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7 Myths About Indonesian Website Translation

Posted by Ariel D. on June 06, 2022.

Although translating your website boosts both traffic and sales, Indonesian website translation still encounters significant roadblocks, preventing competent companies from entering international markets that are well within their capabilities.

Today, GTE would take on the role of myth-buster and debunk seven common misconceptions concerning website translation for the Indonesian market.

#1. Multinational Firms are The Only Ones Who Should Translate Websites

The first and most common misconception about Indonesian website translation, and for other language types, is that it is solely for ‘large companies.’ This misunderstanding appears to stem from the belief that a small business may only operate in its home market.

Given how cross-border eCommerce has grown in recent years, this should be a forgotten concept. Even inside your own country’s boundaries, you’ll likely encounter a diverse range of cultures and languages.

The idea is that you don’t have to be a huge company to benefit from translation; all you need is a clever one. To possibly extend your market, you don’t even have to operate outside your boundaries. Simply be mindful of your current as well as potential viewers!


#2. It is Unaffordable for Indonesian Website Translation

The reality is a contrast to this belief. As technological advancements continue, translation and localization services become more economical. Website translation has advanced to the point that it can perform incredibly well in collaboration with human reviewers, despite being far from flawless.

01 Indonesian Website Translation prices

It primarily relies on what you’re translating into Indonesian and vice versa. You would want to transcribe anything legally binding fully by hand. What about a big eCommerce catalog, though? With machine translation, you can’t go wrong.

In addition, translation technology has vastly improved. CAT Tools with Translation Memory and Terminology Management can help you save a lot of money.


#3. Localizing a Website Only Entails Translating The Copy

This is the most prevalent mistake when it comes to Indonesian website translation and localization. Many people believe that the text is simply translated for the Internet, not realizing that this sort of endeavor also necessitates technological considerations.

Localizing a website is a complex technological task with many variables to consider. It’s possible that your site may need to adapt new scripts and perhaps text directionality adjustments. Many issues might arise if your Web management system does not enable multilingual content.

You’ll need to think about how to display the Indonesian language options to your foreign net visitors and the technical aspects of hosting. A language drop-down list, a separate site (and URL) for each language, or automatically picking a language depending on the user’s IP address are all popular choices.

You may need to collaborate with a professional team to assist you and your developers throughout the process due to the technological complexities.


#4. The Indonesian Website Translation Functions Identically to The Original Site

You may be tempted to avoid testing since there is a common misperception that the site will perform the same in any language. This is risky, though, because your site might be troubled by unexpected problems.

The Indonesian content that has been translated must go through the same rigorous testing that the original source content went through when the site was built. In some cases, more testing is necessary to confirm that the material is shown appropriately to the user and fulfills locale-specific requirements.

02 Indonesian Website Translation testing

Consider a clickable button with the wording “request a demo” translated. You might not see that the phrase is totally cut off from the button due to text growth during translation if you don’t test thoroughly.

This is just one example of how testing may save you a lot of time and money in the long run by reducing rework. To discover more about testing’s role in Indonesian website translation and localization, read our white paper All you need to know about Website Localization.


#5. An Indonesian Website Translation is A One-time Task

The costs of updating the translated content in accordance with the original content are frequently overlooked by website owners. If you routinely update your website—and want to make the same changes to your translated versions as well—you should factor in and budget for these expenditures ahead of time.

If you forget to account for this in your budget, you may find yourself rushing for finances at the last minute—or, even worse, abandoning your multilingual sites entirely since the funds aren’t there to update them.


#6. Do Not Change the Style or Content of Your Website

While this may be true in certain circumstances, don’t count out the potential of having to adjust your website’s visuals, colors, videos, symbols, and other elements to make it more culturally suitable for your target viewers.

03 Indonesian Website Translation styles

It’s critical to conduct research on these issues since you don’t want to present a false picture of your company in the Indonesian website translation and send potential clients away.

Regardless of Indonesian cultural variations, its society has a common sense of color and relates it to nature and the human body, such as the sun, trees, Earth, blood, and bones. Black, red, and white are the three prominent hues, which represent eminence/death, life, and purity, respectively.

However, the colors red and white, which make up the Indonesian flag, are revered as the nation’s holy colors, since they signify the nation’s sacrifice and battle for independence. The colors red and white represent bravery and spiritual life, or purity.


#7. A lot of UI Modifications are Required With Indonesian Website Translations

Modern websites are built with the intention of being purposely flexible to diverse devices and locations. With today’s HTML5 standards and extendable and adaptable UI, it’s possible that translating content on your website will require little to no changes.

There are a few exceptions to the norm, such as Right-To-Left languages and symbol-based languages. Even so, using an Overlay Editor, you can preview precisely how your material will seem when translated on the fly.

The best advice is to plan ahead for the Indonesian website translation and localization. In one language, a small idiom might be a complete phrase in another.


To Wrap Up

This article has clarified some of the commonly held misconceptions about Indonesian website translation. However, if you want to maintain the quality of your website translation project, you have to work with a reputable localization company.

GTE Localize is confident to provide the first-rate translations for a wide range of content from +100 languages to Indonesian and vice versa. We guarantee that the translation and localization services we give will be well worth your money.

Get in contact with us now for a free test and the best solution.

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