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4 Effective Planning Tips For Spanish To Vietnamese Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on November 03, 2021.

When it comes to planning for Spanish to Vietnamese translation services and developing a Vietnamese business plan, it is vital that businesses know as much as possible about the Vietnamese market so they are adapting their content.

The more tailored the message is for the Vietnamese clients, the more successful it will be. Many articles on how to go global can be found on the Internet, however, they do not go into detail on translation. The translation must be a part of your plan if you want to be successful on a global scale.

When done correctly and planned for in the early stages, translation services will definitely give you a competitive edge against other foreign companies that don’t put as much thought and effort into customizing their message for the Vietnamese market.

The following are 4 tips to support you in planning Spanish to Vietnamese translation services.

Know Your Customers

Spanish to Vietnamese translation services

You should learn as much about the Vietnamese culture as possible when figuring out the proper blueprint and global strategy for Spanish to Vietnamese translation services. Besides, with any marketing initiative, it is vital to understand your customers in order to tailor your content to them.

What do the Vietnamese prefer? Where do the Vietnamese spend time online? What is popular in the Vietnamese media? In this phase, working with a Vietnamese language service agency with native translators will be of great support. Native translators may easily judge what will work and what won’t, providing you with the perspective of the Vietnamese.

Find out more information about Vietnamese cultures and traditions in this post What you need to know to succeed in Vietnam.


Finalize Your Content

It could be tempting to get your projects started as soon as possible, but translating the first draft takes more time and money. Adjusting content in the Spanish language is better than revising each of the Vietnamese versions.

A clear, well-written Spanish source material is one of the most important aspects in ensuring a successful translation. Make sure the Spanish document is up to date and proofread. Throughout the document, use consistent vocabulary, avoid colloquialisms and slang, and proofread for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

In summary, make sure your Spanish content is complete and give the original, editable source file, which can help you save money when using Spanish to Vietnamese translation services.


Understand What Factors Affect Turnaround Time

Spanish To Vietnamese Translation Services

Many customers question the length of time it takes to conduct Spanish to Vietnamese translation services. The speed of human translation is influenced by a number of factors.

The translation is a time-consuming process, and speed isn’t always a good indicator of quality. In fact, you should be careful of extremely fast turnaround time, as it’s probable that the process was rushed and the final product was not checked or corrected. The quality of the Spanish material, whether professional tools are utilized, and the general complexity of the source all influence the translation speed.

The length of the document will have the biggest effect on the delivery time. While a few hundred words can be completed in one workday, a few thousand will take several days.

Finally, how complicated is the document’s design? To make a mirror image of a sales brochure, graphic design and text manipulation might add time to the process. It is necessary to plan for text administration, which entails more than merely writing content that is easily translated.

Here are some ideas on how to get your Spanish documents ready for translation:

  • Maintain as much white space as possible in the Spanish material to allow for the text expansion that often occurs during Spanish to Vietnamese translation.
  • Avoid using too many narrow tables or sidebars. Consider this: If your tables and images are of the perfect sizes in the original document and there isn’t a lot of empty space, they’re unlikely to be large enough to contain the translated version, and the design will need to be changed to fit the new text. You may consider Desktop Publishing (DTP) to have your translation documents laid out by a professional desktop publisher.

While taking these factors into account when preparing a document, try not to get too worked up about them. They’re crucial if you require something printed with precise dimensions, such as an advertisement. A trusted and effective language services partner will be able to assist you to meet your original design if there are no stringent size limits. You may use DTP for your Spanish to Vietnamese translation services for better performance.


Create a Terminology Glossary & Style Guide For The Translators

A terminology glossary and style guide will speed up translation and maintain uniformity in vocabulary and tone throughout the process.

Definitions, explanations, and sample sentences for the following terms should be included in a terminology glossary:

  • Brand names and slogans
  • Abbreviations
  • Industry-specific jargons

Explanations and sample sentences for the following should be included in a style guide:

  • Tone: informal or formal
  • Voice of the document: passive or active
  • Preferences regarding capitalization and punctuation


Find the Best Spanish To Vietnamese Translation Services   

It’s time to choose the best translation service firm to work with now that you have a solid plan in place.

Spanish to Vietnamese translation services are very specialized and sophisticated, and they should only be performed by native translators with extensive experience in the field. GTE Localize collaborates with a network of local Vietnamese translators who excel in a variety of Spanish to Vietnamese translation services. We know how to find the best Spanish to Vietnamese translators at the most reasonable prices because we are a Vietnamese translation business.

Spanish to Vietnamese translation services

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