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5 Best LinkedIn Groups for Translators

Posted by Anne Q. on March 09, 2021.

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented social networking site where you can seek jobs, post jobs, and connect with people with the same interests and in the same industry. LinkedIn groups are great places for you to expand your network, keep up with the latest trends of the industry, or simply have some fun discussing interests with your colleagues and other professionals. If you are a new user on this platform and expect to join groups about translation and localization, check out our list of the top 5 best LinkedIn groups for translators below.

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1. Professional Translators and Interpreters (

Number of Members: ~100,000 members

Professional Translators and Interpreters ( is the biggest LinkedIn group for translation and localization professionals on LinkedIn. Created by – a membership-based website for posting and responding to translation job offers, this LinkedIn group offers you a great chance to expand your network, share your thoughts and experiences, as well as find new jobs. Also, when you need help, say, to conduct a survey about languages, the community here is always willing to help.


2. SMAP. Interpretation, Translation & Localization

Number of Members: 7,700+ members

SMAP. Interpretation, Translation & Localization is a LinkedIn group for a wide range of positions in the l10n industry, from Translators, Interpreters, Writers, Editors to Project Managers, Vendor Managers and Engineers. The group was created with the purpose of connecting people working in translation, localization, and related services together. It is an oasis for people to discuss the best practices, issues, trends in the industry as well as to seek career opportunities.


3. Certified Translation Professional Group: Translator Jobs, Projects, Tools, Networking & Training

Number of Members: 41,000+

As the name suggested, Certified Translation Professional Group: Translator Jobs, Projects, Tools, Networking & Training is where translators and interpreters seek job opportunities and clients can find quality resources for their projects. Members of the group also share their insights into different translation tools and previous projects with each other. If you are looking to enter the translation and localization industry, don’t miss this group.


4. Localization Professional

Number of Members: 35,000+ members

Joining Localization Professional LinkedIn group, you can…

      • Read and post the latest industry trends and news.
      • Seek help from other colleagues or open discussions.
      • Browse for translation and localization posts or offer job opportunities to others.
      • Promote yourself or your agency to reach more potential clients.


5. Freelance Translators Lounge

Number of Members: 22,300+ members

As mentioned in the description of the group, Freelance Translators Lounge is the starting point for interpreters, translators, and linguists as the group members share great resources, ideas, and business essentials.