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7 Major Benefits of Multilingual Website Translation

Posted by Ariel D. on June 13, 2022.

When talking about developing a website in several languages, you have to think about many aspects and multilingual website translation is one significant factor.

Besides the main goal of expanding the global business, in this post, GTE will assess the basic benefits of website localization in various languages in order to assist you in making the right selection for your own website content.

#1. Efficient SEO

Ranking higher in Google search results is possible for your online business if you adapt multilingual website translation.

Your website might have a major impact on search engine platforms in other countries if it is bilingual or more. In most nations, search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, for example, play a key role. However, several nations have their own native language search engines, and you can only get a spot in their local search engines if you have a multilingual website.

Your website will appear in their search results if it is multilingual and SEO-friendly, giving you access to a new market and allowing you to expand your business. Because your website contains material in more than one language, having a multilingual website will provide you with an advantage over your competition.

01 multilingual website translation SEO

The goal is to have your site’s content not just translated but also indexed on SERPs, indicating that you’ve optimized everything for foreign SEO. This involves having your whole website, including metadata, translated. It also necessitates the creation of distinct URLs with language-specific subdomains or subdirectories.

After completing all of this, your multilingual website translation will be designed so that search engine bots can simply analyze it, giving you a higher rating on the result pages!


#2. Marketing at a Low Cost

A company’s website in this digital world is usually considered the focal focus of its marketing campaign. What’s more crucial to remember is that your multilingual website translation is a very cost-effective and reach-oriented approach to marketing your service.

Content marketing on your website, according to marketing advice firm DemandMetric, costs 62% less than other traditional forms of promotion and delivers around three times as many leads!

So having a website with multiple language options can benefit a lot when it comes to developing an international marketing plan.


#3. Increase Conversion Rates and Reduce Bounce

As stated in our White Paper (All You Need To Know About Website Localization), the CSA’s “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” research pointed out that 65% of customers would prefer content in their native language, even if the quality is poor. Foreign customers who visit your site and learn it is not available in their native language are less likely to leave right away if you have a bilingual site.

The lower bounce rate will happen when you adopt multilingual website translation, which makes your conversion rate rise as customers feel more confident that they understand all of the steps in the buying process.


#4. Grow In Many Countries At The Same time

The most significant advantage of multilingual website translation is the ability to expand your business into multiple nations.

The average number of languages offered by prominent worldwide brands reached 30 in 2015 and grow more than 45 in the first three months of 2022, as seen below, albeit the rate of expansion has slowed significantly, according to The 2022 Web Globalization Report Card.

02 multilingual website translation languages

When you publish a multilingual version of your website, you provide your customers the ability to access material in their native tongue. It might push your company ahead of the pack.

Localizing product descriptions, training materials, and marketing campaigns into numerous languages at the same time allow your business to expand internationally.


#5. Connect To International Users Simultaneously

The ideal situation is for all of your overseas clients to get the same degree of information and assistance.

While it’s true that you can’t satisfy everyone, having a multilingual website translation can help you please the majority. Nearly 90% of EU internet users believed that websites should be available in their local language. That indicates that nine out of ten European clients will be grateful for your efforts at localization.

It’s a good idea to let your customers know what degree of communication they may expect in their native tongue. Inform your clients of the percentage of the text that is being translated, as well as the fact that the remaining portions are automatically translated and may not be flawless. Then you can direct them to the English original.


#6. Launch The Global Product

You can deliver the same material to foreign consumers by simultaneously launching your website in several languages.

03 multilingual website translation global

It becomes considerably easier, for example, to handle a worldwide marketing campaign on Social Media. 70% of online shoppers learn about firms via materials such as blog postings rather than advertisements.

All you have to do now is grant access to your local bloggers to the fully localized items as soon as they are online. Users from other countries want to be able to purchase things at the same time as their American counterparts.

They want the same chance to be among the first to buy your new product, to review it on their social media channels or blogs, and to be among the influencers that promote your brand’s marketing campaign.


#7. Defeat The Rivals with Multilingual Website Translation

The Internet is crowded with several online retailers all attempting to create an impression on their target market. Applying the multilingual website translation might make a difference between you and your competition since it has the potential to elevate your company above the competition.

Customers from your own nation and other countries are more inclined to share your website content in their native language with like-minded people, resulting in brand familiarity. A multi-language website also boosts your brand’s reputation. When you add a multilingual capability to your website, you can genuinely become a trusted brand.

Similarly, it is reasonable to make clients happy and respect your awareness of their culture by providing material on your website in the local language, winning their confidence and defeating your competition.


To Wrap Up

Use best practices for designing a multilingual website translation for your eCommerce store to provide the greatest user experience possible through localized content and optimal website performance.

So, you’ll need a localization expert like GTE Localize to break into new markets and attract global customers. Our website translation services can increase your global visibility, boost your website traffic, and help to reach international audiences with experienced SEO-experienced translators.

Contact us immediately to get the best quote and other useful advice for multilingual website translation solutions.

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