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7 Thai Website Translation Methods You Should Know

Posted by Ariel D. on June 07, 2022.

When it comes to Thai website translation and website localization, marketers might look for a Language Service Provider for assistance. LSPs then collaborate with a team to choose the translation technique to adapt to Thailand culture into their content and utilize for the site’s visitors.

Here are 7 methods of Thai website translation that your business may utilize to communicate your website’s information to your target audience successfully.

1. Crowd-Sourced Translation

Individual translators working on the same translation project are used in crowd-sourced translation. LSPs, employees, volunteers, and freelancers can all work together to translate a website into one or more languages other than English, which is known as crowdsourcing.

Because the translation is done by a team rather than by a single individual, this strategy helps the marketer the most. The results of each translator are then combined to turn the entire website into a multilingual one that can be accessed by anyone who speaks the languages into which it has been translated.

01 Thai website translation crowsourced

Community translation is frequently seen as a free or a less expensive option than paying professional translators. More clients are wondering how they may use their own user communities to crowdsource translations for their contributions to translating digital material. This isn’t always the case, though, after thorough consideration of the expenditures involved.

Most successful community localization programs incur costs that are comparable to, if not more than, contracting work out to a language service provider. These costs include time spent on moderation, research, and software development – as well as associated time spent on these activities, salaries, server costs, and so on.

On the other hand, you get to engage your community in a way that provides ongoing advantages in terms of brand engagement and loyalty for your Thai website translation – which are tough to measure but extremely important.


2. Real-Time Translation (RTT) 

Real-time translation is a technology that allows you to instantaneously translate from one language to another.

Two persons can hold a discussion in various languages with minimal delays or errors using the newest neural machine translation (NMT) technology. The ability to instantly translate between dozens of human languages has the potential to revolutionize how we connect with people all around the world.

This style is suitable for marketing features of Thai website translation like chat or help desk, web material, emails, forums, ticketing information, and so on. Compared to hiring multilingual agents to conduct the task, it is also a more cost-effective technique of translation.

You can not only get your message through in a way that a native can understand, but you can also understand what they are saying back to you with these gadgets. In other words, due to their real-time language translation capabilities, these technologies eliminate the language barrier.


3. Transcreation For Thai Website Translation

This method of translating is quite new. It was only in the last 10 years that it was coined. Transcreation refers to allowing the translator complete freedom to restructure the website’s material in order to effectively communicate the site’s message to its intended audience while avoiding any confusion about the original language’s substance.

A transcriptionist may rearrange a website’s content so that native speakers may better grasp it, and if the material contains some funny quips in English, the translation is not lost and does not become a confused or worthless term in a native tongue.

Although a competent transcreation will differ significantly from the original message (because of the fact that a word-for-word translation would not sound natural or appealing), it will still be based on the original content.

This implies that the firm requiring transcreation services for Thai website translation needs to provide the transcreation providers with a clear brief and straightforward purpose.


4. In-Country Copywriting For Thai Website Translation

02 Thai website translation copywriting

A copywriter, who is a native speaker of the target language, would generally be given only a brief (and it would be a long one) and no source text. He or she must then write the text in the target language rather than transcribing it. If the site requires many languages, the papers and files will be translated into each language independently.

This strategy is advantageous for marketers since the Thai website translations have to take the cultural factors into account, to produce a site that the intended audience can completely comprehend and relate to.


5. Post-editing Machine With Thai Website Translation

The translation is done by a computer, as the name implies, using words and phrases in several languages saved in its database. Machines, on the other hand, are unable to detect cultural effects in language, therefore they prefer to translate word for word. This is when post-production editing comes into play.

Post-editing is done by human translators to guarantee that the translation is accurate. This reduces the amount of time that human translators spend translating because they simply have to conduct minor editing and proofreading. The linguistic quality of the translated site is ensured by post-editing.

When applying the post-editing machine to your Thai website translation, it is better for you to consider its pros and cons initially, and then take further action.


6. Professional Human Translation

The definition of professional human translation is self-explanatory.

Companies provide translation services through a staff of multilingual translators that convert websites into a variety of languages based on the needs of the marketer. A team of experienced translators that are professionals in the languages that the marketer needs translated produces greater outcomes than any other translation approach.


7. Subject Matter Expert Translation

The importance of subject matter expert translators in website or content translation cannot be overstated.

Websites including product manuals, as well as particular topics such as engineering, mathematics, and science, should be translated by experts in the field. It’s difficult for someone who doesn’t know anything about engineering to translate an engineering website. What will happen is that the information will be translated word for word, with no consideration for the context.

Therefore, to get a better turnaround time and improve the accuracy of Thai website translation, you must work with experts who are familiar with key terms and have the technical knowledge with niche content skills. In GTE Localize, we have subject matter experts that can handle your website materials smoothly and make all the content function effectively in the Thai market.

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