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    Get Professional Arabic Translation Services by Native Translators

    Booming industries, low taxes, and a unique attraction to international enterprises make the Middle East an ideal market for brand expansion. GTE Localize provides accurate and reliable Arabic translation services that can meet your expectation effectively. With the latest language technologies, we are glad to support various worldwide businesses and organizations by providing professional Arabic translation solutions at the most cost-effective Arabic translation rates.

    Our native translators and subject-matter experts have experience in translating and localizing any type of content for business clients across various industries such as Marketing, Finance, Forex, IT, Software, Manufacturing, Medical, and many more. Reach out to our Arabic localization team today to get a 1:1 consultation right away!

    Reliable Arabic Translation Solutions For Any Company

    GTE Localize works with a competent team of 100% native Arabic translators who are also subject-matter experts in various domains to provide a wide range of Arabic translation solutions, including:

    Arabic Language Pairs We Support

    GTE Localize offers a wide range of Arabic language pairs. The following are some of the most frequent Arabic language pairs that we support. Please contact our specialists if you require other Arabic language pairs.
    • English to Arabic
    • Korean to Arabic
    • Japanese to Arabic
    • Chinese to Arabic
    • Spanish to Arabic
    • French to Arabic
    • Arabic to English
    • Arabic to Korean
    • Arabic to Chinese
    • Arabic to Japanese
    • Arabic to Spanish
    • Arabic to French

    Pick Your Suitable Arabic Translation Services

    Three levels of Arabic translation services are offered by GTE Localize's team to satisfy the diverse needs of all clients.

    Editing level
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    Machine Translation with Post Editing
    (1 editor)
    Editing level
    Fix obvious grammar and punctuation.
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    General business materials with medium accuracy level
    HT with Editing and Proofreading
    (1 translator + 1 editor + 1 proofreader)
    Editing level
    Fix grammar accuracy, refine style, and cultural nuances.
    Accuracy to human translation
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    Marketing documents, complex content, etc.

    Our Arabic Translation Process

    To obtain high-quality Arabic translations from GTE Localize, check out the 8 steps shown below:

    11:1 Consultation
    11:1 Consultation
    • You tell GTE Localize your unique request.
    • Our consultant team will analyze and offer a customized Arabic translation solution based on your needed language pairs, content, budget, etc.
    1:1 Consultation
    2Project Confirmation
    2Project Confirmation
    • Once you approve our Arabic translation package, both sides confirm and complete the admin steps such as NDA, contract, & deposit.
    Project Confirmation
    3 Project Kick-off
    3 Project Kick-off

    Our PMs will:

    • Prepare linguistic materials (Glossary, Style guide, Termbase, etc.).
    • Choose the most suitable CAT or localization platform.
    • Allocate native translators.
    • Make a timeline for the project.
     Project Kick-off
    • A native Arabic translator will translate your content.
    • Other native linguists will edit and proofread the translated content.
    5Quality Assurance
    5Quality Assurance
    • Possible errors are detected by QA tools such as X-bench.
    • Our linguists will vet the QA report one more time. Errors will be fixed if they’re true positive. This step repeats until the QA report contains only false-positive errors.
    Quality Assurance
    • Our localization engineers use photo-imaging software to put text and graphics together in the right place.
    7In-context Testing
    7In-context Testing
    • If it is a document translation, our testers will play the role of an actual audience to check laid-out files to make sure possible errors are eliminated.
    • If it is an app, game, or website translation, our testers will make functional testing as an actual user to bring you a flawless translation without any untranslated strings, functional problems, etc.
    In-context Testing
    8 Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    8 Feedback implementation & Final delivery
    • We deliver the Arabic translation and make suitable changes if you have any feedback.
    • After that, we submit the final Arabic translation version to you.
     Feedback implementation & Final delivery

    Arabic Translation Case Studies

    See how we have supported our clients successfully localize their content into the Arabic language.

    GTE Localize - Professional Arabic Translation Company

    As an one-stop Arabic translation company, GTE Localize brings you qualified Arabic translation and Arabic localization solutions.

    Subject-Matter and Native Arabic Linguists Subject-Matter and Native Arabic Linguists

    Your Arabic translation projects are in the capable hands of our native Arabic translators, who have at least 5 years of professional translation experience. They are also subject-matter experts in certain fields and have experience translating a variety of Arabic content.

    Best-Value Arabic Translations Best-Value Arabic Translations

    GTE Localize promises that you will obtain the highest quality Arabic translation services at the most economical pricing and a fast delivery time. Every dollar you spend with us is put to good use. Every Arabic translation step promises quality.

    Strict Quality Assurance Process Strict Quality Assurance Process

    GTE Localize does an XBench QA round on all of our projects and an internal LQA round on high-volume Arabic translation projects. This is to guarantee that you obtain the best translation possible. These steps are free of charge because the costs are covered by the GTE Localize team.

    State-of-Art Translation Technologies Applied State-of-Art Translation Technologies Applied

    GTE Localize uses translation tools and localization systems to deliver excellent Arabic translation and an efficient process. We support all CAT Tools as well as a variety of localization platforms. We are official partners of Lokalise and Crowdin.

    Top Things You Need to Know When Adapting To Arabic Localization Services

    When localizing into the Arabic-speaking markets, you need to pay attention to the below essential tips for a successful Arabic localization service project:
    – Arabic is the official and co-official language of 25 independent nations across the world, with a total of 420 million speakers. Arabic is the fifth most popular language in the world.
    – There are about 30 dialects of the Arabic language in existence. Egyptian, Gulf, Levantine, Hassaniya, Maghrebi, Mesopotamian, Sudanese, Yemeni, Hijazi Arabian, and Maltese are the 10 most common dialects in Arabic-speaking countries.
    – The 3 main varieties of Arabic are classical, modern standard, and dialectal Arabic. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is also frequently used in Arabic localization and translation.
    – When it comes to issues like gender, politics, religion, and sexuality, some Arabic cultures may be extremely sensitive.
    – The religious roots of the Muslim-majority region are expressed in Arabic.
    – Arabic content often expands English text by 25%.
    – There are two different sets of numbers: Hindi numerals and Arabic numerals.
    – Debit cards, credit cards, cash on delivery, PayPal, etc. are the most common online payment methods in Arabic countries.
    – Facebook and WhatsApp are the most popular social media sites in Arab countries with a huge number of users.
    – The date format is date-month-year.
    – Both 24-hour and 12-hour clock notation is widely used in Arabic localization projects. Depending on which Arab country you’re in or planning to enter, you may see either the 12-hour clock or the 24-hour clock used, or sometimes both.
    – The full name format often comes with two or three-words name. The first name is the personal name, the middle name is the father’s name and the last name is the family name.
    – Type of writing system: Impure abjad (a type of writing system where each symbol or glyph stands for a consonant, leaving the reader to supply the appropriate vowel).
    – The direction of writing: left to right in a cursive style.
    – Arabic is a Semitic language so its grammar is quite similar to that of other Semitic languages.
    – Classical Arabic has 28 consonants and 6 vowels, 3 are short and 3 are long.

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    Why Should You Use Professional Arabic Translation Services?

    When considering entering this market, your company should consider employing expert Arabic translation services for the reasons listed below.
     Arabic People Prefer Using Their Native Language
    Arabic People Prefer Using Their Native Language

    Arabic people attach great value to their mother tongue and prefer using Arabic over foreign languages when finding information and purchasing products and services.

    Arabic People Have Low English Proficiency
    Arabic People Have Low English Proficiency

    English proficiency of Arabic people is classified as low proficiency. Therefore, you will be missing out on many Arabic audiences if your marketing materials are only available in English.

    Using Arabic Helps You Avoid Misunderstandings
    Using Arabic Helps You Avoid Misunderstandings

    Arab countries have a rich culture. Factors such as traditions, customs, and history need to be considered carefully to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication.

    Arabic Translation Services Q&A

    Many criteria are considered while determining the actual Arabic translation service cost:

    • Project Volume: In most circumstances, we provide an Arabic translation service price based on the number of words or characters. The number of words/characters is the most exact indicator of the work put in by our linguists.
    • Required Service: Some Arabic translation jobs require simply Translation Only (TO), while others require both Translation and + Editing (TE) or Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP). The price is higher if more steps are involved.
    • Industry Expertise: The Arabic translation service fee is also affected by the complexity of the needed domain. General subjects are priced less than high-expertise content.

    For a quote on your Arabic translation project, please contact our team.

    The turnaround time of an Arabic translation project, like the rate, is impacted by a variety of factors, including project size, content complexity, service type, and other unique requirements. GTE Localize’s Arabic translators can handle 2,000 words per day on average. If your project requires urgent translation, we can allocate it to extra translators, bringing our daily capacity up to 8,000 words each working day. Please contact our team for a more precise delivery schedule.

    You can assess the quality of our Arabic translation services by using the resources listed below:

    • Request a free test (up to 300 words) to see whether we are a good fit for your projects.
    • Contact us to have a look at the Arabic translation projects we’ve worked on throughout the years.
    • View a list of clients with whom we have worked.
    • Request to see our Arabic translators’ blind CVs.

    To guarantee that our clients obtain the best quality Arabic translations possible, GTE Localize provides free editing and fixes if errors are identified after the translation has been completed and they are due to GTE Localize’s negligence. From the date of final delivery, the warranty duration will last for a lifetime. You can submit an email to our staff to report any flaws in your translations, and we will correct them.

    Yes, all content in your document is kept secure and is only available to project-related employees. GTE Localize is willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to safeguard the confidentiality of any materials submitted by our clients. Before commencing work on the projects, all essential individuals and linguists must sign an NDA with GTE Localize.

    We accept payments in the form of cash, bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, and Visa. US dollars, Euros, and Singapore Dollars are all accepted. Please contact our team if you wish to pay in a different currency.

    GTE Localize has three offices in the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam. Because of our global network of professional native translators, we can cover all major languages. We are proud to be a valued partner of businesses in Arab Countries, China, Japan, Thailand, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries.

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