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7 Viral Techniques for Your Beauty Brand On Social Media using Vietnamese Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on December 30, 2021.

According to a Statista report, Vietnam has 72 million active social media followers, thus using Vietnamese translation services is essential for your beauty brand.

In 2022, beauty businesses will be unable to survive without a solid social media strategy. It’s where your target customers gather and expresses their opinions on your products.

Furthermore, most social media platforms prioritize multimedia, including photographs and videos, which is ideal for cosmetics and beauty goods.

But make no mistake, the Vietnamese market is very competitive. Many of the debuting businesses already have a large fan base or perhaps a cult following. You’ll need a clear plan that defines your audience, goals, and brand’s purpose on each platform.

Using Vietnamese translation services, here are seven viral strategies for your beauty brand on social media.

Offer Vietnamese Social Media Content.

How to Use Instagram Geotag to Engage With Followers Using Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese audience has a limited understanding of English. As a result, if your marketing materials are solely in English, you will miss out on numerous Vietnamese customers.

When it comes to seeking information and purchasing goods and services, Vietnamese people place a high value on their mother tongue and prefer it over foreign languages.

You can use Vietnamese translation services to translate your marketing materials into Vietnamese.


Understand Vietnamese Demographics & Cultures.

Beauty and cosmetic brands succeeding on Vietnamese social media have one thing in common: they know their target customers in detail. They know Vietnamese demographics, cultures, as well as customers’ hobbies and values.

Knowing whom you’re talking to will assist you in deciding whether to utilize humor (and what kind of humor) or push social issues. It will also help you determine what type of voice you should have on social media.

If you want to discover more about Vietnamese and other Asian localization tips, download our free white paper here.


Emphasize Customized Products and Packages using Vietnamese translation services

Personalization plays a vital part in 2022. Instead of offering unique digital experiences, beauty and cosmetic firms have a unique chance to offer fully individualized products.

Many cosmetic and skincare brands have hopped on board by allowing clients to customize their formulations and color combinations.

For example, customers at Curology can create their product combination and routine depending on their skin’s specific issues and goals.


Encourage People to Write Authentic Reviews using Vietnamese translation services

How to Use Instagram Geotag to Engage With Followers Using Vietnamese Translation Services

Why wait for clients to find your reviews on their own?

Social media is the perfect platform for beauty and cosmetic businesses to repurpose reviews into images and memes for sharing.

While positive reviews are excellent, it’s the humorous and creative ones that catch your customers’ attention and resonate with them. The Vietnamese want to hear relatable and funny things. 

Only native translators can have a solid understanding of Vietnamese customers. Therefore, you should partner with skilled native translators for your Vietnamese translation services.


Connect with Vietnamese Influencers.

Influencers come in various sizes. Because their audience isn’t incredibly targeted, partnerships with macro or mega influencers aren’t always the most beneficial. Moreover, since significant influencers are already seen as businesses, you miss out on the human connection angle. Instead, look for those with smaller but active audiences using hashtags.

Find people already using and raving about your products on parts of the internet like Skincare Addiction and Makeup Addicts, etc. Check to see if they have promotional content on Instagram or YouTube.


Use Social Media Hashtags for your Brands using Vietnamese translation services

How to Use Instagram Geotag to Engage With Followers Using Vietnamese Translation Services

Establishing a Vietnamese hashtag for your brand allows you to track the social media reach of your postings, identify and respond to bad comments quickly, set a library of user-generated material, and collect reviews with no effort.

These days, having a Vietnamese hashtag for your business is a must. It will assist you in the following ways:

  • Analyze how your Vietnamese material is shared across various social media platforms.
  • Measure the reach of your postings on social media.
  • Assist you in identifying negative comments about your business.
  • Create a library of images that you can use as reviews for clients.

How do you pick the ideal hashtags? It might be as simple as your company’s name or a Vietnamese slogan using Vietnamese translation services.

The idea is to keep it basic, simple, and easy to remember. Otherwise, your clients will be confused, and monitoring how your hashtag is utilized on social media will be difficult. 

If you cannot develop ideas that fit Vietnamese clients, translate your original social media materials with high-quality Vietnamese translation services. As a Vietnamese translation company, we will help you with your social media needs.


Use the Right Memes for your Social Media Posts.

Vietnamese Translation Services

Is there anything more cringe than when a company shares an old or out-of-date meme? Yes, when the business fails to use the format correctly.

In some circumstances, meme formats might become outdated overnight. When your social media team notices a popular design, comes up with a concept, receives approval to build, and posts it, the meme may already be outdated.

In 2021, beauty and cosmetic firms’ social media memes must be relevant. You should not shove yourself into memes just because they are popular.


Make Contests & Giveaways.

Running a contest is an excellent tactic for a beauty firm that wants to reach out to new Vietnamese audiences and grow its social media following quickly. Giveaways and tag-a-friend promotions, as well as a contest based on a Vietnamese hashtag, are excellent examples.

The contest allows you to increase page engagement by encouraging Vietnamese visitors to comment, tag, and share material with their friends. Other contests may ask participants to sign up for your email list, providing you with another opportunity to gather information about your Vietnamese audience.

When your contest winners receive their prizes, encourage them to post images and videos of themselves unwrapping and using them. Depending on the products, you might ask them to make a tutorial video or a set of images. After that, quickly share user-generated content on your social media pages.

You may also have a new influencer on your hands, depending on your contest winner’s following size and the type of material they usually share. In any case, it allows you to discover more about your current audience.


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