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4 Outstanding Tips about E-Commerce Website Translation for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Ariel D. on June 09, 2022.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, new trends are influencing the future of e-commerce. While some are transient, others are more persistent and stay longer than anticipated. One of the latter is e-commerce website translation, which is a significant potential that businesses are currently utilizing and reaping the advantages of.

This article will provide some key points on e-commerce website translation and how localization managers can benefit from it.

1. Why Should You Apply E-Commerce Website Translation?

In recent years, internet sales have become increasingly important in the retail industry. E-commerce will account for roughly 20% of global retail revenues in 2021. According to projections, it will account for about a quarter of total worldwide retail sales by 2025.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, after building a strong online presence for your company and attaining small-scale success, you’ll most likely be motivated to grow your sales outside your country’s boundaries. The way to follow is e-commerce website translation.

One of the most notable examples is the now-iconic Amazon. Its growth from a small bookshop to the world’s largest e-commerce platform has been powered by translation and localization. Aside from a wide range of items, Amazon offers its worldwide customers an extraordinarily comfortable shopping experience via bilingual websites and mobile applications.

Because each additional language creates a connection between your products or services and individuals who would otherwise be excluded. Using the services of e-commerce website translation and localization may be exactly what your business requires to advance to the next level. And here are two advantages that businesses can gain from it.

1.1. Improve the Business’s Public Image

Translation and localization of e-commerce websites are more than a practical need. They’re the foundations of today’s successful and renowned enterprises. This is why many B2B eCommerce companies invest significant resources in ensuring their websites are accurately translated and localized for different markets.

It’s a question of business, but it’s also a question of public perception. It demonstrates that you’re serious and professional about what you do if you have a retail website with multilingual e-commerce support. Then, customers will view your online store in a new light right away.

Multilingual customer reviews, for example, can help improve your public image and sales. Reviews build trust and make a business appear transparent and professional. So, managers have to ensure that not just product descriptions and marketing, but also reviews, are translated.


1.2. Expand The Customer Base

People recognize that communication is a barrier that must be addressed and it is the same in the virtual world.

To ensure that your online business reaches and attracts potential clients from all over the world, your website, app, social media, and all other forms of digital communication should be available in different languages.

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Because retail is more than just selling goods. If you want to go global, multilingual aspects will support the client base and help to cement actual purchases. This is the power of e-commerce website translation and localization.

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2. How To Make a Firm Start with E-Commerce Website Translation

To get success in online retailing, you should take the below factors into consideration.

2.1. Set Up a Multilingual Review System

Machine translation is seldom recommended since it might lead to misconceptions. However, it might be beneficial for translating information at a large scale and a fast rate. It provides you with a jump start by translating thousands of words in a fraction of the time. And it’s reasonable that this is what you’re searching for in e-commerce.

This is especially useful when it comes to customer reviews. Manually translating customer evaluations would be the greatest choice, however, it might not be the most practical. A computer-assisted approach might be just what you need to have evaluations on your website in any language and immediately translated into the language that other consumers are reading.

To be sure, machine translation alone isn’t the best approach due to worries about quality. Human-machine translation for post-editing, on the other hand, is the ideal mix that combines the best of both worlds: the speed and scale of machine translation with the polished and professional touch of human linguists.


2.2. Make SEO Optimization a Top Priority

As a newcomer to e-commerce website translation, you’ll profit from completing a variety of analyses on your website.


Conducting keyword research to identify how clients find your website will considerably boost the amount of traffic that travels through it. What are they searching for in terms of a product or service? Which phrases do they type into Google or their preferred search engine to find out where they can buy or receive that service?

You may have previously done this study in your website’s native language. When you’re ready to start translating your website, enlist the expertise of a team of specialists to do it all over again in many languages.


2.3. Consider the Value of Customer Support

It’s not only about translating landing pages, menus, and product descriptions when it comes to e-commerce website translation. Unexpected problems often arise, necessitating the assistance of customer service.

According to HubSpot, 60% of consumers are so dissatisfied with their business experience that they opt to terminate their relationship with the firm. Clients who were able to find what they wanted and complete a transaction without trouble, on the other hand, returned to conducting business with the firm 50% of the time.

Customer service is not an option, but rather a need for every website that wishes to prosper.

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2.4. Collaborate With Professionals

Working with specialists is critical in any e-commerce website translation project, not only because you can ensure professional results, but also because they realize that e-commerce translation is multi-dimensional.

A translation service will not only translate your text and audio into several languages, but they will also localize it to each culture. They’ll use desktop publishing (DTP) to make necessary adjustments to your website so that it can handle the new text and/or localization ideas. They’ll also handle foreign SEO to help your website rank well in search engine results.

GTE Localize is the best choice if you are looking for inventive and relevant solutions. With years of experience in e-commerce content and thousand of linguist experts, we can firmly provide you with high-quality e-commerce website translation at a reasonable price.

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