GTE Localize


Experienced Linguists Only

To guarantee the best translation quality, GTE Localize only uses senior linguists for all projects. All linguists need to have a minimum of 5 years working as full-time translators. In fact, the average years of experience of our In-house translator team are 8.2 years.

Quality Assurance

We conduct QA rounds by XBench for 100% of our projects.

We conduct at least 2 steps (Translating + Editing) for all projects, even if it is a 5-word. If a client orders a Translation Only project, it will be translated by an Editor and we automatically add another step – spot QA check. For big projects or projects from key clients, we also include an internal LQA round by a third linguist.

The cost of the spot QA check or the internal LQA round is absorbed by GTE Localize (not clients) with the aim of bringing clients with the best quality translations.

Continuous training for linguists and staffs

Translators (both In-house and Freelancers) are evaluated by the Editor for every job they completed on our TMS. Editors, in turn, are evaluated by our internal LQA rounds or clients. We are implementing all these actions to ensure we can screen out the mediocre resources while the good ones are learning constantly to become even better.

We have regular In-house team Quality Meetings to discuss translation quality challenges and implement actions.


We combine both technology and human factors to ensure all deadlines are met on time or ahead of the time

Technology Applied

On our G-One system, we have a deadline dashboard for PM, Sales and In-house translators to track and follow deadlines efficiently. The dashboard is the very first thing our team see when opening G-One. 2 hours before the deadline, the projects’ colour turns yellow to remind our team of the upcoming deadlines. Projects delivered on time or ahead of the deadline are in green. Those delivered late are in red.

G-One automatically generates the KPI and we monitor to make sure less than 2% of projects are late. In fact, the data is normally around 1%.

Human Resources

We make punctuality a habit by continuous training and practising every day. It starts with the recruitment step. All candidates must be punctual for interviews and other meetings to be qualified for the jobs. Punctuation is a part of our DNA.


We’re not competing on price or guaranteeing to provide you with the cheapest translations in the market. Instead, we provide you with value-for-money services to ensure that you receive the best value for every dollar you spend on us. This is achieved by the following solutions:


To optimize the translation costs for you, we only cooperate with in-house translators and freelance translators. We do not outsource any jobs to other agencies. This helps our company control the consistency of translation quality for all projects and reduces costs for clients.


The translation costs are also cut down thanks to the appliance of technology in every step.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

We minimize the costs for sales and marketing while maximizing the existing client’s return rate and growing by the high production quality.