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4 Brands With Outstanding Strategies Using Vietnamese Translation Services (P2)

Posted by Chloe G. on November 24, 2021.

Companies have the option to experiment with new methods and techniques when adapting content to the Vietnamese market. And, depending on your industry, product offering, or service, you will need to figure out how to localize your one-of-a-kind experience.

In part 1, we talked about the localization strategies of Coca-Cola, Netflix, and KFC. In this part 2, we will show 4 examples of how brands from various industries including Domino, Uniqlo, Airbnb, and Samsung have localized their experiences to appeal to the Vietnamese audience using Vietnamese translation services.

Domino’s Pizza with Vietnamese translation services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Domino’s Pizza has a very flexible localization policy, and it adjusts its menu and topping options on a regular basis to reflect Vietnamese tastes and preferences. According to Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino’s Pizza, “50 percent of the offerings in Domino’s stores are regional” in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Domino’s Pizza is one of the most popular foreign fast-food restaurants. But how did it achieve such big goals? Domino’s Pizza is all prepared to make Vietnam its potential market outside of other markets by putting alternatives like Teriyaki pizza, Vietnamese chicken pizza, and other Vietnamese delicacies on the menu. Companies should take a page from Domino’s book and learn and cater to the cultural and linguistic preferences of their customers in order to grow and develop a loyal consumer base.

Domino’s Pizza was able to determine exactly what the Vietnamese market wanted by engaging local workers for their Vietnamese business, which is one of the most critical measures to take when localizing.


Uniqlo with Vietnamese translation services

Vietnamese Translation Services

With successful localization strategies, this minimalist fast-fashion business has surged in popularity in recent years, with over 1,500 locations across Europe, Asia, and the United States. With the company’s roots (and headquarters) are in Asia, it takes a strategic approach to create social media content for its diverse, Vietnamese market.

For example, the company customizes its Facebook sites for Vietnam. It’ll be easy to personalize the stuff they promote for the Vietnamese region this way. So, if the marketing team must spread the word about a winter coat promotion in Japan while also running ads for its new range of summer dresses in Vietnam, it is simple to do so. 

Besides, Uniqlo also works with many Vietnamese KOLs for its marketing campaigns.


Airbnb with Vietnamese translation services

Vietnamese Translation Services

By offering a personal touch to every connection, Airbnb has been able to grow its footprint in over 220 countries and disrupt the vast hospitality business. Travelers choose to stay in an Airbnb to combine the comforts of home in a familiar setting with the thrill of adventure.

Beyond the concept, Airbnb manages to capture that authenticity throughout the experience. Its website and app are available in the Vietnamese language right away. However, Airbnb has also translated user-generated content on its Vietnamese websites, such as listing information and user reviews, to make it feel more authentic.

Airbnb provides specialized guides for the Vietnamese market, emphasizing things to do and places to visit — almost like a personal tour guide — so the experience doesn’t end once you book your trip or when you arrive at your destination.

Vietnamese translation services are being used by Airbnb to give a layer of Vietnamese customization and authenticity to customers’ experiences.


Samsung with Vietnamese translation services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Samsung wasn’t in the Vietnamese market before 1996 when many competitors such as Sony and Nokia dominated. But when Samsung decided it wanted to feature more prominently in the Vietnamese market, it succeeded in doing so with an ingenious strategy. 

Samsung is a South Korean company. If Samsung had just translated its marketing materials and distributed them in Vietnam, it wouldn’t have even gotten close to this success. But it applied localization to its brand and chose a lot of Vietnamese KOLs for its marketing campaigns including Soobin Hoang Son – a singer, Binz – rapper, Thanh Hang – a model, etc, making Vietnamese customers feel at home.  


In Conclusion 

Hopefully, these brands have encouraged you to invest in localization to take your products or services around the Vietnamese market. I am sure you are convinced by now that there is not a single best way to approach Vietnamese translation services.  


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