Singapore, location becomes one of the top prioritized criteria. Many translation agencies advertise that they have an office in Singapore. To make it more real, an address and phone number are included. But when you make a call, there is no one picking up the phone and when you visit the address they give, no company with that name is there.

It’s not completely a surprise though. Many companies use fake addresses in big cities and developed countries such as Singapore, Korea, Japan, America, etc. to attract more attention from potential clients and to make the rates they offer seem more reasonable. Of course, a company that is not honest about its basic information like address should be crossed out of your list right away.

Company Location

To check if the locations of your potential translation partners are legit, you can make a phone call to the number they provide and ask for more details or if you are nearby, drop by their offices for a consultancy.


Ridiculously Low Rate

Every business wants to get the best quality Vietnamese translations at the lowest prices. But it doesn’t mean you should choose whichever offers the cheapest rates. Quality and price are direct-proportionate. Skilled and experienced Vietnamese translators never accept ridiculous low rates. So you can guess who will be in charge of your translations if you agree with that dirt cheap quotation.

But how can you tell if the rate you receive is high or low? First, you should acknowledge how a translation rate is determined. Then we recommend you contact numerous Vietnamese translation agencies in Singapore at the same time and ask for their quotations. By comparing the rates different agencies offer, you will have an average number to use as a reference. For example, at GTE Localize – a native Vietnamese translation agency with a branch office in Singapore, we provide Vietnamese translation services for a wide range of language pairs. Our starting rate is $0.04/source word.


Bad Reviews Vietnamese translation services in Singapore

We are not talking about the testimonials you see on every translation agency’s website which only mentions how good their Vietnamese translation services in Singapore are. What we mean is you should check some reputable review pages for a list of the best Vietnamese translation services in Singapore and read reviews from their former clients. If they receive a lot of negative feedback regarding late delivery or unresponsive communication, not to mention bad quality, they are obviously not a good choice. At the same time, you should stay alert if all the reviews are way too positive as they might not be made by real clients.

Here is the list of three reputable review pages for Vietnamese translation services in Singapore we recommend you have a look at:

Reviews on the best Vietnamese translation agencies in Singapore

Besides clients’ reviews, you should consider what translators who have worked with that translation agency talk about the business. Because a good translation agency should not only be nice to their clients but also need to treat their translators with respect. ProZ’s Blue Board is a great platform where you can check this information.


Poor communication

Communication is the key factor for a smooth and successful Vietnamese translation project. You should be doubtful if a translation agency does not ask you many questions. No documents are the same, especially when it comes to your brand’s voice which is going to be translated. So the translation agency should treat your projects accordingly. They need to discuss a lot of issues with you to understand your expectations and requirements.

In addition, while exchanging information with them, you should pay attention to the way they respond to your questions. Do they give you clear and full answers? Is there any part that they tend to avoid? Is their responding time too long? If their communication is already poor at this early stage when they need to show their best to convince you, imagine how it would be once the project has started.


Do not offer to sign NDA

Another red flag for a bad translation agency is its lack of a confidential policy. All documents you send for translation should be kept confidentially because you cannot afford to have any of your important business information to be leaked out even if it’s not on purpose. A good Vietnamese translation agency will always actively remind you to sign an NDA before receiving any files from your side.



Need good Vietnamese translation services in Singapore?

Before becoming a global translation agency, GTE Localize started with the Vietnamese language as our core strength. Thus, we have extensive knowledge of this market and a wide network of both in-house and freelance native Vietnamese linguists based in both Singapore and Vietnam. Our team can handle a wide range of content and language pairs (from and to Vietnamese).

Five reasons why you should use our high-quality Vietnamese translation services in Singapore:

    • A branch office in Singapore
    • 100% native Vietnamese translators
    • Cost-saving Translations
    • Fast Delivery Time

We are here to help you with all your Vietnamese translation projects. Talk to our localization experts and receive a free quote!

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