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5 Essential B2B Magento 2 Features for E-commerce Success

Posted by Chloe G. on May 10, 2023.

Magento 2 is a well-known e-commerce platform that offers a variety of features and functionalities for B2B businesses. With the right extensions and customizations, Magento 2 can be a powerful solution for B2B e-commerce. However, companies need to leverage the right features to succeed in that competitive world. In this article, we will thoroughly analyze and explore the 5 essential B2B Magento 2 features impacting the accomplishment of an E-commerce company. 

1. Catalog Permission Settings 

Catalog Permission Settings is the must-have feature that provides the most effective marketing solutions for online stores, especially companies that aim to create personalized customer shopping experiences. E-commerce business people usually prioritize several clients if their products’ prices are reasonable or discounted to express appreciation and maintain a long-term relationship with large customer groups, such as wholesalers, VIP customers, or members of a loyalty program. 

magento 2

Catalog Permission Settings helps businesses divide category visibility between different customer groups.

As one of the typical features, Catalog Permission Settings helps businesses divide category visibility between different customer groups so that the categories can be hidden or not to specific groups depending on the owners’ permission. Besides, the bosses could also impose other restrictions on the shopping process by limiting access to CMS pages/ blocks or setting the time in which the limitation is valid in exceptional cases like holidays or peak season. If someone cannot access specific content because of not being selected customers, store admins can add any forwarding URL to replace information.  


2. Advanced pricing options

Price is considered a popular reason for increasing cart abandonment. “Amicable sales” is an economic term that means “The buyer and the seller completely agree on the price after haggling and agreeing with each other.” Even when your products’ quality seems good, potential customers still leave online stores without purchasing if it is unaffordable. By offering customers to negotiate pricing and quantity discounts directly with the sellers through a button “Request for quote” next to any product, both parties will be more flexible in reaching an agreement on product quantity and price. 

magento 2

Offering customers to negotiate pricing and quantity discounts directly with the sellers through a “Request for quote” button.

The feature includes many expanded options: request a quote for one, some products, or even the whole shopping cart. After viewing the quote requests, store owners can approve, cancel, negotiate with consumers, and amend selections. As a result, Magento 2 ensures that customers receive personalized pricing and discounts, which improves customer satisfaction and increases sales revenue for e-businesses, which leads to E-commerce success.


3. Quick Order 

Magento 2 Quick Order feature is designed to help customers easily add multiple products to their shopping carts. It is particularly useful for B2B customers who need to order large quantities of products simultaneously, as it can save time and improve the wholesale shopping experience. 

magento 2

B2B customers have 3 main options to add cart products in bulk.

With Quick Order, you can search for a large number of products using various SKUs or by uploading a CSV file, which streamlines the process and reduces search time. To further simplify the shopping experience, product attributes are conveniently selectable on a single page to reduce cart abandonment.


4. Company Accounts

 Company Accounts enable businesses to create and manage multiple employee or department accounts. This feature is particularly advantageous and effective for B2B businesses that have a complex organizational structure and need to manage multiple accounts and users. Customers can create a company account in your store and add sub-users to that account. All of these sub-user accounts will be collected and arranged with levels of permission by store admins.

magento 2

Company Accounts was designed to enable businesses to create and manage multiple accounts.

 Some other critical utilities for the store owners should be mentioned, such as sending automatic notification emails, managing all company accounts with an intuitive interface in the backend, or configuring multiple rights that are granted to each user will become strong points in the process of mastering e-commerce.


5. B2B Registration Form

Last but not least, the B2B Registration Form feature is the ideal method for e-commerce stores to streamline the registration process. Due to the limitations in filing personal information and signing information, it is difficult to sort out the types of customers: B2B and B2C and segment the two groups, leading to ineffective marketing campaigns. For this reason, e-stores should be leveraged by implementing a B2B Registration Form to collect every business detail.

magento 2

B2B Registration Form to collect every detail of the business

 Not only help collect complete information about new accounts, but the form also takes a cruel role in recognizing B2B wholesalers to build up partnerships through questions about Business Entity Type, Number of Employees, Business Aspects, Short Description, etc.

In conclusion, Magento 2 is crucial for E-commerce success. Catalog Permission Settings, Advanced Pricing Options, Quick Orders, Company Accounts, and B2B Registration Form are the 5 essential B2B Magento 2 features to consider when choosing E-commerce platforms. By leveraging these highlights, companies can improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, reduce cart abandonment, and drive sales and revenue that are decisive in E-commerce success.