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7 Essential Ways To Improve Your Facebook Engagement Using Indonesian Translation Services 

Posted by Chloe G. on November 24, 2021.

According to a Statista report in 2020, nearly 62 percent of Indonesians used Facebook, so using Indonesian translation services for Facebook while approaching the Indonesian market is critical for your global business.

Facebook engagement is important since it may help you reach more people organically. Based on the Facebook algorithm in Indonesia, engagement helps enhance your news feed placement. Furthermore, likes and shares expose your posts to the extended network of your Indonesian audience.

Engagement implies that your Indonesian audience is interested in what you’re saying. And an Indonesian audience that wants to engage with your Facebook page is something every business aims for.

Do you want more Indonesian customers to like, share, and comment on your Facebook posts? Here are seven techniques you can use right now to boost Facebook Page engagement using Indonesian translation services.

1. Use Engagement Prompts with the Indonesian Translation Services 

Indonesian Translation Services

If you want Indonesian people to comment on your Facebook posts, give them the motivation to do so and make it simple for them to know what to say.

Asking questions is one way to do so. If you ask a question, most people will quickly begin preparing an answer in their heads. They can also read the other comments on the post to see what other users are talking about and whether they share the same or opposite opinions.

Questions can not only elicit engagement but also allow you to connect with the right users for your company while repelling the wrong ones.

Telling Indonesian people how to engage with your Facebook postings is another approach to encourage them to do so. And the simpler it is, the better.

You may also attract Indonesian users to leave comments by asking them to fill in the blanks or complete a sentence.

If you use these can’t-miss tactics to promote your firm on Facebook in Indonesia, you may improve engagement on your Facebook posts and ensure you attract only the right users to your page


2. Increase Your Indonesia Audience Shares with Indonesian Translation Services 

Indonesian users usually share stuff on social media in the best light possible. They utilize filters, only post certain things in life, and strive to be as perfect as the users they follow. That simply means they are selective about what they post or comment on social media since it might affect how others perceive them. 

They will be more willing to engage with your content if it makes them appear nice in front of their friends. You should always create useful content on Facebook with Indonesian translation services.


3. Create Posts On Current Events or Specific Days

Indonesian Translation Services

One of the easiest ways to get engagement on Facebook in Indonesia is to design posts on current events or holidays, especially if you manage to tap into the emotions of your Indonesian users. Some Indonesian holidays include Lunar New Year, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, etc. 

Pro Tip

Instead of simply copying a post from another site, make sure your post is designed particularly for Facebook.

Suppose that a post received a lot of engagement on Instagram, where Indonesian users are more likely to share things to their stories or save them for later use.  However, the same post may have a lower impact on Facebook, probably because users have previously seen it on Instagram and are less eager to save or share posts on Facebook. 


4. Plan Facebook Posts that Indonesian Users Will Save or Share

Indonesian Translation Services

Creating content specifically designed for your Indonesian users to share may result in engagement from not only those users but also their friends. If your post is timeless, it will appear in their Facebook memories year after year, and attract more attention.

Indonesian users enjoy bookmarking posts such as recipes and how-to instructions that they may wish to refer to later. They will usually share or tag someone in the comments if they think these postings would be useful (or make them appear good) to their family and friends.

You should create some how-to posts for your Facebook page with Indonesian translation services.


5. Show Your Actual Workplace or Processes

Indonesian people are naturally curious and enjoy seeing what others are doing in their personal life and at work. 

With Indonesian translation services, creating behind-the-scenes posts of your products or giving your customers a look into your workplace might drive engagement.


6. Give Indonesian Users a Chuckle

When you are creating posts with Indonesian translation services, keep in mind that one of the main reasons users use Facebook is to be entertained.

You will be one step ahead of the competition if you include humor in your Facebook posts. Make it timely and communicate directly to your Indonesian audience, and your content will almost certainly generate engagement.


7. Go Live on Facebook

Going live on Facebook allows you to communicate directly to your followers in real-time and encourages them to interact with you through comments and reactions. Encourage them to ask their friends and family to watch as well. 

By receiving interaction while broadcasting live, you will be suggesting to Facebook that your broadcast is helpful or fascinating, and it will be shown to more of your followers, and they will be notified that you are live streaming.

When it comes to a Facebook Live broadcast, the goal is to make sure that the post itself entices people to watch, whether they just tune in partway through.

Pro Tip: Respond to every comment on your Facebook Live video to increase engagement and keep the conversation going. You will not only be signaling to the algorithm that the post is good, but you be strengthening your relationship with those engaged followers.


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