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A Popular Japanese Fashion Brand Turns From Zero to Hero With Thai Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on December 31, 2021.

Since the Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo opened its first store in Thailand at Central World, it has transformed the competition in the clothing market using Thai translation services.

Within a decade, Uniqlo has become one of the most popular clothing brands in Thailand and changed the buying behavior of Thai people.

Uniqlo offers good-quality clothes with simple designs. Customers can mix and match according to their style and wear them in all seasons. 

Let’s discuss more the crucial points and the localization strategies to lead Uniqlo to success with its Thai translation services.

In Thailand, Uniqlo has achieved eight milestones from zero to hero.


  1. At “Central World,” UNIQLO opened its first store in Thailand in September 2011.
  2. UNIQLO built its first branch in Pattaya in 2013.
  3. UNIQLO Online Store was launched for clients to shop 24 hours a day online in 2016.
  4. Uniqlo Roadside Shop was opened in 2018. 
  5. The first edition of LifeWear Magazine was released in 2019 as a free publication, and Uniqlo’s fall/winter collection was out at this time.
  6. The first UNIQLO Thailand presenter debuted in 2020. 
  7. UNIQLO has 54 stores in Thailand. The latest store is located at Central Plaza.
  8. Revenue of UNIQLO in Thailand recently:
  • Achieved the revenue of 10,550 million baht in 2020
  • Achieved the revenue of 12,173 million baht in 2019
  • Achieved the revenue of 10,130 million baht in 2018

4 strategies for breaking into the Thai people’s wardrobe.


Here are 4 strategies to help Uniqlo become a standard in Thai people’s wardrobes across the country.

Raise awareness of the “LifeWear” concept.  

Every marketing campaign, Uniqlo always introduces this life-wear concept using Thai translation services.

The LifeWear concept is defined as quality, simplicity, and reasonable pricing.

The LifeWear concept is at the heart of Uniqlo’s global business operations. Every clothing category has simplicity, quality, and longevity.

Whether it’s for business, home, or underwear, these five elements must be present:

  • Drive the development of LifeWear products through customer needs
  • Focus on the details. An item of clothing must go through three to four testing steps.
  • Focus on the future and ongoing progress to make people’s lives easier
  • Provide clothing with high quality at a reasonable price

The product development strategy focuses on simplistic designs, distinguishing Uniqlo from other Fast Fashion brands in the Thai market.

Uniqlo clothing doesn’t follow the latest fashion trends and can be mixed and matched, and suitable for any season. 


Localization Gains the trust of Thai customers.


A global brand has many benefits, including brands, capital, technology, people, and networks. However, such strengths aren’t enough to win the hearts of the locals.

A crucial puzzle for a global brand is researching and understanding the target consumers to build a product or service according to their lifestyle, culture, and demands. 

Uniqlo successfully wins Thai customers through its research of the Thai market.

It offers various content including websites, social media, apps, etc. in the Thai language using Thai translation services.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, Thailand’s Uniqlo Disney collaborated with Disney for its Mickey Mouse in Thailand collection.

The collection includes iconic characters like Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck to give it a Thai flavor. Whether it’s Wai Thai or Muay Thai, there’s something for everyone.

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Increase the speed of opening new stores.

UNIQLO presently has 54 branches in Thailand, spreading across 19 provinces. There is still a lot of room for a breakthrough by speeding up branch expansion to cover the entire country.

Uniqlo plans to open more branches in some provinces of Thailand where it hasn’t opened any stores yet. Every Uniqlo store is full of Thai language both online and offline using Thai translation services.


Create an offline-to-online O2O model.


Retailing Trends uses O2O (Offline-to-Online) marketing to contact customers everywhere, at any time, while also listening to their needs. The O2O model is in the Thai language using Thai translation services.

As a result, for both the website and the stores, Uniqlo is moving in the direction of O2O. 

They offer two models called Click & Collect and Pay in Store. Click & Collect is a model where customers can buy online and pick up their products at a specified branch.

Pay in Store is a model where customers can buy online and pay for their purchases at a branch store. The items will be shipped from the branch warehouse.

With the O2O model, Uniqlo has succeeded in reaching its customers anytime and anywhere, increasing sales opportunities, and integrating its products into Thai people’s daily lives.

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