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What You Need to Know About Thai Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on June 03, 2022.

Many companies use Thai translation services to help translate their documents to fit with Thais and increase their chance of success in this market. 

As the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand not only plays a significant role in the global economy but has also become a promising land for international businesses. 

To grasp the opportunity for success in the Thai market, your content must be available in the Thai language. 

In this article, we’ll go through the reasons why you need to translate your content into Thai and the different types of translation that you could use to get access to Thai people.

Why should you translate your content into Thai using Thai translation services?

What You Need to Know About Thai Translation Services

There are 3 main reasons why you should translate your content into Thai:

  • Thai people feel more connected in their mother tongue: When it comes to obtaining content/information and making purchases, Thai customers prefer to choose their native language over any other international language.
  • Thai people have low English proficiency: According to EF EPI 2021, Thailand is rated as a poor level of English proficiency country (ranked 100 out of 112 countries). Therefore, if your documents are available in English only, you’ll be missing out on a lot of potential Thai buyers and partners.
  • Hiring professional Thai translation services can keep you from getting cultural blunders: Thailand is a culturally diverse country. To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, important aspects such as norms, beliefs, and history must be thoroughly examined. Experienced translation and localization agencies are familiar with these aspects, so they can get your translated content done properly.


In which places the Thai language is spoken?

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Thai is the home language of Thailand, with approximately 69 million people in Thailand speaking this language. 

The Thai language is also understood and spoken by most Laotians. Although Thai and Laotian are written in separate scripts, they are mutually comprehensible. Both languages come from Thai families and have many loanwords in common. 

In California and Los Angeles, there is a sizable Thai population. In addition, in Los Angeles, there is a Thai town with Thai markets, offices, bookshops, restaurants, newspaper offices, and Thai sweet shops.


Commons types of Thai translation services

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  • Thai Document Translation

If you want to develop your business in Thailand, using Thai translation services is essential. With the help of these services, you may have a better understanding of Thai market dynamics and tailor your business marketing approach accordingly.

All of the paperwork in the office is done through documents. If you don’t translate your company documents into Thai, you won’t be able to tap into the Thai market. Thai document translation is not easy, and translators must adhere to particular guidelines. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a reliable translation provider. Native Thai translators at these providers will be familiar with the type of translation that your company requires and deliver it accordingly. 

Whether you need website translation services or marketing translation services in Thai, investing in a competent translation agency is a wise idea.

  • Thai translation services: Transcription

Converting recorded spoken words and live conversations into written or electronic text is what transcription services are all about. A transcriber can accept spoken content from cassettes, CDS, to sound files, and VHS.

If you want to market your business in Thailand, you have to sell your products and services in written form as well because many Thais don’t register social media videos. By transcribing more and more videos, you can get access to a higher volume of customers and stay connected with them.  

  • Thai Subtitling services

Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia. It is mentioned as a fantastic development and success story by the World Bank. Thailand’s GDP is estimated to be $500 billion. Agriculture, textiles, tourism, finance, and vehicles are all areas where it is making significant development.

Subtitling is a textual format that portrays what is happening in the video. Thai subtitling services are required to reach the population of Thailand. A lot of international companies have had excellent success when using subtitling in their marketing campaigns.

  • Thai translation services: Thai Embassy Translation Services

If you want to apply for a Thailand visa, you should use Thai Embassy translation services. These services include the translation of legal papers such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, household registration certificates, and other documents into the Thai language. Providing documentation in Thai will fasten the visa procedure and eliminate any communication barriers. Furthermore, the possibility of a visa rejection will be reduced.

At GTE Localize, we also cover various Thai language pairs. Some of them are: 

  • Thai – Korean Translation

The Korean language is spoken by around 78 to 77 million people. Unlike Thai communities in Los Angeles and California, these states have considerable Korean populations.

As a result, if you want to enter the Los Angeles and California markets, you should choose Thai Korean translation in addition to Thai translation. When Koreans are unable to find items and services in their own language, they are compelled to purchase goods from Thai marketplaces.

  • Thai translation services: Thai – Myanmar Translation

Myanmar is also known as Burma. This is Southeast Asia’s biggest country. The difficulty with this country is that it is always at odds with ethnic guerrillas. That is why many Myanmarese people migrate to Thailand on a regular basis. To serve these immigrants in Thailand, you should take the help of Thai Myanmar translation services.

  • Thai – Vietnamese Translation

Many people are unsure if the Vietnamese and Thai languages are mutually intelligible. Many people believe that Khmer is a combination of two languages. The truth is that these two languages are incomprehensible to one other.

They sound similar because both languages are affected by Chinese terminology. However, both languages belong to separate language families and use different writing systems. 

If you wish to tap into Vietnamese as a Thai interpreter, you must use Thai Vietnamese translation. Hire a translation company that understands the differences between the two languages and can supply you with flawless translation services.


Choose GTE Localize for your Thai translation services

Thai is a distinctive scripted language. It is thought to be the most difficult language to translate. As a result, you should partner with a professional translation agency that has native-speaking professional Thai translators to provide you with flawless Thai translation services. 

If you’re looking for a Thai translation and localization partner, go no further than GTE Localize, a recommended agency by GoodFirms for any kind of project.

thai translation services

Our top focus is to ensure that all translation projects are accurate and that our customers are fully satisfied with our work. This goal is backed up in reality as well, with our customer satisfaction of above 99%. Here are a few elements that help us achieve exceptional outcomes:

  • We have offices in Southeast Asian nations, so we are well-versed in the Thai language, culture, and market.
  • Our translators are native Thai speakers with Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in a range of fields.
  • GTE Localize is one of the best translation companies in the industry, having been recognized with ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • We provide cost-effective translation solutions with no hidden costs. The charges will be fully defined in our contract before we begin the translation process. There are no more costs after that.
  • We actively conduct a Quality Assurance round or an internal LQA round for 100% of our projects to ensure that you receive the highest quality translation and localization services. We will cover the costs of these additional processes, so you will not be charged any further fees. 
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on the quality of our translation and localization services.  

For a helpful consultancy and a free 300-word test, contact our subject-matter specialists today!

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