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Top 9 OCR Tools with Multi-Language Supports

Posted by Chloe G. on August 25, 2023.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the advanced technology that uses from digitizing books to automating invoice processing. The upside is that Modern OCR tools are fast and provide accurate outcomes without any quality loss. These software are highly capable to extract data from blurry or poorly formatted scans, handwritten copies, and low quality images.  However, there are innumerable OCR programs available around the internet, but how do you choose the best picks to make OCR-based multi language conversions and more. 

Quit worrying as we shortlisted a few best OCR software that works best for you in data extraction with no hassle. 

Do you Already Know!

OCR program is mainly considered to transform characters from scanned images and paper-based documents into high quality digital text. It is indicated as the best source for swift processing and streamlined electronic document storage. You give a try to online image text extractor by cardscanner that helps to extract text from image without any formatting and quality disruption.


No matter what document types you have, this powerful AI-drive OCR tool works best to automate data capture, extraction, and processing. The upside is that this program is loaded with a blend of intelligent OCR, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms for digitizing documents and even lets you convert them all into compatible file formats. You can find there AI models are mainly functions to recognize several types of document layouts and proceed with text extraction. 


  • Loaded with AI-powered OCR
  • Lets you proceed with image or data capture and makes swift transformation
  • Offers certain validation rules
  • Process with document data extraction 
  • Lets you proceed with batch files processing
  • Automatic process of document classification
  • Real time document fraud detection
  • Loaded with multiple output formats


Adobe Acrobat Pro:

The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is indicated as an end-to-end document processor that is packed with powerful OCR-based functionality. Its advanced OCR function helps to turn scanned documents, PDF files, and different image formats into digitized files. Once you extract text from image with this assistance, you can easily search and edit the data of the converted file. This OCR-based program works best for business professionals and is highly compatible with both Windows and Mac OS (Operating Systems). 


  • Swift indexing
  • OCR with multi-lingual support
  • Quick data extraction
  • Advanced text editing



If you’re seeking for an OCR tool that lets you automatically turn paper documents, images, and PDF files to editable and searchable text, then Readiris is the best option. You just have to make a couple of clicks to swift manage and convert your documents in a one place with this assistance. When it comes to transforming documents in different file types, this tool processes super-fast conversion. It is indicated as one stop solution to sign, merge, and edit the documents. Moreover, this software functions for extracting texts embedded in photos as it uses advanced OCR data capture technology.


  • Packed with batch processing function
  • Instant indexing
  • Lets you proceed with editing for existing text
  • Multi-language OCR support
  • Different output formats



Rossum is another well-known OCR program that takes a couple of steps to extract text from images with multi-lingual support. It is mainly taken into account to manipulate, organize, and swiftly process all the existing documents. This is referred to as the most useful tool for processing invoices. This OCR tool uses AI for scanning and interpreting a batch of file formats, irrespective of certain variable document layouts and formats. Get this handy utility to add in-depth integration, coding semantics, process edit or correction requests, and much more. 


  • Loaded with different zone selection tools
  • Quick and responsive indexing
  • Lets you process OCR on multi-languages
  • Allow you to export file as different formats
  • Proceed with metadata extraction
  • Text editing and deals with image pre-processing



Docparser uses the Zonal OCR feature for identifying data and extracting it from image-based documents. This tool works tremendously for extracting tabular data, setting custom parsing rules, loaded with smart filters, and even loaded with powerful image pre-processing traits. Moreover, this source offers barcode and QR code scanning technology that assists you for reading documents and forward parsed documents.


  • Works best with data extraction and data aggregation
  • Allow you to deal with data publishing
  • Loaded with contact data extraction
  • Functions with pricing extraction



Tesseract was developed by HP and legitimately maintained by Google. It is a well-known Python-based OCR tool that lets you extract text from images without any quality distraction. Although it is an open-source OCR tool, it still uses trained LSTM models for accurately interpreting and extracting information from a variety of documents. The upside is that this tool provides optimal support for legacy apps and even its main repository at Github. In addition to that, its latest version is packed with certain useful features including importing images, layout analysis, multi-columned texts, equations, and much more. 


  • Open-source OCR software
  • Proceed with command-line OCR
  • Data extraction at a great extent


Amazon Textract:

Amazon Textract is indicated as a full-fledged machine learning source that automatically extracts data from an array of input files. This OCR program is loaded with Selective Context Attentional Scene Text Recognizer (SCATTER) which leverages computer vision technology for swiftly recognizing text from complex or blurry scanned images. The upside is that this program is capable of detecting different currency symbols, rows and columns from large tables, characters, and more. Also, high capably to fetch and read data from different forms in high resolution.


  • Full-fledged cloud-based application
  • Lets you proceed with form and table extraction
  • Optimal level handwritten OCR-based text recognition
  • Efficient workflow management system



This is another open-source web-dependent utility that is loaded with a wide array of online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools. You can quickly extract text from images with this online and easy to navigate free image to text converter. With this online OCR scanner, you can extract text embedded in images and scanned PDF images. The amazing thing is that it allows you to convert one or more images or scanned document photos at once into formatted text files. 


  • Free OCR program that supports multi-language conversion
  • Batch processing with no hassle
  • Wide array of OCR tools 


ABBYY Flexicapture:

This OCR tool is packed with advanced functions for scanning photos/pdf files and swiftly translates them into table, text, and other file types. Get rid of the huge manual intervention process, focus on more productive tasks, and even automate different administrative processes with this OCR based assistance. Users can make a couple of hits to scan, digitize, retrieve, edit, collaborate, protect, and share documents for certain convenience. 


  • Loaded with AI-based OCR conversion
  • Batch files OCR transformation
  • Multi-lingual support with advanced OCR
  • High image pre-processing