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5 Essential Tips about E-Commerce Website Translation for Translators

Posted by Ariel D. on June 11, 2022.

E-commerce website translation allows any business to reach out to more clients and bring more traffic, but do you know that the translators need to have some key preparation to earn the best results for your online retailing. resulting in increased sales and profits.

GTE would walk you through some essential information and 5 recommendations for translators that you must know when localizing your e-commerce website.

1. What Should Translators Help Business With the E-Commerce Website Translation?

Clients can find skilled translators through many firms. Typically, translation services have a large pool of translators from which to pick. The translation management team will pick individuals for some projects and not others based on their degree of competence and specialty.

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A proper overall plan is essential for success, and a skilled e-commerce translation service can help you with these tasks.

  • Planning for the Future: It’s not only about translating; it’s also about overseeing a complicated process while maintaining quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Allocating Resources: If a consumer likes your e-commerce website and buys something, but when it comes to their house, they feel cheated by the lack of quality or discrepancy between what they ordered and what they received, they’ll most likely never buy from you again.
  • Editing and Translation: Global e-commerce website translation providers would focus on how to translate your products in a succinct manner, and ensure that your online store functions correctly for all clients, no matter where they are from.
  • Localization: This step involves taking into account local customs and legislation, as well as adjusting measuring systems, payment methods, and delivery alternatives.
  • Multimedia Localization: Audiovisual content management, subtitling, and voiceovers are all included in this part.
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing: An e-commerce website translation agency would be in charge of testing and adjusting the website design to accommodate freshly translated parts.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: To ensure extraordinary results, quality assurance approaches are implemented. Creating e-commerce website translation is not enough. and localization is akin to squandering all of your earlier efforts

In overall, professional translators will help you orient your business to a worldwide audience, therefore e-commerce website translation service is a necessity in every serious enterprise.


2. 5 Vital Tips for Translators When Handling E-Commerce Website Translation

Besides the need for the style guide and glossary from the localization manager (as mentioned in our White Paper All You Need To Know About Website Translation), the translators still have to pay attention to these considerations.

2.1. Reduce The Length of Sentences

Nowadays, shopping is done in a matter of seconds. People go to a website, enter in search terms, find what they need, skim descriptions and reviews, make a split-second choice, and either abandon the process or go to the payment screen.

That is why when purchasing online, no one likes to read big phrases.

The wording is only a means to a goal in the context of online commerce. That is why when translating an e-commerce website, you should avoid using unnecessary adjectives, metaphors, or literary extravaganzas. Don’t overcomplicate anything that should be straightforward.

2.2. Pick Commonly-used Words for E-Commerce Website Translation

It might be shocked to know how much of a difference it makes when you utilize everyday language rather than perplexing dictionary jargon.

The majority of internet queries do not require a large vocabulary. Complicated terms, on the other hand, push search engine results away from your client’s web business. Choosing words in e-commerce is more of a strategy than an art.

Basically, put yourself in the shoes of the customer and write in the language that they would use. Also, inquire as to which keywords your customer would want to be emphasized on their website, which is the SEO optimization process.

2.3. Don’t Forget the CAT Tool

02 e-commerce website translation CAT tools

Translators can benefit from computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools at any time, but they are especially valuable in particular situations. One of these instances is the translation of an e-commerce website.

Assuming the customer is a retailer of stylish apparel. A jacket, blazer, coat, jumper, and anorak are all terms that can be used to refer to the same piece of clothing. Every time the same sort of thing appears on the page, translators want to utilize the same term or exactly the same word.

If not, there might be a risk of causing misunderstanding, which can result in lost sales and/or dissatisfied consumers.

Inconsistencies or memory gaps may be avoided with a dependable Translation Memory put into a CAT tool. This is especially true with a translation team. As part of your management system, a common TM will guarantee that everyone is on the same page in terms of terminology.

2.4. Recognize Your Target Audience

Investigate the company for which you’ll be translating, as well as the items on offer.

You should be familiar with the specifics of the company’s clients, particularly the age group to which they belong. Keep an eye out for any slang that you should be aware of. Every eCommerce website translation has its own set of difficulties.

2.5. Be Straightforward to Approach Your Audience

When purchasing online, nothing is more frustrating than encountering confusion or otherwise confused information, which is a less-than-ideal result of erroneous e-commerce website translation. This can lead to a slew of accidental miscommunications.

As a translation, your words should be as clear as clean running water. Without having to pause and think about it, everybody should be able to glance at a product description and comprehend exactly what it is.

There should be no hazy descriptions that cause hesitation. Because that doubt is frequently what causes a potential client to leave and purchase the goods from another website with clear information.


Work With Experienced GTE Localize’s Translators

The most difficult aspect of expanding your eCommerce business internationally is transforming your website into multiple languages. But if you follow the best practices by choosing a trustworthy partner, you can save a lot of time and effort.

GTE Localize can provide excellent e-commerce website translation that helps you expand your product through high-quality localization services, talented translators, and advanced technology.

So get in touch with our team of experts and prepare to reach global audiences sustainably!

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