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Key Aspects of Arabic Online Translation that You Should Know 

Posted by Ariel D. on July 28, 2022.

Arabic lands are wealthy and fruitful, particularly in the oil and gas sector, making its market share full of potential for investors who are looking to grow their enterprises. And a crucial part of corporate development in Arab nations is Arabic online translation.

This article would provide you with some important points of Arabic online translation and help your business stand out in the marketplace.

1. Why is Arabic Online Translation Necessary For Business?

Arabic translation is a potential factor for your business in the long run. Below are three noticeable reasons for it.

Business Arabic Localization Is Highly Demanded

Although businesses are using a variety of languages, Arabic is one of the most often translated nowadays due to its significance in commercial connections.

Arabic is a prevalent language to localize since it helps organizations extend business brands and establish lasting partnerships in Arabic-speaking nations. It also enables businesses to expand into new areas and strengthen their international ties.

Economic Development in Arabic-Speaking Nations

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Working with an Arabic online translation agency may be advantageous if you want to increase the consumer base of your business. The region is presently growing more rapidly, and many countries are establishing commercial ties with other regional countries. By continuing to translate your website, catalog, marketing video, etc. directly, it would make sense to establish ties with them as well.

The Middle East is also recognized for having nations with oil-based economies, which presents a major commercial potential. Having native translators who fully understand your business’s aim might be helpful for direct client communication.

The Regional Powerhouse of Arabic

It is already among the top five languages spoken worldwide with approximately 422 million speakers. Arabic is also well-known for being one of the six languages permitted for use in UN discussions and for being one of the UN’s official working languages. 25 nations also have Arabic as their official language.

Any business or professional studying Arabic will profit greatly and be able to function inside this significant nation because Arabic is also an official working language of the European Union.


2. Human or Machine for Arabic Online Translation?

When dealing with translation, it’s always important to ensure linguistic accuracy, especially with a language that has multiple dialects and is spoken in many locales. That’s why you should work with translators from Arabic-speaking nations who know the local language and culture, rather than giving all content to the machine translation.

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The best solution is to work with a professional translation company like GTE Localize. The Arabic online translation services in GTE are carried out by highly competent, educated, and experienced human linguists instead of inaccurate machine translations. Our grammatically precise, semantically accurate, and linguistically exact translation reflects the reality that machines will never fully replace humans when it comes to language. You can contact our dedicated consultants to get to know more about our proficient solutions.


3. What Are Some Online Resources for Arabic Translation?

Here is a list of applications for Arabic online translation that might be helpful for you.

The Oxford Dictionary

A great modern lexicon is the Oxford dictionary. It provides several instances. Although it is not free, it is highly advised. A subscription model is available, and each year, it costs about 17 GBP.

German Langenscheidt

The Langenscheidt online dictionary is actually pretty useful for Arabic online translation if you speak German. The paper edition used to be completely out of date and deficient in many areas, but the web version is relatively current.

Since 2015, when a large number of migrants from Arab nations arrived, the online dictionary has been free!

The AraMaster

Beginners and intermediate learners will find it ideal. All derived forms and verb forms are provided by the AraMaster (I to X). Each word has been thoroughly translated and voweled. You will have a better understanding of the derivative noun forms of the root.

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Hawrami (formerly

Hawramani charges itself as the biggest and best classical Arabic dictionary. So if you need to translate ancient books that were written in Classical Arabic, this website is excellent resource. But to comprehend the Arabic explanation, you must have a solid grasp of the language.


This database is useful for technical and political phrases when dealing with Arabic online translation because the majority of widely used dictionaries are really utterly out of date in this area.

More than 150,000 entries are present in this database (with more than half a million terms).

It includes all significant scientific fields in three languages, civil and electrical engineering, water technology, renewable energy sources, the textile industry, and science in general (Arabic, English, and German).

It is a collaborative publication of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) (BMZ).


This website is particularly helpful for beginners as they start Arabic online translation. Because it provides both the vowels and the word’s origin.

Therefore, if you are unsure about the word’s root, simply type it in Arabic, and it will reveal it. Additionally, it provides information about a verb’s mood, tense, and personal pronoun.

An Android and iPhone versions are also available. The mobile applications, however, are paid for and only offer a few very rudimentary features, meanwhile, the web version is for free.

Arabic verb conjugator

The conjugator for Arabic verbs is a fascinating effort. If you get lost or need to double-check your schoolwork, it is simple to use and unquestionably helpful.

The website will conjugate the verb for you when you enter the root. It’s free to use the website.


4. To Wrap Up

To have the best Arabic online translation, you have to clarify your business direction, then work with a professional agency that offers native translators with years of experience.

GTE Localize is the top option for you since we offer high-quality translation services at the most economical pricing. Our native linguists having at least 5 years of experience can handle your Arabic material efficiently and efficiently.

So book a 1:1 consultation to know more about our services and get the most reasonable quote!

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