GTE Localize


Understanding the importance of technology in creating a smooth and efficient workflow, GTE Localize has developed our own management system called G-One. Our system consists of three outstanding functions:

Translation management system (TMS)

To record all project details systematically and assign jobs to in-house linguists or freelancers automatically.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To monitor relationships with potential and existing clients.

Vendor Portal (VP)

End-to-end platform for our freelancers to receive jobs, deliver jobs, and manage their invoices.


Translation and Localization Management Platforms

We support various translation and localization management platforms where you can assign tasks, check progress and enjoy seamless localization workflow.

CAT Tools

For every translation and localization projects, we make use of CAT Tools – programs specifically designed to help translators improve their productivity and the quality of translations. They allow translators and linguists to edit, manage, and store previous translations, resulting in lower translation cost, quicker turn-around time, and consistent translations.

DTP Tools

Our team uses the latest DTP tools to create eye-catching and attractive layouts for your translated documents.

Quality Control (QC) Tools

With the support from the QC Tool – Xbench, we are able to organize your terminology and spot errors to give you error-free translations.