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6 Tips To Achieve Quality Indonesian Legal Translations

Posted by Anne Q. on December 29, 2021.

When doing business in Indonesia, make certain that all Indonesian legal translations are handled with the utmost care. This is because legal translation requires the utmost accuracy. Even small errors like a single missing comma can affect the entire meaning of a legal clause, resulting in serious consequences for your business.

A translator who is qualified to handle your Indonesian legal translation project should have a high level of legal knowledge of at least two countries and the ability to deliver translations within a tight deadline. There are still numerous obstacles that both Indonesian legal translators and you must overcome during the whole translation process.

In this post, we will share 6 useful tips that help you get quality Indonesian legal translations in the easiest way.

#1. Set Clear Objectives and Requirements for Your Indonesian Legal Translation Project

Before kicking off your Indonesian legal translation project, you must set clear objectives and expectations. You should know the answers to basic questions such as What is the purpose of this project? What will the translated legal documents be used for? When do you expect to receive the Indonesian translated documents? How much money you can spend on this Indonesian legal translation project? and more.

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And don’t forget to clearly explain your expectations and requirements to your Indonesian translators. Because such important information directly impacts the translated document’s wording and writing style. You should let your Indonesian translators know the following information:

    • Which parts of the document must be translated? (All content in the documents or some specific parts)
    • Is the Indonesian legal translation for internal or external use? (For internal use, you may only need translation only service, however, for external use, editing and proofreading steps are needed.)
    • Who is the target audience? Are they well-versed in the legal field or completely unaware of it?


#2. Understand the Law System in Indonesia

It goes without saying that each country’s legal system is distinct. Aside from knowing your own country’s legal law and regulations, it is critical to acknowledge these in Indonesia to avoid any legal problems. You might need to make necessary changes to your documents to meet the legal requirements in this country.

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#3. Carefully Prepare Localization Resources

Style guide and glossary are two important localization resources for any Indonesian legal translation project. A translation style guide contains instructions for your translators regarding writing tones and styles, preferred punctuation and spelling, and other textual and visual requirements. Meanwhile, a translation glossary consists of key legal terms in the source language, together with their definitions and sometimes their approved Indonesian translations.

These resources play an important role in helping you achieve an accurate and consistent Indonesian legal translation while generally saving time and money for the project.


#4. Don’t Overlook The Quality Assurance Process

First, let’s define Quality Assurance (QA). As the name speaks for itself, the purpose of the quality assurance process is to ensure the overall quality of a translation. The QA process is carried out throughout the whole translation project, not just a step after the project is completed. It includes planning, documentation (e.g., preparing localization resources), and process building.

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For Indonesian legal translation projects, this process starts with your Indonesian translators receiving training on your project specifications. QA procedures, such as real-time reviews, will also be implemented during this process. Finally, before delivering the Indonesian translated legal content to you, the project manager will review its content and layout.

From your side, once you receive the Indonesian translated legal documents, you need to review them again. They should be reviewed by a professional Indonesian linguist as well as a member of your team who is knowledgeable about your products/services as well as the legal field.


#5. Utilize Translation Technology

It is essential to use supporting tools, such as CAT Tools and language quality tools, for translation projects that require high accuracy, such as legal content.

    • Translation Memory in CAT Tools – CAT Tools have a special function called TM that provides translation suggestions to translators. If two segments (phrases or sentences) match exactly, CAT Tools will automatically suggest the previous translation made by human translators. Translators will then go over the translation, accept it, and continue. There is no need to re-translate repeated content. Translators will evaluate the suggestion and make any necessary changes if it is only a partial match. Translation memory software increases translator productivity while also improving consistency.
    • QA tools – These are used to detect spelling and formatting errors. They have features that automatically correct certain issues, such as extra spaces. More complicated errors will be flagged and notified to linguists.


#6. Work with a Reputable Indonesian Legal Translation Agency

When looking for an Indonesian legal translation agency to work with, consider more than just the language pairs they can offer. You must ensure that they have prior experience with Indonesian legal translation. Because legal content necessitates both an excellent command of the Indonesian language and a thorough understanding of the local legal system.

Here are some questions to ask your Indonesian legal translation partner:

    • What credentials and certifications do its Indonesian translators have? What about their Indonesian legal translation experience?
    • Are they willing to do a test and sign NDAs?
    • How does their translation process work?
    • What steps are taken to ensure the quality of their translation?

GTE Localize, an Indonesian-based translation company, can assist you with all of your Indonesian legal translation needs. We have extensive experience translating legal content from all major languages to Indonesian and vice versa. Based in Indonesia, we have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian language, culture, and legal system, as well as a pool of native Indonesian legal translators, to provide you with the highest quality Indonesian legal translations at cost-saving rates.

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