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5 Can’t-Miss Aspects For Your Thai Software Translation Services In 2024

Posted by Chloe G. on February 26, 2023.

If you want to target the Thai audience and offer them software solutions that they may easily access, comprehend, and connect with, Thai software translation services are vital. 

Thai software translation services ensure that you follow Thai rules and cultural customs in addition to improving the user experience. These changes ensure that your organization does not insult or break any laws when dealing with new Thai consumers.

It’s difficult to recover from a bad first impression, so allow your software firm the chance to succeed that it deserves.

It takes a lot of effort to develop a software solution that is suitable for Thai presence, and the same goes for localizing it. To build the ideal user experience for each new Thai market, each aspect of your program must be evaluated separately and as a whole.

Localized elements such as product information on your website, software content, and even your SEO approach all play a part in your success. If you leave even one important aspect out of the process of translation, the outcome will almost certainly be poor.

If you want to ensure success in the Thai market, here are some important aspects that require Thai software translation services.

Software content

Thai Software Translation Services

Customers must be able to understand the language used in your software before they can use it. If you are expanding your business to the Thai market, there are bound to be region-specific language conventions.

The content of your software might range from menus, buttons, and directions to gaming dialogues. Using Thai software translation services can help translate your software content in the right way. 


Website information

Thai Software Translation Services

Mainly through your website, potential Thai clients will learn about and download your software products.

While localizing your software would improve its usability, it will be ineffective if your Thai clients are unaware of its benefits.

Localize critical information about the software on your website, including the name, price, description, help guide, introduction, benefits, and other marketing materials.

Thailand is a mobile-first market, so it is important for your business to provide a good user experience for the mobile version.

Since 1923, Thais have used the metric system of measurement. On the other hand, the old Thai units are still widely used, particularly for measuring land.

Graphical content is necessary for delivering specific information or providing a quick peek of your product to the user. You must make sure that you are using media that has been localized If you are going to show potential clients previews on your website.

To meet the Thai cultural and religious values, you may need to adapt your slogan, logo, color scheme, and photographs.


Measurements, currencies, and addresses 

Measurements, addresses, and currencies will all be included in your software or website content, but they’re so essential that they need their own category. Getting these properly is much more important if your software works as a marketplace, such as a mobile app or an eCommerce website.

Increasing client excitement and making the purchasing process as simple as possible are the keys to getting them to make a purchase. Clients will likely purchase elsewhere if they have to go in and out of your app to check out the local price or if they can’t correctly add their address.

The Thais employ two different numeral systems: Arabic and Thai. The Thais commonly utilize Arabic numbers in writing in most instances. In contrast, Thai numerals are only used in a very formal setting, such as legal documents for the government or the court, and occasionally on the address label of a home.

To provide the best reading experience for Thai clients, you should carefully evaluate which number system should be utilized for your categories of material in Thai software translation services.


Local SEO For Thai Software Translation Services

Thai Software Translation Services

While advertising costs rise every day, it is a great idea to use SEO to increase organic reach. And, because you will be targeting Thai clients, you’ll want to make sure your SEO strategy is appropriate for the Thai language and location. How would your Thai customers talk about your product to their family, friends, and coworkers if they can’t discover it?

However, the best aspect about doing Thai-specific SEO strategies is that they can help you improve your current page rankings as well as domain authority.



Last but not least, you must follow the laws of the Thai region. When selling and advertising your software, make sure you’ve localized your return, refund, and tax policies, as well as any other consumer or Thai laws. This is critical since you don’t want your great launch to be overshadowed by lawsuits and court appearances.

Get Your Thai Software Translation Services From Professionals

It’s critical to use Thai software translation services as soon as possible if you’re aiming to expand – or if you’ve already launched without it. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to succeed.

We know what it takes to localize software for the Thai market at GTE Localize. We’ll make sure your program is available on time and with great accuracy thanks to our exclusive localization procedure and a wide range of high-quality native translators. You may see our completed Thai translation works here.

Thai Software Translation Services

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