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6 Types of Vietnamese Translation Services Always in Demand and Increasing Yearly

Posted by Chloe G. on December 31, 2021.

As the Vietnamese market grows, more and more global companies and investors are requesting Vietnamese translation services for their documents, websites, apps, or video games. 

Translation is a growing industry in Vietnam. And there are plenty of Vietnamese translation services that are always in demand. 

Today’s post will show you the top 6 Vietnamese translation services that are always in high demand and increasing yearly.

Vietnamese Technical Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Technology is one of the most popular fields of Vietnamese translation services.

 Vietnamese technical translation services are a specialized field of the translation industry that grows in popularity as more businesses go global. Translators in this field must be Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with a solid technical background and understanding of the Vietnamese language & culture.

The usage of various CAT tools, Translation Glossaries, and Memories that can store specialized terminology and commonly used words have dramatically benefited technical translators these days. However, technical translators still need industry experience.

Vietnamese technical translation services commonly include translating technical journals, product instructions, user manuals, software strings, industrial texts, patents, and many more. They might also consist of extraordinarily long writings targeted at a smaller market.


Vietnamese Legal Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese legal translation is often in high demand as both businesses and individuals must comply with Vietnamese laws when moving to or doing business in Vietnam. 

Vietnamese legal translation is one of the most well-paid translation specialties since it needs a thorough understanding of its legal systems and the Vietnamese language. Vietnamese legal translators are frequently required to have a recognized legal qualification.

A single error in a Vietnamese legal document can cause big issues and even influence the outcome of a trial or court hearing. As a result, Vietnamese legal translation needs 100 % accuracy, and translators must be careful in their job.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you require Vietnamese legal translation services for a wide range of documents, including immigration documents and legal certifications, as well as licenses, contracts, and real estate titles. We can connect you with native translators who deliver the high quality, confidentiality, and professionalism you require.


Vietnamese Financial Translation Services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese financial translation is becoming a much broader field, covering more than just traditional banks, international corporations, and insurance organizations. While conventional documents such as yearly financial reports and statements continue to be in high demand, the expanding fields of financial technology (fintech) and cryptocurrencies provide even more chances for translators wishing to carve out a niche.

To ensure that you comprehend the nature of the translations requested, you’ll need to gain experience and qualifications (in some situations). However, as the number of retail investors in the financial sector grows, an increasing amount of financial content must be translated, ranging from whitepapers and marketing materials to websites and articles.

Why not learn more about this growing industry and see if it’s something you’d like to pursue? You might find that perfecting your skills here pays off in terms of increased demand for your services.


Vietnamese Medical Translation Services 

Vietnamese Translation Services

In those days, medicine is undoubtedly one of the most popular services requiring Vietnamese translation services.

Vietnamese medical translation services are another sector where translation labor will always be steady. This is a highly specialized field that always requires complete accuracy. One mistranslation of medical instructions or patient records, for example, could endanger people’s lives.

This is a specialization for translators with a strong interest in medicine. They’ll also need to have the required qualifications. The terms they use may put them in life-or-death circumstances.

Clinical reports, doctor/patient notes, medical research, journals, labeling, and laboratory analysis are among the texts and documents covered by medical translation services.

If you work as a freelance medical translator, you must prove to your customers that you can deliver the level of secrecy and compliance that they require.

It’s frequently preferable to partner with a professional and trusted translation services provider who can ensure that these requirements are maintained and that your data is always kept private.


Vietnamese Literary Translation Services

Vietnamese literary translation is one of the most creative services available. It’s also one of the most difficult. Texts rarely translate literally. Thus translators must rely on processes like transcreation to communicate meaning in the target language.

Consider idioms, poetry, and humor. It’s exceedingly difficult to translate these from one language and culture into another without losing the original author’s voice.

Although literary translation appears attractive, it is not for everyone. You’ll be working with long texts and need to be meticulous and have a strong desire to read.

You’ll also need to know when and how to reorganize phrases to preserve the original meaning, all while giving the reader the impression that the book was written in their native tongue.


Vietnamese Business Translation Services

Among many Vietnamese translation services, business translation is always holding a substantial spot. Business translation is a broad field that does not always necessitate specialized qualifications. However, you will need to grasp business principles and translate documents such as marketing brochures, training manuals, whitepapers, and sales content, so prior experience and interest will be beneficial.

With more and more firms transacting online, business translation is becoming increasingly digital. As a result, you’ll most likely be translating website content, apps, and software rather than printed materials, and you’ll almost certainly be working with localization experts along the way.

Businesses may, however, still require offline materials for clients, product user instructions, and other related publications.

Business translators might specialize in areas of the industry that best suit their abilities. Articles and online material, for example, demand different skills than whitepaper translation or market research, which are more technical.


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Vietnamese Translation Services

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