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6 Best Translation Plugins for WordPress [Updated 2024]

Posted by Anne Q. on January 25, 2023.

One of the best solutions is to translate your websites with support from translation plugins. More than half of all websites in the world are in English, making it the dominant language used on the Internet. However, only 25% of the population speaks this language. If your website is only available in English, you are missing out on millions or billions of potential audiences in non-English speaking countries.

As your company grows internationally, it is highly recommended that you translate your content into the target markets’ languages to increase your website’s visibility and traffic. However, creating completely new content for each of your new websites might be expensive and time-consuming.

There are hundreds of great translation plugins out there, making it so difficult to choose. So in today’s post, we will review the 6 translation plugins for WordPress that we think will work well for you.

#1. WPML Translation Plugin

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WPML is one of the most famous and stable translation plugins for a WordPress website. It powers over 20% of the entire Internet with almost 1 million sites using this plugin in the world. WPML also supports up to 169 languages.

WPML is favored for its high compatibility as it can work with almost every theme and many other plugins. You would love its powerful translation management system which allows you to translate plugins, themes, and the content of a domain or a subdomain separately.

What’s more, WPML can connect your website with a third-party translation agency. You can send, manage, and receive the translations directly on your website.

WPLM offers 3 pricing plans, giving you more choices to meet your budget. However, with the cheapest package ($29), you have very limited access to powerful features such as widget translation, e-Commerce Support, or automatic translations.


#2. Polylang

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With over 500,000 active installations, Polylang is a famous name when it comes to translation plugins for WordPress. What makes it so popular is its ability to create more than one language version of your website. You can easily add translations for your pages, media, posts, categories, tags, and so many more.

Polylang also supports you to migrate your translated content from WPML by using the plugin called WPML to Polylang.

However, there is one minus point for Polylang as it doesn’t make it possible to translate themes, and plugins or support eCommerce activities. You will need to install a separately paid addon for this function.


#3. Weglot

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Weglot is a cloud-based translation plugin that supports over 100 languages. It can be integrated with many content management systems such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace. One great feature of Weglot is its optimized SEO solution. When your pages are translated via this platform, they will be automatically indexed on Google, helping your website included in the Google search results.

Weglot uses both monthly and annual pricing structures based on the number of languages and words. Thus, if you need to translate a large project into multiple languages, this plugin might be more expensive than other choices with a fixed annual price.


#4. Lingotek Translation

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Lingotek is a flexible cloud-based localization and translation for WordPress providing 3 options and appropriate workflows for translating your content:

    • Professional – With this option, you can find and contact translators from Lingotek’s marketplace of over 5000 in-country linguists. In case you already work with a translation agency for your projects, this option still benefits you through its management system. You can easily track the real-time process every step of the way.
    • Community – This is a more cost-saving option for your company. You can use your own bilingual employees or partners, they have the translations reviewed and post-edited with the help of the Lingotek Workbench.
    • Machine Translation – Your content will be translated by Microsoft Translator into your desired languages without paying (applied for up to 100,000 characters).


#5. MultilingualPress

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MultilingualPress is an easy solution to translate your posts, pages, and taxonomy terms (including categories or tags) on WordPress. It can integrate with numerous plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, WPLAN, and MailPoet. One notable feature of MultilingualPress is its tolerance to prevent data loss. If you delete the previous version of a post, your current version will not disappear.

The pricing of MultilingualPress, however, is a bit higher than some other translation plugins, starting at $199. Besides, it does not offer themes or automatic translation functions.


#6. Loco Translate

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Thanks to its built-in API, Loco Translate can integrate with any automatic translation tools you want. It allows you to translate all WordPress widgets and static elements including themes, plugins, and browsers. You can also extract translatable strings easily from your source code.

What’s more, Loco offers a free plan that gives you 2,000 translations for free. If you like its experience, you can commit to Pro plans starting from $5.95 a month for unlimited resources.

Unfortunately, Loco does not offer automatic word translation. They only focus on solving the management and integration problems users face while handling their translations.


To Sum Up

We hope this article has given you some good recommendations for translation plugins for your WordPress website. Regardless of which plugins you are going to use, if you want to achieve high-quality website translations, remember to work with professional translators or translation agencies.

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