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What Do You Need To Know About English To Japanese Translation Services?

Posted by Ethan N. on November 18, 2022.

With the third-largest economy in the world, there is no doubt that Japan has become an enriched market for local businesses and international investors. The spur of economic growth leads to increased bilateral trade agreements with other countries such as the U.S, Australia, Canada, etc. 

To enter this market, English to Japanese translation services are a must to assist your business since Japanese is one of the hardest languages in the world. 

In this article, we would like to provide you with in-depth information about English to Japanese translation services.

The benefits of using English to Japanese translation services

Remove the language barriers

According to Foreign Policy, Japan dropped to 53rd on the English Proficiency Index in 2019, behind China, Vietnam, and Singapore. Statistics aside, anyone who lives or spends much time in Japan knows that Japanese with good English are few and far between.

Additionally, the Japanese language is considered one of the most difficult to learn by many English speakers. There are three separate writing systems (Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana), and a complicated hierarchy of politeness.

For example, one simple word “Egg” can be translated as various Japanese words.

Kanji Hiragana Katakana Pronunciation
Egg 卵 or 玉子 たまご タマゴ Tamago

Therefore, the utilization of unprofessional English to Japanese translation services may lead to miscommunication, and even worse than that, it can be offensive to the audience. To remove the language barriers, the business can take a strategic step forward promptly and retrench the distance to the audience by seeking out a high-skilled English to Japanese localization provider with linguistic language experts. 

Reach Japanese on a large scale

Doing business in Japan creates numerous opportunities for accessing a broad-based market with 120 million sophisticated and affluent consumers. Thus, the goal of any business is to be recognized and well-known.

Japanese have a unique cultural way of interacting with international products or websites. We have perfect proof of its engagement when it comes to making a purchase decision. 

In the graph above, when asked if the Japanese would buy a product or service offered only in English, the respondents tend to have less interest in products and are unlikely to purchase that. The reason is that Japanese consumer habits are different from the western world. They often gather a large amount of information upfront to extensively understand uses before buying on e-commerce platforms.

However, in this second diagram, the statistics have shown the reception of the Japanese for localized products from international brands. It influences their choice and they want to know more about the products and services.

This analysis will be the first step in expanding the Japanese market to figure out consumer preferences. Hence, it can be said that English to Japanese translation services is key to targeting and attracting a diversity of audiences on a large scale.

Prevent legal problems

Certified English to Japanese translation services can help your business prevent serious legal battles. Japan is known for its strictly powerful legal system for foreign investment, as evidenced by the list of requirements under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (FEFTA)

Among other things, business documents must be well-prepared and registered with competent local authorities. Therefore, when your business works with professional English to Japanese translation services, you can ensure that you get easy-to-access at the first time. 

Furthermore, the Japanese localization services may also help you decrease the business cost due to consistent and accurate quality translated contracts.


The common types of English to Japanese translation services

English to Japanese marketing translation services

When entering the Japanese market, marketing translation services are a useful tool for businesses to reach out to new customers. There are many types of marketing materials that you would be able to localization: 

  • Brochures, leaflets, handbooks
  • Email marketing
  • Keywords, banners, logos
  • Press releases.

Localized logos of Burger King, Sprite, and Coca-cola

The translation of English to Japanese translation services for marketing materials is far more than simply translating a copy on a page. It entails that the translators should have a comprehensive knowledge of cultural nuances and accurate peculiarities of the tongue, as well as a close familiarity with idioms, expressions, and plays on words in dialect. 

Moreover, marketing content is primarily a way to communicate your company’s message and products, as an invitation for your audience to engage with the brand in a two-way conversation. 

Hence, if customers have unanswered questions about what you offer and how products work, English to Japanese translated content would make easy-to-access for them.

English to Japanese website translation services

Japanese are actively purchasing on eCommerce platforms such as Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon Japan, and Yahoo! Shopping. Hence, building localized website content is the first point of contact with potential customers. 

However, there is a difference between Japanese websites versus other websites. In the Western, the website is focused on engaging visuals and high-quality images to convey the message to potential customers. In contrast, the best and most popular Japanese websites normally are designed with heavy text in a small space.

Hence, the utilization of English to Japanese translation services is necessary to optimize texts, creating a friendly and searchable user experience.

If online visibility is your top preference, it goes without declaring that your Japanese SEO strategy needs to be on point. As searches in Japan are predominantly made in Japanese, it needs to be emphasized on building a cultural Japanese language strategy to drive traffic and conversions. 

Therefore, English to Japanese translation services will help businesses localize the wordy content as well as push the website to the first page of search results.

English to Japanese medical translation services

Japan is the world leader in health tech, followed by Germany and Australia. This country has become a cradle of medical development for ASEAN and other countries. 

For English to Japanese medical translation services, requires an experienced translation company with a track record and field knowledge to translate the documents for the highest accuracy and precision. 

There are numerous types of Japanese medical translation services:

  • Pharmaceutical translation: English to Japanese translation solutions allow businesses to overcome language barriers in international drug discovery, clinical trials, patient communication, etc. 
  • Medical device translation: The medical device manufacturer should need a translation agency for translating technical documents, and embedded software applications between English and Japanese. 
  • Contract Research Organization (CRO) translation: the contract requires effective translation services to assure the quality of clinical outcome assessments (COAs), such as Performance-outcomes, clinician-reported outcomes, observer-reported outcomes, etc.

Accurate English to Japanese translation services is mandatory regulatory compliance requirements for international clinical research and development. 


How to evaluate English to Japanese translation services?

Nowadays, all these companies offer various services while targeting different market niches. You need to ensure that you need to choose the right English to Japanese translation services that can provide high-quality work for your specific niche.

For instance, medical translation is one of the hardest subjects for translation. It entails that the agency must comprise a large team of professional translators and have years of experience with multilingual subject matter experts specialized in translating content for all types of medical materials. 

Furthermore, you can ask the English to Japanese translation company the following elements:

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