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The Importance of Professional Healthcare Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on May 15, 2022.

Even though English may be the most common language spoken, at least 72% of the world’s population speaks another language. Regardless of your first language, health is very important that requires precise and professional healthcare translation services. In the healthcare industry, errors must be prevented at all costs. Using professional healthcare translation services can guarantee effective communication. Thus, lives may be saved.

Here are the key reasons why professional healthcare translation services are so essential.

1. Professional Healthcare Translation Saves Lives

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There is no room for mistakes in healthcare translation services since small details can lead to life-saving. If translated healthcare information is poor or bad quality, it will result in huge problems for patients. Translations used in healthcare must be accurate to avoid misunderstandings.  Moreover, time is a crucial consideration when it comes to healthcare or medical aid. With the help of professional healthcare translation services, you can get accurate, comprehensive, and fast translations.

Professional healthcare translation services result in more lives being saved and more people returning to their friends and loved ones. Additionally, fewer liability concerns for hospitals and clinics result from more lives saved.


2. Precise Healthcare Translation Services Can Enhance Patient Care

Professional healthcare translation services also contribute to better patient care.

A patient’s medical history is recorded on files. In case people cannot discuss with their doctor due to a language barrier, their records are a suitable place to start. Doctors can view a file of their patient’s records and health questionnaires through written healthcare translation.

Healthcare translation enables the doctor and patient to communicate with each other effectively. Since the doctor-patient dialogue goes smoothly, time can be saved and patient care will be better.


3. Healthcare Terminology Can Be Accurately Translated

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The translation of healthcare terminology is one of the most challenging areas because even a small variation in language can have a significant impact on healthcare. Words may not translate exactly into the target language since healthcare terminology is frequently unique to the source language. Therefore, to help your target audience to understand, words and phrases would need to be defined. Additionally, it might be difficult to translate healthcare terminology as acronyms and abbreviations are frequently used in speech and writing.

When healthcare information needs to be translated into multi-languages, working with a professional healthcare translation services provider can ensure that your translations successfully meet the needs of patients, healthcare workers, and other industrial consumers since accuracy is crucial in the healthcare sector.


4. Know All Sensitive Details

Experts in the healthcare industry frequently have to deal with delicate situations. It’s critical to fully know those problems to provide a patient with an adequate, comprehensive treatment that addresses every facet of their complaints. Crucial information is often lost in translation, leaving patients to deal with the fallout.

Using professional healthcare translation services will support healthcare professionals in knowing all the detailed concerns and demands of their patients. Therefore, doctors can provide their patients with suitable treatment for particular problems. 


5. Avoid Mistakes

Not all languages have perfect translations into one another. Little things are quite simple to overlook. And when it comes to giving a patient the correct kind of healthcare, those minor things can balloon into huge problems.

The doctor receives two records he can use after using healthcare translation services. He/she has both a translated transcript and a non-translated transcript. This enables the doctors to determine whether the queries they are writing are being understood by both the patient and the translator. The doctors will communicate more effectively thanks to professional healthcare translation services

Doctors and other healthcare staff no longer have to be concerned that a language barrier is keeping patients from receiving the finest care possible. They may be sure that their message wasn’t misunderstood by using professional healthcare translation services.


6. Patients Can Understand all of the Procedures

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Effective and clear communication will make patients happier with their treatment and experience better health outcomes. For patients whose native language is different from that of their healthcare doctors, it can be difficult to communicate clearly and openly. By bridging the communication gap between patients and their care team, professional healthcare translation services can increase patient satisfaction, resulting in better care and better health.


7. Have a Serious Approach to Privacy

Another significant issue when dealing with healthcare translation is privacy. There are many detailed regulations in the healthcare industry that service providers must follow with extreme precision. The profession faces a number of potential problems if one of the numerous legal standards is not met.

To make sure that patients and their healthcare doctors are communicating effectively, it is essential to cooperate with a reputable and professional healthcare translation services agency. A single, minor privacy violation might have significant repercussions legally and in terms of patients’ trust in their doctors. 

To enhance your overall patient experience, you will be delving into sensitive patient data. Thus, it is vital to work with a healthcare translation provider that is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA Compliant – Agencies that handle protected healthcare details must have network, physical, and process security measures in place and follow them to ensure HIPAA compliance. Moreover, HIPAA sets the standard for sensitive patient information protection.


8. Leverage the Help of Global Professionals

In order to overcome challenging problems, doctors may need to collaborate with overseas colleagues. Another situation where a language barrier can be a significant challenge is this one. One shouldn’t take it for granted that all of their coworkers will be able to speak English. Furthermore, it’s critical to understand that in this case, the practice can count on proper support from their professional healthcare translation services provider.

Working with a trustworthy healthcare translation professional is crucial because these problems are frequently also time-sensitive. This is a positive start in the direction of guaranteeing ongoing patient healthcare. 

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9. Avoid Legal Complications

The pharmaceutical industry is regulated by healthcare translation services. It is vital to ensure the accuracy of the information on imported pharmaceuticals. Labels on each bottle and the interior of each package must follow regulations. They must contain details like storage instructions, side effects, and emergency procedures. The inclusion of the proper cautions and warnings is guaranteed through healthcare translations.


10. Need Professional Healthcare Translation Services?

When it comes to healthcare translation services, you need to focus on accuracy and efficiency. The healthcare industry requires accurate and flawless healthcare translation services and every healthcare business is needed to get materials translated and localized by professional human translators and subject-matter experts. 

At GTE Localize, we only work with native translators that have at least 5 years of professional experience. Our translators not only have years of experience working in the healthcare sector, but they also come from solid medical backgrounds and have advanced degrees in healthcare and medical subjects. 

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We offer various types of content for healthcare translation services such as hospital policies, hospital procedures, healthcare journals, hospital & insurance reports, healthcare brochures, patient questionnaires, public health websites, patient service agreements, and many more. 

As one of the best healthcare translation agencies on GoodFirms, we strive to deliver precise medical translation services and professional healthcare translation services that are reliable, precise, and timely. Below is a list of our professional healthcare translation services:

  • Translation Only (TO)
  • Translation + Editing (TE)
  • Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP)
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • Linguistic Sign-Off (LSO)
  • Linguistic Quality Assessment (LQA)
  • Healthcare Transcription & Video Subtitling

If you need any professional healthcare translation services, GTE Localize is willing to assist you. Contact us today to get a free quote.